Building Brand and Public Image for Your Rotary Club


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  • Introduction Slide
  • Unlike major corporations like Nike, Coca-Cola or Toyota, Rotary does not have billions of dollars to spend on marketing and advertising. However, Rotary’s strength lies in its 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs around the world – strength that can rival that of many large corporations. Rotary International’s Board of Directors confirms that improving Rotary’s public image is critical to making our organization a vibrant community force. We must Think locally … act locally and that reminds us that all news is local, meaning it all starts at the local level. Rotary International’s Board of Directors confirms that improving Rotary’s public image is critical to making our organization a vibrant community force in the new Rotary century. At the same, Rotary leaders also recognize the challenges of developing a public image campaign that will work in every community around the world. Public relations efforts are vital to Rotary’s continued growth and service. Creating a positive image for Rotary is the responsibility of every Rotarian, both locally and globally. Effective PR campaigns build positive, strong relationships with their audiences. But promoting Rotary’s work in the best possible way and sharing your stories effectively with the public and the media are not easy tasks. We must let the world know that we are a global network of individuals who translate their passion into action
  • What you say What you do What others say about you The Core Values of Rotary must be promoted -Service Above Self -The Four-way Test - Fellowship -Vocational Service - Our signature program: End Polio
  • Stereotyping: Humans stereotyped others by assigning only very few characteristics to them. Stereotyping of others results in racial profiling, sexual harassment, pigeon-holing and missed opportunities to build relationships with the consequential publics of organizations
  • Gain favoritism of Rotary - Who we are - What we do - Where we are going Our club activities must be promoted in order to build a strong image including: Leadership programs Our communities services Our world community services Our Youth programs The Rotary Foundation Promoting Rotary’s Public Image will Increase our visibility through mass media and build our credibility through telling of Rotary stories
  • Looking ahead, what are some of Rotary’s strengths that will continue in the future: Eliminate Poverty Eliminate Illiteracy Eradicate Polio Resolve Conflicts Promote World Understanding - World Peace -
  • When we talk of projecting an image, who do we want to influence? Who is our target group? What do they think of us? In other words, what kind of image do we project to our target audience? Some ways to take action now is by promoting: Rotary publications Engaging in Publicity and media relations and through Mass Media efforts
  • Now let’s take a look at how we as Rotarians can effectively work with the news media
  • Enhancing Rotary ’ s public image by increasing awareness of its humanitarian work will lead to increase donations to the Foundation and to the End Polio Now campaign We know that clubs that are telling the Rotary story and doing it well Membership and Public Relations have a direct correlation to one another. As part of the Future Vision plan, an enhanced public image for Rotary will help us to be recognized as a premier partner in the philanthropic world - The Gates Foundation Challenge grant as an example. Profiles of outstanding volunteers Local Rotary service projects such as Youth Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholars, or GSE participants, Polio eradication activities, such as NID group trips and End Polio Now fundraisers. Human interest stories of people benefiting from Rotary service
  • News Peg : Keep up with current events and what ’ s in the news – and connect the dots with news relating to your activities. Personal Story : The media is interested in personal stories – people who take extraordinary efforts to help others and stories of people overcoming odds - e.g.: Exemplary Rotarian helping people in need, 2) Someone who has benefited from Rotary program or effort of a Rotarian Timeliness : Story is about to occur, ongoing, or near completion and can be linked to current events. Impact of story : Is the impact of the project significant? Is it unique and innovative?
  • BE PRO-ACTIVE Newspapers and TV and Radio Stations are operating with slimmer staffs these days. There simply aren’t as many people to go out and cover events as there once were. Get a good digital camera—and learn how to take a creative shot. Chance are if you send it in—they will use it. Think visually when working with the media What is unique? What will be on interest? What is the unusual angle that will appeal to the media?
  • MEDIA PARTNER Don’t be afraid to “team-up” with one media outlet for a major fundraising event. If a TV or Radio Station has part “ownership” in an event- and can also benefit from the publicity- you are more likely to get extra time on the air. They may create some public service announcements. News Anchors and Talk Show hosts- or Radio DJ’s- will talk about the event. In this case—it sometimes can be very helpful – to put all your eggs in one basket! And others may still cover it.
  • Media is rapidly changing. Social Media is becoming as important as the “Traditional” Media to which most of us are accustomed. Public Image is more than the old typewritten news release on the Smith-Corona. It is- Creating a video- to show what your club is doing- Sending a “link” to that video- through Twitter or Facebook— Letting people know about “Rotary”—and what it collectively does in our communities and around the world. And most importantly- let every club member know— THEY are part of our Public Image campaign. It’s not just the Club President- or the Public Image person in the club— every single Rotarian is involved in it
  • Simply put… Public Relations is all about telling your story… Everyone in this room has a story to tell and in order for Rotary to continue to grow in membership as well as become a credible org, we must tell our stories.
  • 2010-11 was a successful year for PR Grants. We had over 300 grants and have awarded USD2.2M. Districts contributed an additional 1.2M dollars and were able to secure USD8.7M for a total public relations value of $12.1 million dollars!
