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Applying Agile Values to Your Company or Situation


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The Agile Manifesto is about software, right? Well, yes and...! By applying some simple transformations, you can apply the four values and twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto to almost any situation, even the HR department or middle management! This workshop shows you how.

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Applying Agile Values to Your Company or Situation

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  2. 2. Why  Management  has  to  change   from   value   to  Values   File  1  
  3. 3. Photo  courtesy  of  alderjewell@flickr   •  Today
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  5. 5. 2009 Honda Accord 22 mpg City/31 mpg Hwy 2013 Honda Accord 24 mpg City/34 mpg Hwy
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  9. 9. •  Create your own Agile Manifesto •  Will Agile Values help your company? •  How to apply Agile Values to your company?
  10. 10. Agree to get better Once you agree, it’s OK to change.
  11. 11. Customer   Customer  Visible   Value   What is your added value for your customers? BTW – Who are your customers? Write down on cards your primary customer(s) and the visible value they expect from you.
  12. 12. Update  the  Agile   Manifesto  and  Write  It   on  a  Flip  Chart  
  13. 13. Find  a  decision  or   policy  where  you   valued  something  on   right  more  than  the   leO.     What  was  the  impact   of  that  decision?   Customer  Visible  Value     creaSng   Customer  Value     Customer  Value     If  you  had  valued  the   item  on  the  leO   more,  how  would  the   decision  have  been   different?     What  would  be  its   impact?  
  14. 14. People  over  Process   Customer  Visible  Value   over  extensive  Doc   CollaboraSon  of   Contracts   Responding  to  Change   over  Following  a  Plan   Make a card for each of the 4 values (In real life do it for each of the 12 Principles, too)
  15. 15. Customer  Visible  Value     Point  of  Light   (case)   creaSng   Customer  Value     Point  of  Light   (case)   Point  of  Light   (case)   Point  of  Light   (case)   Customer  Value    
  16. 16. Customer  Visible  Value     PotenSal  Improvement   creaSng   Customer  Value     Customer  Value     PotenSal  Improvement   PotenSal  Improvement   PotenSal  Improvement  
  17. 17. People  over  Process   Point  of  Light   (case)   PotenSal  Improvement   PotenSal  Improvement   Customer  Visible  Value   over  Extensive  Docs   Point  of  Light   (case)   PotenSal  Improvement   PotenSal  Improvement  
  18. 18. People  over  Process   Point  of  Light   (case)   PotenSal  Improvement   PotenSal  Improvement   Customer  Visible  Value   over  Extensive  Docs   Point  of  Light   (case)   PotenSal  Improvement   PotenSal  Improvement  
  19. 19. PotenSal  Improvement   1   PotenSal  Improvement   2   PotenSal  Improvement   3   PotenSal  Improvement   4  
  20. 20. PotenSal  Improvement   3   PotenSal  Improvement   2   PotenSal  Improvement   4   PotenSal  Improvement   1  
  21. 21. PotenSal  Improvement   3   PotenSal  Improvement   2  
  22. 22. Product  Owner:   Voice  of  Customer   Team:   Solves  the  problem   Scrum  Master:   Voice  of  Common  Sense,  Unblocks  Impediments  
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