Shed Plans – How To Build A Garden Shed The Faster and Easier Way


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Download free eBook and Learn How To Build Outstanding Outdoor Sheds and Woodwork Designs the Easier and Faster and Way; With Step-By-Step instructions on design,foundation, roofing, tools needed, materials,cost cutting tips,mistakes to avoid etc.

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Shed Plans – How To Build A Garden Shed The Faster and Easier Way

  1. 1. Shed Plans – How To Build A Garden Shed Brought to you By; www.GardenStorageShedPlans.comContentsHow to Build a Storage Shed Like a Pro ........................................................................................................ 2The Basic Tools That Are Needed When Building A shed ............................................................................. 3Cost Cutting Tips When You Build a Shed ..................................................................................................... 4Build a Shed – Avoiding the Biggest Mistake!............................................................................................... 6Essential Tips On Pouring Your Shed Foundation ......................................................................................... 7A Basic Step-by-step Guide to Building A Shed Roof .................................................................................... 8Build a Farm Shed – With your Own Design ................................................................................................. 9Build a Shed Door That Will Not Fall Down ................................................................................................ 10Build a Shed that’s Child’s Safe and Accident Proof ................................................................................... 10Essential Reminders on Building a Lean to Shed ........................................................................................ 12Important Factors to Consider When Building a Shed Ramp ..................................................................... 13The Mobile Shed – Build a Shed on Skids ................................................................................................... 14Tips on Choosing the Proper Siding when Building a Shed......................................................................... 15A Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Brick Shed ................................................................................... 16Build a Loafing Shed – A Wise Investment.................................................................................................. 17Build a Pallet Shed – The Affordable Secret to Top Quality Free Wood ..................................................... 18
  2. 2. Build a Firewood Shed to Keep Your Firewood Dry and Ready .................................................................. 19A Steel Shed? Definitely!............................................................................................................................. 20To Build or Not to Build – That is the Shed Question ................................................................................. 21How to Build a Storage Shed Like a ProIt can be very easy to suddenly be overwhelmed by all your possessions. One minute you’re shopping forthem thinking how you possibly lived without that item, and then the next minute you discover that youhave never used it or just have used it once. They are now just clutter and making your home seemsmall. If that’s the case then you definitely need a shed, especially if your garage has been regarded asan abyss of clutter and declared a danger zone.Don’t feel ashamed, there are tons of people who have been known as hoarders, keeping things theydon’t really need. But, aside from selling the things that you can part with, you can just use easy to getGarden Storage Shed Plans to build a storage shed for those mementos or tools you can’t really partwith.Primarily, if you don’t have the carpentry skills, even the basic ones, you can still build your own storageshed and save a lot of money. You can do this by using by using storage shed kits and pre-fabricatedstorage shed parts. Many home specialization stores today carry these kits.There are also different choices in materials when building a storage shed, whether doing it fromscratch, or by using kits. The most common are wood, steel, and vinyl. The latter is because they arerust-proof and looks good without the need for painting.Building a storage shed will allow you to discover many of the things that professional carpenters know,like the many small details that complete the work. For example, with a wooden shed, the lumber youchoose can make a tremendous difference. Dried and cured wood is the best as they don’t tend to splitwhen it’s dry season. Green wood is still moist and can be easily split when dry.But more importantly, learning to build a storage shed from scratch will not only give you a useful andbeautiful shed, but it will also provide you with an opportunity to discover and learn simple carpentrywith an easy yet fulfilling project. Any aspiring Do-It-Yourselfer will find this a very enriching experience.But before anything else, to avoid excessive time consumption and errors, it’s essential that you have aplan first. Keep in mind what you need to do and follow your plan to the T. This will help you save obcosts and on your time and effort as well.