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Lockheed simplifies Qnotes with SAP Screen Personas


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Presentation delivered by Charlie Yang and Peter Spielvogel at ASUG Northern California chapter meeting on November 5, 2014 in San Jose.

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Lockheed simplifies Qnotes with SAP Screen Personas

  1. 1. How Lockheed Simplified Qnotes and streamlined SAP User Experience with SAP Screen Personas Charlie Yang, SSC SAP Service Lead, Lockheed Martin Peter Spielvogel, Senior Director Product Marketing, SAP Imagineering
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction to SAP Screen Personas  Lockheed use case: Simplify Qnotes screens  SAP Screen Personas demo  Q&A
  3. 3. We built SAP Screen Personas to address your needs Simplify my screens Streamline my business processes Reduce the training requirements for Help me run my business better my users Personalize my screens by role Make data entry faster and easier
  4. 4. Lockheed Project Background ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  5. 5. Enhance Qnotes: Requirements ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  6. 6. SAP GUI Limitation ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  7. 7. SAP Screen Personas ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  8. 8. Screen Comparison (SMEN) ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  9. 9. Screen Comparisons (Qnotes F3) ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  10. 10. Screen Comparison (Qnote OL) ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  11. 11. SAP Screen Personas Allows Greater Tools Personalization Simplify / Improve usability Streamline operations Increase data accuracy ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  12. 12. User Engagement •Define business process •Identify Users •Define system elements Scope Inquire •Story Board •What does user do? •What do they need? •What are the pain points? •Create prototype •User review & reaction Design Refine •Cut over to users •Incorporate user feedback •User Acceptance test •Monitor experience •Refine Deploy Measure •UX Scorecard •Qualitative •Quantitative ©2014 Lockheed Martin Corporation
  13. 13. Seeing is believing ‐ demo
  14. 14. SAP Screen Personas 3.0 is in ramp‐up Built into SAP GUI for HTML  Instant access to personalization through the Web GUI  Full HTML5 editing  No Silverlight dependency JavaScript-based scripting engine  Record keystrokes and playback  Full looping, nested IF, etc. Simplified architecture  Pushes more functionality to the back-end to improve performance  Easy install with zero client footprint
  15. 15. UX improvement process Identify Processes Simplify Processes Analyze Data Requirements Build Screens Automate Where Appropriate
  16. 16. Run Simple with SAP Screen Personas Simplify Decision Making  Increase usage of SAP as system of record so real-time information can drive decisions  Accelerate adoption through a more intuitive user interaction  Make SAP more user-friendly by eliminating need to memorize transactions codes Simplify SAP Usage  Standardize on one consistent user experience/ theme for all SAP transactions  Reduce training requirements with intuitive interfaces and navigation  Embed training content into screens, including video tutorials, notes, and roll-over help Simplify Business Processes  Streamline business process into fewer screens  Consolidate multiple transactions, screens, or tabs into one simple screen  Automate repetitive actions or navigation into a single keystroke
  17. 17. More information about SAP Screen Personas Product Page Getting Started resource page‐54574 Run Simple with SAP Screen Personas 3.0 run‐simple‐with‐sap‐screen‐personas SAP UX on‐user‐experience/ software/overview.html