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History of linguistics, oral presentation assesment


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History of linguistics, oral presentation assesment

  1. 1. General Linguistics I Oral Presntation on the History of Linguistics General Objective: To get aquainted with the main issues linguistics has dealt with and to know the evolution of the discipline since Panini (500 bc) up to the Reinaissance Task: In pairs, make reasearch and present in 10 minutes, the historical and linguistic context of the following topics. • Importance of Phoenician Alphabet • Linguistic ideas in antiquity: Greek Tradition (Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, nature-convention) • Linguistic ideas in antiquity: Roman Tradition (Donatus, Priscian) • Linguistic ideas in antiquity: Arabic and Hebrew Traditions (Qur'ān, al- Khalīl , morphologic tradition) • Linguistic ideas in the Middle Ages (Bacon, Modistae, Bible, Saint Jerome, universal notion of grammar) • Linguistic ideas in the Renaissance (Descartes, Comparative Method ) Presentations on May 3rd. Evaluation: Peer evaluation