Baku Social Media Seminar - Day 4


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Baku Social Media Seminar - Day 4

  1. 1. Baku social media seminar – day 4 June 29, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda for today:10 – 11 How to develop a strategy for social media in your organization (or for yourself)11 – 11.15 Coffee break11.15 - 13 Work on the social media strategy13 – 14 Lunch break14 – 15 Work on the social media strategy15 – 16.15 Present your strategy16.15 - • Evaluation and upload to Podio • Certificates • Pizza party
  3. 3. Developing a social media strategy
  4. 4. Core businessAnalysis Strategy Concepts CommunicationAnalysis Strategy Concepts Organization Challenges
  5. 5. Core Business
  6. 6. Core Business -> Analysis Questions: 1. Are our products or services becoming digital? 2. Are there competitors who use digital tools better than we? 3. Would our customers/followers prefer to use digital products 4. Can our products or services potentially be made by people outside of our organization? 5. Could we involve our customers/followers in the creation of our products/content? 6. Do our competitors use non- professionals to produce products or content? 7. Consider that some parts of your services/products/content are becoming digital and user generated whereas others are not.
  7. 7. Core Business -> Strategy Questions: 1. What should we do about it? 2. We are not affected by digitization or user generation -> Do nothing! 3. We are affected and our competitors are very active -> Start making a strategy. 4. Think about what parts of your product/service can be digitized. 5. Think about areas where you can involve non-professionals in your product/services.
  8. 8. Core Business -> ConceptsExamples: ”We have a lot of knowledge in our organization that we would like to share with the rest of the world” • Create a blog • Create a Youtube channel for video content on the blog • Spread the word of the blog via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ ”We are working with partners on many different projects. We would like to be better at incorporating partners in our projects” • Investigate social collaboration platforms or customized social networks (Ning, Mixxt, etc.) • Choose a relevant platform (ie. Podio) • Implement Podio in your organization
  9. 9. Communication
  10. 10. Communication -> Analysis Deportalization: Transparency: • Do people talk about the organization or • Is the organization already transparent? your subject area in the social media? • Are there legal/political limits to • Are your competitors already present in transparency? this universe? • How can we quickly start to become • Understand how to become interesting! transparent? • Understand the relevant platforms! • What opportunities are there to invite • Learn to speak the right language! customers/partners inside the company?
  11. 11. Communication -> Strategy How much do you expect to be able to involve your customers/followers? Based on this decide on the most relevant communication strategy Often organizations will use several of these strategies at the same time.
  12. 12. Communication -> ConceptsExamples: ”We want ordinary people to send us video footage from demonstrations or rallys” • Create a Youtube channel where you upload videos that people have sent to you • Promote the Youtube channel via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ • Consider creating a Pinterest board with the videos. ”Whenever we do conferences or meetings we would like people to give us feed-back on the quality of the event” • Give people a Twitter hash tag and ask them to use that when they evaluate the conference on Twitter • OR create a Facebook page and ask people to rate the event here • Make sure that the feed-back is used to improve the next event!
  13. 13. Organization
  14. 14. Organization -> Challenges What is needed from your Where can you expect to organization to achieve meet resistance in the your strategy? organization? • New organization • Are there people in the structure? organization who will resist • Internal communication? your new strategy? • Education? • Is your organization ready for the new strategy? • Hire new people? • Is your technology ready • Fire people? for the new strategy? • Is your management ready for the new strategy?
  15. 15. Your turn! Develop a social mediastrategy for your organizationAnd present it for all of us in the afternoon
  16. 16.