  • In 2011-12 and for the following two years, they have increased the budget for grants overall. Some of the changes that have been approved: Grants have been increased up to US$15,000 Districts must still provide a 1/3 match. Incentives of US$1,000 (unmatched) are available to each district participating in a multi-district grant. This means that if 3 districts pool their resources they could possibly get 45,000 in grants + 15,000 in their 1/3 match plus an additional $3,000 for a total of US$63,000. You can purchase a lot of media for $63,000!!! Deadline for submission of PR Grant applications is 15 August 2011. However, there will also be an early bird deadline of 15 July for those districts wishing to get an early start on their grants. Applications are available on Applications will also be emailed to all District Governors-elect.
  • Second PR resource is: Creative Rotary’s Humanity in motion public service announcements are p re-produced: television, radio, print, billboard and Internet materials available in nine languages. Rotary Clubs are encouraged to customize materials to create a more regional message. The focus again -- is on telling our story: how the power of working together -- or building communities – such as improving literacy, and providing clean water, ending a disease and Rotary’s programs and network that promote peace and understanding. All of Rotary’s public relations tools can be downloaded at
  • Here is a quick look at the “This Close” participants’ print PSAs.
  • Our new Media Center makes it easier than ever to download Broadcast Quality video, high resolution ads. We are currently migrating all of RI’s creative content to this site. It also serves as another place to share Rotary news and easily add video, images.
  • Effective Public Relations guide offers insight on PR 101, PR writing, media training, case studies, beyond traditional media. It is a purchase item. It also has a section on new media and includes new case studies of how clubs have had success with their PR efforts The Media Crisis Handbook helps clubs and districts implement a crisis strategy and offers communication tips while dealing with the media in times of crisis. Both resources will be updated this year These training materials can also be ordered at
  • Rotary PR Tips reaches more than 13,000 people in 120 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Many of the topics featured in this electronic-newsletter focus on social media and ways Rotarians can utilize it to promote Rotary
  • Rotary PR Tips reaches more than 13,000 people in 120 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Many of the topics featured in this electronic-newsletter focus on social media and ways Rotarians can utilize it to promote Rotary
  • Everyone should be aware of our official page on Join a network and see what we’re doing Interact with us and others start sharing Rotary’s story through video, images, news, comments. If you have an Interact or Rotaract club… invite them to be involved. Visit to listen to past social media webinars from 2 Feb and 9 Feb
  • With over 120,000 Fans on Facebook, Rotary is sharing its story to new audiences. Many posts drive traffic directly to
  • Follow us along with more than 95,000 others on Twitter. Look for more PR stories and tips on twitter this year
  • YouTube makes it easy to share and embed video. Currently RI has more than 100 videos posted that can be viewed and embedded to external sites
  • LinkedIn -- 13,264 active members in discussions
  • Anyone can upload images to this interactive site including images of 23 Feb lighting events
  • Our final resource is human – and that is the most powerful one we have: Rotary’s 1.2 million members The talents and abilities of the 40+ members of the president-appointed Public Image Resource group. RI Representatives to the UN and key international organizations RI Public Relations staff – we are here to help.
  • Discussion with questions and answers
  • Building Brand and Public Image for Your Rotary Club

    1. 1. Enhancing Rotary’s Brand and Public Image
    2. 2. Overview of Session• The Rotary brand• Working with the media• Rotary’s Humanity in Motion and This Closecampaigns• Additional PR resources
    3. 3. 1.2 million members in 34,000clubs around the world
    4. 4. All About Reputation
    5. 5. Perception: What people believe istrue whether you like it or not
    6. 6. Building Credibility
    7. 7. Where are we headed?
    8. 8. Know your audience
    9. 9. Working with the Media
    10. 10. Why tell the Rotary story?
    11. 11. Elements of a News Story
    12. 12. Be Proactive
    13. 13. Ways to tell our storyNew Media• Blogs• Social Media: Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn• Images: Flickr• Video: YouTube, VimeoTraditional• Print: NewReleases, Op-Eds• Television: PublicAccess, Cable,Network• Radio• Outdoor: Billboard
    14. 14. Partner with media
    15. 15. Social Media happened
    16. 16. Resources to help you tell the Rotary Story
    17. 17. 2010-11 PR GrantsGrantsIn millions (US$)$2.2M $1.2M $8.7MDistrict Contribution In Kind Donations Public RelationsValue$12.1M
    18. 18. • Up to US$15,000 per district• Districts contribute one-third match• $1,000 unmatched bonus for multi-district grants• Applications available at PR Grants
    19. 19. Creative Resources
    20. 20. Humanity in MotionDownload at
    21. 21. Sample Print Ads
    22. 22. ‘This Close’ Global PSA Campaign
    23. 23.
    24. 24.
    25. 25.
    26. 26.
    27. 27.
    28. 28.
    29. 29.
    30. 30. Linkedin
    31. 31. Flickr
    32. 32. Human Resources• Rotary’s 1.2 million members to help tell theRotary story• Rotary Public Image Coordinators• RI Representatives to the UN and keyinternational organizations• RI Public Relations staff:
    33. 33. Discussion