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  3. 3. If you don’t have any books to help you out with your planning and learning basic carpentry, theinternet is your savior. Here you can find a plethora of resources to help you in every step of the way.There are software programs to make the planning stages easier and also show you how to save oncosts.Plus, when you build a storage shed, you can involve the whole family, which can strengthen the bonds.Just make sure to keep everything safe by using safety equipment, like goggles. So why bother hiringsomeone else to do the job for you?The Basic Tools That Are Needed When Building A shedA storage shed can be considered as a minor project, not as minor as a stool or table, but if you havesome basic skills in woodworking, you can just as easily build one for yourself. Inspiration andmotivation is what drives the human spirit to go where they have never gone before, so even if you havenever built a shed, you can build one with your own two hands, but an extra pair would not hurt. Yourmotivation in this case is an attic bursting to its seams and a garage that can’t fit in a car.When it comes to building a shed on your own, you can either start from scratch or get some help fromcorporate America and use pre-fabricated shed kits. Either way, you are going to need a good set oftools.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  4. 4. Your one greatest tool is your building plan. Many people would not even consider this as a tool, but thisthe single most important aspect to ensure that you will have a great flow when building your shed.With your plans, you can determine the exact number of materials that you will need what type ofmaterials and all the other tools that will be required.For manufacturing the parts that you will need, you will have to use a top quality hammer, a power drill,a spherical saw and a number of handheld tools like wrenches, pliers and screw drivers. If you don’thave any of these tools, you can either borrow them for yourself as this is an integral part of the buildingprocess.Like any building project, it is important that you are able to make correct measurements. Failure to doso would mean a rickety structure that would surely fall down with the slightest gust of wind. To helpyou in this endeavor, you will need the services of tools like a tape measure, a pair of levels, chalk linesand a framing square.To further ensure that your shed is rock solid and will be able to provide your belonging shelter fordecades to come, it is imperative that you provide it with a good foundation. To help you achieve this,you will need tools like a spade, shovel, post-hole digger and a wheel barrow. Don’t forget that you willalso need a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes and a set of industrial gloves to protect yourhands.To make your shed look beautiful, you may want to finish it off with some paint. So, you would need apan, paint brush, roller or a paint sprayer. You may also need some sandpaper to clean out your wood.Aside from your tools, you would also want to get top quality materials to build your shed. A shed caneither be made using wood, metal, vinyl or aluminum. Other materials you will need are roofingmaterials, nails, screws, cement and concrete blocks. But never forget your blueprint.Cost Cutting Tips When You Build a ShedIts not uncommon to hear a homeowner complain about the mess they have in their attic and in theirgarage, sometimes iteven overflows to their very own living area. It seems that even though you have abig home, space is lacking. It’s easy to understand why most homeowners would want to have a storageshed.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  5. 5. In this economic times, not many of us have the money to either get a builder make a shed for us or getpre-fabricated shed kits to have our own storage sheds. Affordability will always be an issue and wewillalways ask about ways where we can cut costs.The first aspect is always the most obvious. We can save lots of money if we do the job ourselves.Contractors mean a lot of money. Yes they can do the job well and you can be assured that you will havea shed that would last a long time, and with a few extra bucks they would also make your shedextremely beautiful. But so can you. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, even with minimalcarpentry skills, you too can build a strong, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing shed in your garden.Scour for materials that can be recycled. Old wooden crates can still be used for flooring and for walls.Fallen trees can be cut and used for rafters and as foundation, maybe even a door. Recycling doesn’tonly save you money but its good for the environment as well. Don’t worry about the old look ofrecycled materials, a can of paint and a headful of creativity can make any shed look stunningly beautifuland brand new.Determine the size of the shed you will need. If you don’t have much to store, you don’t really need ahuge shed, the smaller the shed you create the less materials you will need, which means less cost. Ifyou already have a foundation such as a patio, a small shed may be able to fit on it eliminating the costfor laying the foundation.If you have cut some wood, don’t just throw away the bits and pieces left behind. You can use this fortrimmings and maybe even for shelves and window sidings. Drive around your town, renovations anddemolitions are a good source for reclaimed materials. They can either be used as land fillers forfoundation or for roofing materials. You can even go to your local junkyard and ask if they havealuminum or metal which you can get for free or buy at a minimal price.Building a shed doesn’t mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket. With a good building plan,you will have an exact knowledge of all the materials that you will need, and with that you can now useyour imagination to see recyclable materials to fit in your plans. And there you have it. You can savethousands of dollars if you are just patient and diligent enough in searching usable used items.