How to Build your business with LinkedIn - Presented by Pete Sabine for the Zillow Academy


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Discover how to use LinkedIn to integrate social media to grow your real estate business. Presented by Pete Sabine and moderated by Brad Andersohn with the Zillow Academy.

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  • LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites to build a following of Connections for your Profile and Company Page
    You can create a Company Page under your LinkedIn Profile that features sub-pages for each of your niche’ products and services
    Its simple and easy to use with user friendly intuitive dashboards
    It’s a much more mature and stable environment
    compared to Facebook which changes frequently and is plagued with quirky functionality and cumbersome interfaces.
  • Lets take a look at some of the features of LinkedIn
  • Lets take a tour of where and how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile…
  • Find Your Name at the right hand side of the tool bar on your LinkedIn Profile
    Click on the drop down menu
    Then click on Settings
  • Then Click on Profile
    And then click on Edit your Public Profile
  • Now you can make some selections to enhance the visibility of your Public Profile
    Click on “Make my Public Profile visible to Everyone
    Then go down the list of options and click on each specific item
    Make the details of your Public Profile visible to everyone
  • Be sure to create your LinkedIn vanity URL with Your Name
    If Your Name is not available consider adding your company name to Your Name as your Public Profile URL
    You can now use this vanity URL in your email signature, web site, social media, print media and even LinkedIn Ads to drive traffic to your Profile
    You can also get a LinkedIn Profile Badge to promote your profile
  • You can also manage your privacy controls here
    I recommend that you turn off your activity broadcasts to your connections until you have completed your profile optimization
    Then turn on your activity broadcasts and allow your LinkedIn Connections to see your activity feed
  • Make sure you use a professional style photo
    This isn’t Facebook, so a more formal photo is best suited for your Linkedin Profile
  • After you upload your photo
    Make sure its visible to everyone
  • LinkedIn uses internal SEO to allow LinkedIn users to find people and companies using keywords in their LinkedIn searches
  • Its important to create your LinkedIn Profile using keywords
    to get the highest internal SEO search rankings
  • There are 5 key sections on your LinkedIn Profile that you can optimize using keywords
  • Your Profile Header should have keywords that describe what you do
  • You should also use geographic keywords in your header and select your geographic region
    Most LinkedIn users will search by Industry and Region as a basic starting point
  • I recommend that you create a master source document that can be used to cut and paste your information as you build out your Profile
    It will save a lot of time as there is a fair amount of repetition in the posting of your info
  • Under Current Position you can post and repeat What you do matched with Where you provide your services
    This keyword strategy is critical to being found by LinkedIn users searching Locally
  • This is where Cut and Paste can save a lot of time
  • Your Profile Summary should include relevant keyword search phrases in addition to basic individual keywords like Real Estate and the Name of a City
    Weave in the keywords and search phrases to tell your story…
    What do you do?
    What problem do you solve?
    What solution do you offer?
  • Add Specialties to your Summary
    Your designations usually have good keyword search phrases in their titles
  • Under Experience do the same as with your Current Position…
    Use Geographic keywords and repeat your Current Position for each location
  • Be sure to include the specific zip code for each location
  • This is where most of us get this wrong…
    Under Interests list all of your industry related specialties, Designations and certifications that have keywords
    Do not list your personal interests. Leave personal interests for your Facebook Profile
  • Its all about being found Locally
    Type in your City Name in the People search and see who comes up
    (click on arrow under Walnut Creek)
  • (Click on arrow to go to walnut creek real estate)
  • Its important to include city zip codes along with city names as keywords in your Current Position and Experience profile sections
  • Don’t use the default “website” tab name to link to your website or social media
    Instead, create Call to Action tab titles for each site
  • Go to Additional Information on your profile
    Click on the tab drop down menu
    Select “Other”
    Then type in the Call to Action tab title and cut and paste the site link from your web browser
    Hit save changes and you’re done
  • Add Certifications and Skills apps
    List all of your certifications here- the certification titles usually have good keyword search terms
    List your skills – as you begin typing in the keyword “real estate” you will notice that LinkedIn will auto-fill the field with internal LinkedIn keyword search phrases
    Be sure to use these keyword phrases.
