Oplæg for Holm Kommunikation


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Oplæg for Holm Kommunikation

  1. 1. Social Strategy in the Perfect Storm Presentation for Holm Kommunikation 13 April 2012
  2. 2. Man kan som læser både blive inspireret,bekræftet og provokeret af Peters social mediabibel. Jeg blev alle tre ting. Bogen er nødvendiglæsning for dansk erhvervsliv.Perspektiveringerne fra en trænet web 2.0discipel som Peter er skarpe og bådeintellektuelt og operationelt stimulerende.Joachim Rubow, KoncernmarketingdirektørDanske Bank Group  
  3. 3. Has your organization worked with social media initiatives within the last year? Source: socialsemantic.eu
  4. 4. Central coordination and targeted planning Sporadic initiatives and no clear planning We are testingA couple of employees are testing without a clear deadline Other Source: socialsemantic.eu
  5. 5. The Result
  6. 6. Time to get serious!
  7. 7. Social Media is a Perfect Storm
  8. 8. DigitizationUser Creation
  9. 9. Non-professionals create products North West: North East: Mass- The Eye of the customization Perfect StormPhysical Digitaleconomy Economy South West: South East: Traditional Digital Professional economy services Only professionals create products
  10. 10. An example: The Travel Business
  11. 11. There once was a travel agency:
  12. 12. • Purchase of flight tickets, hotel bookings etc.= • Customization of trip • Find the cheapest trip • Trip advice
  13. 13. Non-professionals create products Customization of Trip advice tripPhysical Digitaleconomy Economy Purchase of flight Price comparison tickets, hotel (Find the cheapest bookings etc. trip) Only professionals create products
  14. 14. Excercise
  15. 15. Spend 2 minutes with the person next to you and select acompany (maybe a client) and discuss where this company is situated in the model
  16. 16. CommunicationStrategy in the Perfect Storm
  17. 17. The old world Recipient Consumer Media TV Communi-Company Message Radio cation Papers
  18. 18. Non-professionals create productsPhysical Digitaleconomy Economy Only professionals create products
  19. 19. The conversation takesplace without the companies
  20. 20. But companiescan become part of this conversation
  21. 21. 3 basic rules
  22. 22. Choose the right platform
  23. 23. Speak the language
  24. 24. Be interesting
  25. 25. Are you interesting?
  26. 26. When are you interesting?
  27. 27. Who finds you interesting?
  28. 28. Where are you interesting?
  29. 29. Do platforms exist and can we use them? Communication strategy Are your products interesting orCan you speak the language? can you make them interesting?
  30. 30. High involvement • Co-creation of products • Involvement in products • Creation of new involving product • Creation of involving campaign • Digital mass-communicationLow involvement
  31. 31. Co-creation of products
  32. 32. Involvement in products
  33. 33. 5 Types of Involvement1. Involvement around rating, comments and improvement of products.2. Involvement around service3. Involvement around usage of products4. Involvement around product conversations5. Involvement around the creation of the products
  34. 34. Creation of newinvolving product
  35. 35. Creation of involving campaign
  36. 36. On Twitter, @Alyssa_Milano wrote "Areyou flirting with me, @oldspice guy?"
  37. 37. Digital mass-communication
  38. 38. DIY onwww.denperfektestorm.dk/strategimodellen
  39. 39. Find this presentation on www.slideshare.net/petersvarre petersvarre.dk peter@petersvarre.dk www.linkedin.com/in/petersvarre www.facebook.com/petersvarre www.twitter.com/petersvarre www.slideshare.net/petersvarre www.youtube.com/petersvarre www.foursquare.com/user/petersvarrewww.kommunikationsforum.dk/peter-svarre www.gplus.to/petersvarre