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  6. 6. Build a Shed – Avoiding the Biggest Mistake!Tired of your wife telling you to get your “junk” out of the house? Does your house seem to be gettingsmaller every day? Or maybe your garage doesn’t have enough space for your car anymore, in any case,the solution to all these dilemma is getting yourself a shed. Even a small shed will be able to house manyof your stuff if it’s properly designed.It’s easy for anyone to assume that building a small shed will be a piece of cake, that will be anassumption that’s true, but, it can easily turn into a nightmare as well. To some, a shed kit can be thebest choice, especially if they don’t really have good DIY building skills. But to those with experience, ashed building kit will be truly easy, all parts are pre-fabricated and it’s just a matter of putting themtogether, but, if you plan to build a shed from scratch, then good for you.Even some “pros’ though would have to admit that even they may stumble on what to some wouldseem as a small building project. And to many of us who don’t have the experience yet, it’s easy tosuccumb to the pitfalls that have plagued many beginner DIY guys. This mistake has led to many halffinished projects and frustrations. Like in any project, building a shed, even a small one, would requirepreparation, and the single most important aspect of preparation that is to have a plan, and the biggestmistake one can do is to not have one.Not having a plan or a blueprint can run you up on costs and eventually lead to many constructionblunders. This is the biggest open secret to achieving success when building a shed, or for any structurefor that matter. One option is to get a plan online, while there are free plans available, most of them arenot complete, so there’s really no point in getting any of them as it may even cause you more problems.What if the plan you got did not have any guidelines in laying the foundation? Without a completedetailed list of the materials needed, you may end up buying, more than what’s needed. A plan with astep by step guideline is what we all need, this way, we save time on our work.A good set of plans, whether you downloaded it for free, bought it, or created it yourself should have acomplete and detailed list of all the materials you will need, including their exact measurements. Theoptions you would want to do, have a step by step guideline, a drawing of the structure, preferably 3D,and illustration along with the step by step instructions. This is imperative as you will be able to knowwhat to do and prepare for the next step and save up on the time spent on the project and to avoidconfusion as well.With a well detailed plan, you will be avoiding potential problems and definitely make building shed aworry free endeavor.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  7. 7. Essential Tips On Pouring Your Shed FoundationAside from the roof, the foundation of your shed is what ensures that your shed will be durable andsturdy. This is the first step always in building any structure. There are many different types offoundation that one can choose from. Depending on the size of your shed and what you plan to storeinside, you can choose from either a concrete foundation or just the plain earth.The latter is not really recommendable especially if it contains a lot of moisture. It is also very difficult tolevel and create framing for your partitions. But, for pole style barn sheds this is already acceptable. Infact, if the dirt floor is dry just merely placing smashed pea gravel of about six inches would suffice. Tosome, just merely placing foundation blocks and covering them with wood flooring would already helpin keeping the floor off the ground.But if you really want to protect your shed and make it last, a concrete slab used as a foundation wouldbe more ideal. This though would be more costly and to be honest, not too many homeowners are ableto work with cement. But you can be rest assured that this, in the long run, would give you lessproblems and worries.It is essential though that if you decide to use a concrete slab foundation, you should know that cementsoaks up water and can potentially add moisture inside your shed. One way to combat this is to use atop flooring to prevent the moisture from seeping inside. If you are going to use wood, make sure thatyou use pressure treated lumber.Another way to decrease the amount of water soaked up by your cement slab foundation is to useconcrete piers. This is utilized underneath the grade and the supports that the sheds rests on, keepingyour construction away from the floor and providing a durable support for the cement footing.Also, if you are able to divert potential water flow away from the footing and try to elevate the areawhere you plan to build your shed to ensure that water won’t settle around or beneath it. By doing so,you are not only preventing moisture but also you are making sure that the ground will always stayleveled avoiding your shed from tilting to one side.That is why, preparing a detailed plan beforehand is crucial. Checking out the area as well will help youdetermine whether your plan is able to adapt to the location. If you are not sure, you should consultwith a contractor or builder. This way you will exactly know any potential problems you may encounter.So, whatever type of foundation you plan to use, keep in mind that you should always take the time tolevel out your area especially where you intend to erect your walls. This way you won’t have anyproblems with your framing and your roof installation.