    You can list up to 50 Skills. List all of your “transferable skills” when you run out of industry related specific skills
  • LinkedIn has Authorized Applications that you can add to your Profile
    You can also grant access to external partner websites to access your LinkedIn profile and network data
  • Slide share allows you to easily upload documents and video to display on your LinkedIn Profile
  • You can upload PDF docs and PowerPoint presentations
    I upload my Client Testimonials into Slideshare to allow my profile visitors to read commentary from my clients
  • Given a choice, most of us would rather watch the web rather than read the web
    Add an introduction to your services video that visitors can watch to get to know you better
  • Here is an example of a wordpress blog post
  • And this is how it appears in your LinkedIn Newsfeed
    Your LinkedIn Newsfeed is just like the Facebook Newsfeed and your posts notify your LinkedIn Connection network
  • Here is the blog post on the Profile Newsfeed
  • A keyword optimized LinkedIn Profile has external search engine optimized value
  • Google search engines provide high organic ranking of your LinkedIn Profile
    If you are just getting started building a digital footprint for you and your business, your LinkedIn Profile can provide immediate results for being found on the web
  • Social media offers unprecedented access to online connections
  • A successful online marketing strategy has a systematic approach to cultivating online connections into clients and customers
  • The goal with social media and online marketing is to make connections, collect their contact info,
    Then build relationships with them offline with ongoing consistent keep in touch campaigns
  • One of the challenges with social media like Facebook or Twitter is the ability to collect your follower’s email addresses
    Build your close relationships offline using an email drip system campaign that enables you to build a pipeline of prospects in a controlled, relevant and on-message manner
  • LinkedIn allows you to export your entire Connection database including their email addresses
    This is a powerful and effective way to build your offline database of prospective clients and referral sources
  • Lets take a look at some of the ways you can quickly jump start building your LinkedIn Connections
  • Start with inviting your existing contacts to connect with you on LinkedIn
  • If you already use an email service provider like Constant Contact, Aweber or others
    Create an email campaign to send to your database asking them to connect with you on LinkedIn
    Embed your LinkedIn Profile Badge or use your vanity LinkedIn URL as a link in your email invitation
  • You can import your existing Outlook or Apple Mail contacts directly into LinkedIn
  • Once you have imported your contacts into LinkedIn
    LinkedIn will tell you how many of the total number of contacts are already using LinkedIn
    Select which contacts you want to invite to connect
  • If you have a gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol email account, you can send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn directly to their email inbox
  • You can also search for and connect with company Colleagues who use the same company email domain name or work for the same employer as you.
    You can search for Classmates, as well. Be sure to include your Education on your LinkedIn Profile so your Classmates can find you.
  • Finding new friends on LinkedIn requires an understanding of its rules and ettiqutte
  • Select one of the options listed on the Invitation
    Make sure you are connecting with people you know well
    Otherwise the invitation recipient might mark your invitation as “I don’t know this person”. Too many of these responses and LinkedIn might freeze your account.
  • Always include a personal note with your invitation to increase your acceptance
    After you meet someone in person, log on to LinkedIn to see if they have a profile.
    Then send your invitation with a note referencing where, when and why you met them in your personal note. This is a great way to elevate your professional status with your networking.
  • You can add email addresses manually, as well.
  • The power of social media and LinkedIn allows you to grow your network exponentially
  • There are 3 degrees of separation with your LinkedIn Connections
    This is a screen shot of my 987 Linkedin connections from last year.
    Those 987 Connections provides access to over 9 million LinkedIn users!
  • Having common connections with others increases your chances of having a direct connection with that person through a third party introduction or InMail
  • You can enlist the support of one of your shared connections to Introduce you to a desired contact
    In this case, I can ask John to make an introduction on my behalf to Kristin
  • LinkedIn allows the user to search by keywords, names, titles, company, school, industry, groups, relationships and more
  • You can find Linkedin users by location
  • LinkedIn allows you to assign Tags to your Connections, just like Facebook Friends Lists
    You can use the default Tag Categories or create your own custom Tag labels
  • Tags are a must for Connection management and database exporting into specific categories
  • When you receive a LinkedIn Recommendation, its posted on your Profile
  • These Recommendations are critical to provide social proof to your Profile visitors
    We are being conditioned to make online decisions based on consumer ratings such as Yelp
  • As a relationship building pay it forward strategy
    Try providing Recommendations for your LinkedIn Connections first…
  • The recipient of your Recommendation will be prompted to Recommend you
    The chances are good that you will receive a lot of your own Recommendations with this strategy along with
    the possibility of getting repeat or referral business from your Recommended Connection
  • There are thousands of Groups on LinkedIn
    Take the time to search and join as many as 50 relevant Groups
  • You can gain access to key decision makers, influential connectors and hard to reach industry leaders who belong to LinkedIn Groups
    And, you don’t have to be Connected to these people to reach them through a LinkedIn Group
  • After you join a Group, be sure to adjust the Frequency of Group Digest emails
    Whenever someone posts to a Group, the Group member receives an email notification directly in their personal email inbox
    This provides a direct channel of communication to your Group members
  • Here is an example of a Group Discussion post
    When you receive a Group Digest email
    Respond to these Discussions and join in the conversation, Become a thought leader and provider of valuable information within your Groups
    Post links to your blog articles or share other industry related content links with your own insightful commentary
  • Create your own LinkedIn Groups. You can have up to 10 Groups on LinkedIn
    Each Group can have several sub groups that can be open, private or members only
    Use your own Groups to attract members from your own Connections as well as from other LinkedIn users who request to join your groups…
  • LinkedIn Group have built-in automation for requests to join or welcome messages for recently added Group members
  • Create custom Group email message templates with live links back to your LinkedIn Profile, Company Page, website or social media.
