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WSI Mardi Gras Casino Digital Marketing Case Study


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This case study demonstrates how WSI Internet Marketing Consultants Peter and Vin DeCrescenzo were able to increase the web presence, website traffic and market share for Mardi Gras Casino in Florida and West Virginia through their digital marketing program.

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WSI Mardi Gras Casino Digital Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. PROFILE Mardi Gras Casino Hallandale Beach, Florida  Established in 1942  Over 70,000 sq. ft. of gaming, slots, poker, entertainment, dining and greyhound racing Mardi Gras Casino & Resort Cross Lanes, West Virginia  Greyhound Racing  Over 60,000 sq. ft. of gaming, poker, slots, table games, dining and entertainment  Luxury 150 Room Resort
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES  Advance industry market share  Increase website traffic & search engine rankings  Establish unified and consistent digital marketing strategy  Target local FL & WV markets and snowbirds  Build Awareness & Bookings for Grand Opening of WV Luxury Resort  Combine On-site promotions with online campaigns to increase floor-play  Manage Online Brand Reputation  Increase Social Media Presence & Engagement  Update Technology  Research Potential Online Gaming Program
  3. 3. PROJECT TIMELINE & INITIATIVES • Launched & SEO’d brand new 100+ page sites for each property • Creative concept that provided powerful Conversion Architecture with focus on key profit centers • Setup Google Analytics to monitor Search Traffic results • Implemented PPC Campaign to generate hotel reservations 2010 2011 • Built Mobile Sites • Launched Social Media Corporate Training Team • Developed strategic online reputation management program • Ongoing Content Marketing • Launched Mobile App • Refreshed web design to target sophisticated and progressive cliental • Implemented Personalized Pages for Players’ Club Logins • SMS Campaigns to build mobile database • Setup Google Authorship for key employees •Added Online Dinner Reservations capabilities for Main, Mobile and App • Moved sites to Joomla version 2.5 2012 2013 • Weekly YouTube Videos • Mobile App: Push and GeoFencing • Online Gaming Assessment • Online Event promotions; Toys in the Sun Run, Comedy Challenges and Concert series.
  4. 4. WEBSITE DESIGN Where They Were…  No Conversion Architecture  No Focus on Profit Centers  Inadequate SEO  No Social Media Integration  Outdated Design & Technology  Lacked Unified Branding
  5. 5. WEBSITE DESIGN WSI Marketing Driven New Website Design Redesign Integrate Launch Launched 2 brand new 100+ page websites (1) for each property Redesigned websites with creative concept that provided powerful Conversion Architecture New Contemporary Design Focused on Key Profit Centers Slots, Racing, Dining, Players Club and Luxury Resort in West Virginia Integrated Social Media; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Launched Corporate Website
  6. 6. • Case Study
  7. 7. SEO Where They Were…  Not Ranking on Page One for Google Search Results for Important Non Branded Terms Within Market; i.e.: “Slots Fort Lauderdale”, “Casino Hollywood”  Inadequate On and Off Page SEO  Poor Site Traffic  Google Analytics Not Being Used  Lacked Keyword Targeted Content  Infrequent Website Updates  No Blog
  8. 8. SEO RESULTS WSI SEO Program, In Just 6 Months…  Increased Website Traffic by Over 300%  Page 1 Ranking for over 50 targeted terms  Dominate Page 1 with multiple results from website pages, blogs and videos for terms  Integrated Google Analytics & Monthly Reporting  100+ Pages of Keyword Targeted Content  Integrated Blog & Online PRs  Daily Website Updates
  9. 9. SEO
  10. 10. SEO
  11. 11. PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING The Strategy for Mardi Gras West Virginia Hotel: WSI launched a pilot PPC campaign to generate phone call reservations for their new hotel
  12. 12. PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING In the first 4 months of the campaign, WSI generated about 122 calls per week  The average cost per call is only $2.38  Provided tremendous ROI and near full hotel bookings
  13. 13. MOBILE MARKETING Where They Were… No Mobile Version of Websites No Mobile Applications Poor Website Traffic from Smart Phones and Tablets High Bounce Rate for Mobile Devices
  14. 14. MOBILE MARKETING WSI Award Winning Mobile Marketing Program Built Mobile Websites for Each Property  Dramatically Increased Web Traffic and Bounce Rate From Smart Phones and Tablets  Improved Mobile User Experience  Integrated Resort and Dining Reservation capabilities SMS/Text Marketing
  15. 15. MOBILE MARKETING Built Mobile Apps for each property  iPhone & Android  Integrated Live Racing Data and Video  Implemented Push Notifications  Added Resort and Dining Reservation Capabilities  Incorporated Personalized Players Club Points Look Up
  16. 16. MOBILE MARKETING 2012 Mobile Marketing Award Mardi Gras Casino Mobile App
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Where They Were… Under a 1,000 Facebook fans Infrequent Posts & Poor Fan Engagement Very Little Twitter Activity Infrequent YouTube Video Posting Lacking social media presence on additional platforms; G+, etc.
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WSI Award Winning Social Media Marketing Program Increased Facebook Fans by 6k+ in both states and fan activity Updated Existing Social Media Accounts Consistent With MG Branding Launched Additional New Platforms; Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ & More Managed Daily Postings Produced Weekly YouTube Videos Ran Social Media Contests to promote events, new slot launches and onsite promotions Social Sharing of Content, Blogs, Videos, Etc.
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social Media Corporate Training Team (STARS) Conduct Monthly training meetings to develop and implement integrated marketing campaigns Team Members Represented Each Department: •Marketing •Players Club •Promotions •Poker •Slots •F & B •Resort
  20. 20. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Built and Claimed over 100+ online directories for each property Established continual campaign to monitor brand reputation
  21. 21. CONTENT MARKETING Blogs & Web Pages Maintain daily content updates to websites Post weekly Blog posts for each property Google Authorship • Implemented Google Authorship for key employees • Built and maintain G+ accounts • Established webpage authorship for key profit centers
  22. 22. CONTENT MARKETING Produced Original Videos Weekly YouTube Video Posting Infographics
  23. 23. ONLINE EVENT PROMOTION Toys in the Sun Run World’s Largest Motorcycle Parade Hosted at Mardi Gras Casino •SMS/Win $1500 •Facebook Check-ins/World Record •QR Code/Download Mobile App •Facebook Photo Contest •Increased Facebook Likes by over 2K Comedy Challenge •Online Wild Card Voting System MG Concert Series •SMS Contest
  24. 24. WHY WSI?