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  8. 8. A Basic Step-by-step Guide to Building A Shed RoofGrowing up, your father may already have built a storage shed in your home, if not you may havenoticed some in your neighbor’s or friend’s home. Many of them may even be still standing today, but ifyou look at the roof closely, you may notice that the roof already has leaks defeating the point of havinga shed. A storage shed is a practical solution in protecting your belongings, if its roof is leaking watermay leak in and cause water damage. It is essential that the roof should be able to withstand harshelements like rain, snow and dirt. So whether you’re building a new shed or replacing your old shedroof, you can build one that will be able to last a long time with a good step-by-step guide.A sturdy and durable shed roof may cost you more now, but because a roof of any structure is the mostexposed part, you will be able to save more in repairs as time goes by. Also, you will save money as welland possible worries knowing that your belongings inside the shed is safe. The single most importantaspect in building a shed roof is to have a comprehensive plan, if you have no inkling on how to do this;it is wise to invest on it as it is your basis for your building project.Here are some other aspects in shed roof building that you should also keep in mind:• Your design of your roof should be slant and steep so that pressure would not build on it. But you alsohave to make sure that your roof design should conform to the building code in your area.• After your application has been approved, you should now have your roof trusses fabricated, if youdon’t have the tools nor the skills to do this, most lumber yards can do this for you for a minimal fee.• When you have the trusses ready, you need to mark the wall of your shed to determine where thetrusses will be anchored to usually an interval of 2 feet of space is done.• You can now place your trusses on the marks on each facing wall and nail them down. Make sure thatthey are sturdy and not wiggling around.• After you have finished placing all the wood truss, you can now place your roof decking for the trussesto be tied together to provide support for the roof load.• Depending on your choice as roof material, you can now finish your roof placing your chosen materialas per manufacturer’s instructions.Safety is always the key, as you would be working on the roof, there is a chance that you may fall off. Ifpossible, get someone to work with you and make sure that when using ladders or other tools forelevation that it is secure. Also, it is best to remember to clean your roof once in a while; this will helpprolong the life span of your roof.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  9. 9. Build a Farm Shed – With your Own DesignIt is understandable why most homeowners today have either built a shed in their properties, or isplanning to build one. The ever growing need that we all have for space have led to this constructionboom and it has become unavoidable for every property to have one. Many have languished in the factthat many of their tools and belongings, which are not suited to be stored inside the home, havedominated their garage and that their garage has lost its main function, to park their cars safely.This increasing need for space is not only relegated to the suburbs and for city folk, people from thecountryside are also experiencing these and even though they already have farms and barns, they havemachineries and equipment that need to be stored as well. These equipment can be quite large andexpensive, they need a place where they can be stored so that they are not only protected from theelements, but from intruders as well.This s where the farm shed comes in. Typically larger than the usual storage or garden shed, the farmshed is a viable solution for farmers who are in dire need of extra space. Not only for equipmentstorage, a farm shed can also be used to house farm animals or to store their produce and other farmingsupplies. For those who have extra money and have always dreamt of taking the countryside to thesuburbs, a quaint little farm shed inspired outdoor structure can be built in your garden for your littlegetaway area. You can even make it look like a small log cabin.But before you rush out to get some lumber, or any other building materials you wish to use, stop firstand think. Your building project will be so much easier if you have a detailed plan of your build a farmshed project. Designing your won farm shed would be easy enough if you know what you need it for.You have to consider the size of your farm shed depending on what you plan to store inside. Thematerials you’re going to use will also be dependent on the weather in your area