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The Mail Profile


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Womens concept looking for JV or Franchise middle east !

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The Mail Profile

  1. 1. O ur Fashion Brand
  2. 2. Day or Night Rain or Shine Newspaper, dailies and such, deliver us the latest, freshest and up to date news and articles. Everyday without fail since then…
  3. 3. Fashion. An exciting, fun, highly perishable and unlimited world. In fashion business. speed, fresh, up to date and affordable is the recipe. Just like the motto of all dailies or newspapers…
  4. 4. the BRAND , a brand to be remembered. We see different fashion everyday, every hour and seconds, everywhere. As we, lives in the dailies motto – deliver the new-est, fresh-est, in-vogue, trendiest, up-to-date fashion to everyone, everyday.
  5. 5. the concept The spirits of free thinking is our source of inspiration. To adapt the needs of the fashionable people and provide them a combine cultures, references, styles and spaces to express. In this borderless era, we don’t just dress to impress but to express.
  6. 6. the vision The pace of fashion is getting faster and faster, so do the ways of living. We don’t just follow fashion, we make fashion.
  7. 7. the value Fast 2010 Fall Trend Varieties Versatile
  8. 8. the target Demographics Age range 20 – 50 Behavior Factors Fashion conscious Live the motto “ fashion over function” & “Dress to Express”. Are always aware of the different fashion trends. Subscribe to, or at least read several women’s magazines that are fashion & lifestyle oriented
  9. 9. Collections Board
  10. 10. the collection + Selection Positioned in the plus size market segment, the interplay of sophisticated design, exclusive materials and beautiful Zsa Zsa Zsu collections tailoring guarantees clothing of offer leisurewear who the highest standard for enjoy dressing in trendy customers of distinction. and In-vogue surprising looks. Basic day-to-day basic wear. From baby T to legging. Pairing with The women collections in the others collections. Black Series offers versatile fashion ranges with a rich array of elegant “modern classics” in business, leisure- and formalwear.
  11. 11. Black Series
  12. 12. Black Series
  13. 13. Black Series
  14. 14. Zsa Zsa Zsu
  15. 15. Zsa Zsa Zsu
  16. 16. Shop Concept
  17. 17. the concept
  18. 18. the concept
  19. 19. Company Profiles
  20. 20. the company Established in Hong Kong since 1982. Over 2 decades specializing in both manufacturing & wholesale. From a humble beginnings as an importer of fine European fabric, we have grown to become manufacturer, wholesaler & brand owner with our strength in designing & production. From retail to import to development, our business has expanded to: Japan, Korea & Taiwan Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia Middle East Austria Australia & New Zealand USA & Canada Europe
  21. 21. We have the capacity for both developing and raising samples - with a team of experienced pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses - and over 200 employees in our factory set-up in China. O ur production capacity has achieved over 8 millions pieces / annum
  22. 22. the service
  23. 23. the believe More In-depth understanding the Fashion & Pricing Strategies Provide O ne Stop Services “SHARING THE BEST STYLING WITH BEST PRICE”
  24. 24. thank you