  • Let me show you how you can easily share your LinkedIn Updates to your LinkedIn Groups
  • For those of you who have questions, please go to facebook dot com forward slash Marketing 4 Main Street
    Like our page and then post your question on the wall
    Click on the Message Button and send an email with your email address in your message to receive a PDF of today’s presentation.
  • You can also find our training videos for LinkedIn and other social media on our YouTube Channel
  • How to Build your business with LinkedIn - Presented by Pete Sabine for the Zillow Academy

    1. 1. Build Your Business with Sponsored by Zillow® Presented by Brad Andersohn and the Zillow Academy
    2. 2. How to build a solid LinkedIn foundation for your success - How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for maximum exposure - How to use targeted keywords so anyone can find your Profile - How to build an email database list of prospects - The power of LinkedIn Groups to find, add and grow targeted connections - Leveraging LinkedIn Recommendations
    3. 3. What’s new with LinkedIn? • LinkedIn Publishing platform is becoming available to all LinkedIn members • LinkedIn Company Pages upgrades • Changes with LinkedIn Apps for your LinkedIn Profile
    4. 4. LinkedIn Publishing Share your knowledge and expertise with over 277 million LinkedIn members • Build your professional brand with long form posts • When you publish a post on LinkedIn, your original content becomes part of your professional profile • Your post is shared with your LinkedIn network with the potential to go viral throughout the LinkedIn Community • Post photos, images, videos and use Slideshare for your presentations
    5. 5. LinkedIn Publishing LinkedIn will notify you when you are able to publish posts Publishing tips… • The more you post, the more credibility you build to strengthen your professional profile • The posts that are best received are no more than 3 paragraphs • Upload photos, video, presentations and documents to add to your content and showcase your expertise
    6. 6. Your profile is your business persona. Over 277 million users with an average annual income of over $110k. – Set up your LinkedIn profile using a resume’ format – Optimize your profile – use strategic keywords and keyword placement to ensure top LinkedIn personal profile search ranking – Optimize your company page using strategic keywords and keyword placement to ensure top LinkedIn company profile search ranking – Use LinkedIn as a follow up tool to connect with others and build your professional network
    7. 7. LinkedIn Forums & Networks Set up your profile and use searchable keywords for top ranking – Join LinkedIn groups and participate in group “discussions” – Add your LinkedIn Connections to your LinkedIn Groups – Post your client testimonials – Post your Power Point presentations and video
    8. 8. Make your Public Profile visible to everyone
    9. 9. Customize your Public Profile URL
    10. 10. Fine tune your Profile settings
    11. 11. How to dominate your LinkedIn Profile ranking
    12. 12. How to get found on LinkedIn
    13. 13. How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile
    14. 14. Your Profile Header – use keywords and include a web site URL
    15. 15. Use geographic keywords
    16. 16. Cut and paste saves a lot of time
    17. 17. Current Position – use local geographic keywords
    18. 18. Current Position - Use local geographic keywords with your specialty keywords
    19. 19. Your Profile Summary – use keywords • Include your contact info •What do you do? • What problem do you solve? • What solution do you offer? • Add Rich Media… • Video • Slideshare
    20. 20. Add keywords to your Specialties
    21. 21. Experience – use local geographic keywords
    22. 22. Experience – list each specialty with a local area
    23. 23. Experience – list all of your service area locations -include each zip code
    24. 24. Add keywords to your Profile Interests
    25. 25. People search locally
    26. 26. Its about being found locally
    27. 27. People search by local zip codes
    28. 28. Customize your Website titles Use “call to action” website titles
    29. 29. Customize your website titles
    30. 30. Add LinkedIn Certifications & Skills apps
    31. 31. LinkedIn changes for adding Apps to your Profile
    32. 32. LinkedIn Apps Replacement Shows Work Samples on Your Profile LinkedIn Applications have been replaced with a new feature that lets you display samples of your work on your profile. You can link to or upload images, presentations, videos, or documents. If you had the SlideShare Presentations or Portfolio Display application… • Content was moved to the Summary section of your profile • Other third-party application content was not moved
    33. 33. Approved Providers & Content Types for Work Samples on Your Profile Approved Image Providers: • • pikchur • somecards • twitgoo • twitpic • TwitrPix • Twitter • And many more image provider sources Other content providers may also work, but all links must have a public URL