and how much you canafford. You should also be able to first determine your resources so that you wont have a hard timeknowing where to get the materials you will need.Having a detailed plan beforehand will save you money from buying excess materials, plus, you will beable to save your time and effort from having to run around mid-project looking for things that youneed. The design doesn’t just end with the exterior of the farm. Although this is the most important toensure that your farm shed is durable and strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions,especially the roof, you will also design your interior, to maximize the space you have.There are many downloadable farm sheds available for you. Some of them are even free. You will beable to find some of these designs and just tweak them to be able to create your own design to best suityour needs.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  10. 10. Build a Shed Door That Will Not Fall DownThe shed door rarely gets as much attention as would the roof and the foundation get, most of the timepeople would just purchase a pre fabricated door, measure it and install it and think that the job is done.But since the shed door is the single part of the shed that gets the most action, it’s highly likely that itwould be the first one to give in. And with storage sheds, the door can vary a whole lot in terms of sizeand the way it opens. Depending on what you plan to keep inside your shed, you may either need asmall sized door or one where a small garden tractor can pass through.Most storage sheds though are used for keeping large tools like a wheel barrow or a grass cutter, so it isinevitable that one day it may either break off its hinges or develop a big hole because of the occasionalbanging and hitting of your equipment. So it is advisable to have a sizeable shed door where you caneasily bring in or take out your equipment. And to ensure that your door will be able to handle wear andtear you have two options when building it, the ledged door and the ledged embraced door.The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have all the tools that you will need. The tapemeasure is your best friend. It is important that your door fits like a glove on its frame. Take into accountthe small space that your hinges will occupy. You don’t want a shed door that is not leveled. The top halfmay either be hitting the frame and there’s a gap on the lower half, or vice versa. Not only will you notbe able close your door and lock it properly, but you can also cause damage to your door frame.When choosing lumber to use for building your door, you can either use a rough cut or a finish cut. Butwhat is important is that the lumber is already completely dry; if not, there can be shrinkage in thefuture when the wood loses its moisture. Usually, lumber that is 1 inch thick is used.After doing your measurements, you can now use your saw to cut your boards. After cutting, lay downall your boards, put them together and make your final measurement. You should now cut the lumberyou will use for your braces. Typically a door brace would need three pieces of lumber, one goes acrossthe top side of the door, one on the bottom side and one longer piece to go across diagonally the lengthof the door making a Z-shape. Nail or glue them all together.Now you can measure the hinges on your door jamb and to your shed door. You can now just screw inthe hinges and your door is done. If you want to put a handle or a gate latch, you can do so beforeattaching the door to its frame.Build a Shed that’s Child’s Safe and Accident ProofYards are one of the places in the typical household where many memories are made from. This iswhere many kids learned how to catch a baseball and many children parties have been celebrated. Theyard is also the top candidate to where a shed is usually built. Put a child in a yard along with amysterious shed, and you can do the math.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  11. 11. All parents would do all that they can to keep their child safe and away from accidents, that’s why, wechildproof our home, keep debris out of our yards, remind them to be careful when playing and tellthem to stay away from strangers. But it’s also likely that we would forget to tell them to stay away fromour shed.To a child, a storage shed can be fascinating. To their minds it can be a fort, a castle, or whatever theywould like to see it. They would then see the shed as a plaything and gravitate towards it. The problemis, most sheds contain dangerous items that are sharp, pointy, and poisonous or maybe even explosive.Or they may even try to imitate you and try to get the grass cutter and play with it. Whatever reason thechild has, these dangerous items should be safely kept away from them.To avoid these accidents from happening, there are some ways that you can do to make your storageshed safer to a child and keep away whatever potential hazard that may occur.Organize your tools and keep them securely in their place. Don’t leave your tools lying around. Unplugyour power tools or remove their batteries. Glass cabinets can be used to keep sharp tools away fromthe prying hands of a child. Keep your shed locked all the time. Close all windows and hide your keys.Always check your shed for gaps and cracks and loose boards which your child and their friends can pryopen to get inside.If you have hazardous and flammable materials, store them in a locked cabinet. Never leave your sheddoor open even if you’re working on a project or tending to your garden. All it takes is a split second foryour child to rush in and play with your tools.Have a talk with your child; explain to them the dangers that may happen if they play with your toolsand equipment. Remind them that these are not toys and to never play with them.It is imperative that you follow these guidelines. Children are naturally curious and you should nevertake for granted that even though you already warned them that they would not still go to the shed andtouch your things. And it’s not just your child; it could either be the neighbor’s child or your child’splaymate.It’s always best to be safe than sorry, seriously consider these storage shed safety tips and greatlydiminish the risks of an accident.