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XSF - XMPP Standards Foundation

Presentation about XSF & how to create an XMPP Standard Track Protocol Extension for the ISO/IEC/IEEE Smart Transducer Interface Standard working group, for sensors, actuators and network devices (XMPP protocol)

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XSF - XMPP Standards Foundation

  1. 1. XSF XMPP Standards Foundation
  2. 2. What is XSF?XMPP Standards Foundation“The XMPP Standards Foundation (formerly the JabberSoftware Foundation) is an independent, nonprofitstandards development organization whose primarymission is to define open protocols for presence, instantmessaging, and real-time communication andcollaboration on top of the IETF’s Extensible Messagingand Presence Protocol (XMPP). The XSF also providesinformation and infrastructure to the worldwide communityof Jabber/XMPP developers, service providers, and endusers.”
  3. 3. XSF MembershipContribute to XMPPFree to apply/join4 Application periods/year
  4. 4. XEPXMPP Extension Protocol Standards Track Informational Historical Humorous Procedural
  5. 5. How to create a XEPXEP-0001 Submission Process Publication Process Discussion Process Proposal Process Approval Process
  6. 6. Submission ProcessSolve existing problemInnovative featureXMPP Extensions EditorTransfer of ownershipProto-XEP
  7. 7. Publication ProcessXMPP Council14 days for objectionsAddress feedbackNumber & TypeExperimentalVersion 0.1
  8. 8. Discussion ProcessPublic DiscussionCollect feedbackStandards mailing list.Republish v 0.2, 0.3, …12 months inactivity => Deferred
  9. 9. Proposal ProcessXMPP CouncilProposed Draft Standard XEPLast call open discussion(min 14 days)ConsensusXMPP Council Vote
  10. 10. Approval Process XMPP Council vote  Approve +1  Neutral 0  Disapprove, with reasons -1 All members must vote Not a single -1 allowed Majority +1 XEP Final
  11. 11. XMLClearly described (in XML)Security considerationsStableConsensusDefined by XML Schema
  12. 12. Peter WaherClayster Laboratorios Chile Ltda.Calle Blanco 1623, of 1402.Valparaíso, Chilepeter.waher@clayster.comTel: +56 (32) 212 25 33JID: peter.waher@jabber.orgSkype: peterwaherTwitter: PeterWaherTwitter: ClaysterLabsLinkedIn:
  13. 13. Tecnología CLAYSTER
  14. 14. Tecnología CLAYSTER
  15. 15. Tecnología CLAYSTER
  16. 16. Tecnología CLAYSTERMobile MID- Computer TV Phone
  17. 17. Desarrollamos la tecnología del futuro ¿Te parece esto interesante? ¿Quieres trabajar con esto junto a nosotros? Buscamos ingenieros para desarrollo en:  .NET (servidor, plataforma)  WPF (cliente, UI)  Android (móvil, UI)  Sistemas integrados (PLC, circuitos electrónicos)