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Peter Trombetti: How to Improve Your Long Putting


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Peter Trombetti: How to Improve Your Long Putting

Published in: Sports
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Peter Trombetti: How to Improve Your Long Putting

  1. 1. Peter Trombetti: How to Improve YourLong Putting
  2. 2. Peter Trombetti is the founder and managingpartner of Oficio Group, a military transitionand engineering recruitment firm. Outside ofhis professional world, Mr. Trombetti lovesthe game of golf and has spent time on thelinks for more than 25 years.
  3. 3. Golf is a wonderfully challenging game of errors. Youcannot expect to play a perfect round of golf andexecute every shot exactly as planned, but you cancontinually make an effort to improve. Take long puttingfor example. The most common mistake players makeis thinking they just want to get the long putt close. Thebrain has a tremendous ability to focus, and long puttingis a perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of thison the golf course. Conventional wisdom around theclubhouse suggests that just getting the ball close to thehole is good enough, and that is what the player shouldhope to achieve. That is not the best advice, however.By zeroing in on the hole and aiming to make the putt,the player’s margin for error decreases. This means ifthe ball misses the hole, it does not miss by much. Giveit a try, and the results are likely to speak forthemselves.