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Gen ling research report aasignment


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Gen ling research report aasignment

  1. 1. Sede Los Angeles Lic. en Lengua Inglesa y Ped. en Inglés General Linguistics 1, Research-Report Assignment: General Objective: By the completion of this report, the students will be able to appraise, contrast, and criticize the fields and areas of interest that Scientific Linguistics Research has studied throughtout its history . At the same time, they will be able to read academic material and broaden their ideas in regard to language issues. Specific Objectives: • To practice self-reflection and self-assessment of learning. • To do extensive reading and research on the topic given. • Demonstrate a range of techniques related to reflective reading and writing, which promote language learning. • To demonstrate understanding of the theoretical frameworkof the school of thought and/or language model given. • To comprehend and compose an academic report. Assignment: a- Write a 750-words or a three page research-report on one of the following topics: 1. Comparative Method: Belén Garcés 2. Neogrammarians: Tabata Canales 3. Proto-Indo European Language: Luz Mª Ibieta 4. Grim’s Law: Mª Ivaca 5. Prague School: Nicol Muñoz 6. Structuralism and Saussure: Luis Valenzuela 7. Chomsky, Noam: Alvaro Sanhueza 8. Halliday, MAK: Anyela Vega 9. Typology: Katheryn Acuña 10.History of the English Language: Ximena Martinez 11.Applied Linguistics: Johanna Veloso b- You are also requested to make a fifteen minute presentation to the class. The presentation must aim at showing your findings to the class. The deadline for the report is July 5th, whilst the presentations will begin on July 12th. The order of the presentations will be at random. Format: 1. The length of the report should be approximately 750 words or about three pages. 2. You may safely submit a report that is 10% shorter or longer than the guidelines (which translates to one third of a page) (reference page is not to be considered as a constituent part of the report). 3. Reports that are shorter or longer than this might be returned unread. 4. Documentation should be well defined upon books and provable web-site resources. In doing so, you are requested to use the General Linguistics 1 1 Prof: Lic. Jordán Masías O.
  2. 2. Sede Los Angeles Lic. en Lengua Inglesa y Ped. en Inglés Harvard referencing method (see: 5. Reports must contain: • Title (according to your Topic) • Double spaced. • Printed, • Reports should use a 10-point, Verdana font • Right, Left, Upper and Lower Margins should be 2,5 cms • Glossary (if needed ) • References page (bibliography) Audience/Purpose of the Report: The completion of this research is compulsory and fail in its delivery is considered to be a reason to fail the course. - Your Reports should reflect the research of:  the context in which the term came to birth.  The ideas sustained by the theory and the aspects of language under scope.  A brief historical/social contextualisation of this school and or theory.  Presentation: The reports will be presented to your classmates begining on July 12th.. In the presentations, you will be requested so as to bring to light the theoretical framework of the topic investigated. The presentation is worth a 10% of the course. Assessment: The assessment will be done with application of a holistic evaluation rubric. The Report is worth a 25% of the course Deadline: July 5th. Presentations: Begining on July 12th. General Linguistics 1 2 Prof: Lic. Jordán Masías O.
  3. 3. Sede Los Angeles Lic. en Lengua Inglesa y Ped. en Inglés General Linguistics 1 3 Prof: Lic. Jordán Masías O.