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Cc and oa summit 2018 (toronto) (peters)


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Presentation by Diane Peters at 2018 CC Global Summit on how authors can regain their rights to copy works on their own terms.

Published in: Law
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Cc and oa summit 2018 (toronto) (peters)

  1. 1. CREATIVE COMMONS Giving Authors Control: How to Retain and Regain Your Copyright Global Summit 2018 Diane Peters, General Counsel
  2. 2. CC’s work in the open access arena: towards a vibrant and usable commons
  3. 3. CC Legal Tools: beyond the licenses Rights Back Resource (international) Authors Addenda and Scholars Copyright Addendum Engine
  4. 4.
  6. 6. Next Steps and How to Contribute • Rights Back Resource • Add a country or resource ( • SCAE and Author Addenda Project • Provide feedback – complete the questionnaire (coming) • Add your ideas at • Contact
  7. 7. Questions?
  8. 8. BREAKOUT SESSIONS (please designate note taker) TOPIC 1: Knowledge gaps. What do authors need to know to help change current practices? (e.g., copyright, licenses, tools, publishing practices) (Vanessa) TOPIC 2: Advocacy tools and campaigns. What is working for the scholarly community now, what are channels can be used to disseminate information, and how do we get tools in front of authors. Current and future tools for authors and publishers (Brianna) TOPIC 3: Strategies for overcoming publisher obstacles to author tools (Mike)
  9. 9.