    34. 34. Approved Providers & Content Types for Work Samples on Your Profile Approved Video Providers: • YouTube • Vimeo • Viddler • Animoto • Any many more video sources
    35. 35. Approved Providers & Content Types for Work Samples on Your Profile Approved Audio Providers: • AudioBoo • Band Camp • Free Music Archive • gogoyoko • Grooveshark • Hark • Huffduffer • Mixcloud • RadioReddit • Rdio • SoundCloud • Spotify • Zero
    36. 36. Approved Providers & Content Types for Work Samples on Your Profile Approved Presentations and Document Types: • Prezi • Scribd • SlideShare File size not to exceed 100 MB
    37. 37. Use Slideshare for presentations
    38. 38. Slideshare – add documents • PDF documents • PowerPoint presentations
    39. 39. Slideshare – add video
    40. 40. Jetpack Wordpress Plugin If you self-host your WordPress site… • Enable auto posting to LinkedIn through the Jetpack Wordpress plugin from Automatic If your site is on… • Enable the Publicize setting for LinkedIn from your Dashboard
    41. 41. Your blog post feeds direct to your LinkedIn Profile newsfeed
    42. 42. Wordpress post to your LinkedIn Newsfeed
    43. 43. LinkedIn Company Pages Make it easy for the right people to find your Company Page… • Add SEO terms in the description •Add SEO terms in Specialties section
    44. 44. LinkedIn Company Pages Keep your Company Page fresh with rich cover images that reflect your company’s achievements, events and services
    45. 45. LinkedIn Company Pages Every like, comment and share increases your reach. Prompt your Page Followers to take action on your updates by asking thoughtful questions
    46. 46. LinkedIn Company Pages Optimize your Company Page Update posts… • Paste a link into the post box • Then wait for the preview to appear • Delete the link from the post box and type in your commentary (just like Facebook)
    47. 47. LinkedIn Company Pages Target your Company Page Update posts… Click on “Targeted Audience” option Choose from: • Company size • Industry • Function • Seniority • Geography
    48. 48. LinkedIn Company Pages The Summary or “About Us” has been moved to the very bottom of the Overview Page. LinkedIn Users will see your Company Page cover image first… …then your Company Updates …Users must scroll to the bottom to find the Company Page Summary
    49. 49. LinkedIn Company Pages Looking to expand your Real Estate Team? Find the best job candidates by showcasing your Company using a Careers Page Use video to enhance the viewer experience to get to know you and your Company culture
    50. 50. LinkedIn Company Pages Showcase Pages For your specialty services or products… • Create specific Showcase Pages with unique messaging • Target specific LinkedIn audience segments
    51. 51. LinkedIn Company Pages Showcase Pages The right sidebar highlights the names, job titles, companies and profile images of LinkedIn users in the visitor’s network who have recommended your specific product or service. Recommendations and testimonials are prominently displayed on the page. Embed videos to enhance the user experience or use a video testimonial.
    52. 52. LinkedIn Company Pages Measure your Company Page Update performance… # of impressions # of clicks # of shares % of engagement
    53. 53. LinkedIn Company Pages Company Pages have gone mobile iPhone, iPad and Android apps
    54. 54. LinkedIn Company Pages Target the right people to find your Company Page… • Promote your Company Page through PPC LinkedIn Ad Campaigns • Spread the word about your Company Page and your Product or Service Showcase Pages
    55. 55. Google ranks your LinkedIn Profile
    56. 56. Organic Google SEO ranking
    57. 57. Social media marketing funnel
    58. 58. The #1 goal of online marketing…
    59. 59. Connect online – build relationships offline
    60. 60. Export your LinkedIn Connections
    61. 61. Build your LinkedIn network
    62. 62. Create an email marketing campaign to build your network
    63. 63. Import your Outlook or Apple Mail contacts…
    64. 64. Then select the contacts to build your network
    65. 65. Seek people you already know… Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol account
    66. 66. Find common ground to connect Always include a personal note
    67. 67. Leverage your LinkedIn Connections to build your network
    68. 68. Manage your network with Tags
    69. 69. “Tag” your Connections for targeted sharing and database management
    70. 70. Seek Recommendations from your LinkedIn network
    71. 71. Seek LinkedIn Recommendations
    72. 72. The Law of Reciprocity
    73. 73. Recommend first, then receive
    74. 74. LinkedIn Groups
    75. 75. Join LinkedIn Groups
    76. 76. Adjust Group Digest email frequency
    77. 77. LinkedIn Groups - Discussions
    78. 78. Create your own LinkedIn Groups
    79. 79. Use Group email message templates
    80. 80. Use live links in your Group message templates
    81. 81. Power Sharing Updates to Your LinkedIn Groups
    82. 82. Post your questions on our Facebook page. Like the Page and Receive “LinkedIn Strategies to Build your Business”
    83. 83. Connect with Pete Sabine online… LinkedIn and Social Media training videos @smm4MainStreet