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  12. 12. Essential Reminders on Building a Lean to ShedHomeowners arrive at the decision to build a lean to shed for a number of reasons. These reasons cometo one conclusion though, to store their belongings and to protect them, plus, to provide extra space fortheir homes. Whether it be for your garden tools or some of the stuff that has been lying round yourhome for ages, a lean to shed is one of the most effective, and affordable ways of keeping them andprotecting them as well. A lean to shed, unlike the typical storage shed is a structure that is built beside your existing home orother structures, like your garage. Instead of having to build a whole new structure with four walls, youwill already use one side of the wall of your present structure as the fourth side and just have to buildthree walls to complete your shed. This will cost less and save you some time when constructing it.To make this project work, and by that I mean make it serve its purpose and also make your shed lookcomplimentary to your existing home and other structures, there are some essential factors that youneed to keep in mind.First things first, if you want your lean to shed to look good and make it seem as it has been with theoriginal plans of your home, you should design your shed to have a finish that is the same as your home.You should also use materials and design to make a continuous flow. The planning stage is very crucialand you should explore all your options so that you will be able to work without any glitches later on.Another factor that should gain much attention is the roof of your lean to shed. As much as possible,make certain that in your design plans, the roof is mono pitched. By doing this, you will be ensuring thatany rain water or snow fall will slip away from the main structure your shed is attached to. If not, snowor rain water will collect on the roof upping the chances of damaging your shed roof or the walls of themain structure.Another way to ensure that you won’t have any difficulties in building your lean to shed is to guaranteethat the foundation where you plan to build your shed is level and the walls of your shed is even to thewall of the main structure. You will have fewer problems attaching your walls later on if you are able tomake sure that everything is leveled. If not, your shed will have gaps which can then allow rain water,dirt and moist to get inside your shed possibly damaging your belongings.Most importantly though, before doing any projects such as a lean to shed, it is best to first check withyour local planning and zoning office. Some areas require that you first have to secure a permit beforeadding any structure to a home.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  13. 13. Important Factors to Consider When Building a Shed RampA shed ramp is very critical to any shed that is used to store any small heavy machinery such as a lawnmower or a small tractor. A ramp will make it easier for you to bring in or take out your equipment. Thisis an essential part of any garden or barn shed and to ensure that it will work to your advantage youmust build it correctly.There are many different factors that one should consider when building a shed ramp. These factors arevery essential and should be considered greatly in the planning stage of the shed itself. Here are thosefactors.Slope of the ramp – when choosing the location of your shed, you should put into consideration thespace where your ramp will be placed. The length of your ramp is dependent on the slope that you havechosen. Choosing the slope of your ramp is very critical as this will be the determinant on the ease ofuse and its safety. It is imperative that you plan the slope well and consider what type of equipment willbe used on the ramp.Safety – a very steep slope would obviously make it hard for you to defy gravity when bringing themachinery inside the shed. If you are pushing heavy equipment up a steep ramp, there is a greaterchance that you might slip and get crushed. Safety should be one of your priorities when making abuilding plan. Besides, building codes commonly require that at maximum there should be for every 8inches of ramp horizontally there should only be a 1 inch slope.Ease of use – while most ramps are not as large as a barn, you can build a ramp that would make it easyfor you to bring out or in a garden tractor or a lawn mower. You may think that having a fairly goodslope and enough driving space would be enough, that isn’t the case. Many of these machines have anundercarriage and can just as easily ground over the threshold of the door. Six inches of space underboth sides of your door opening will allow you to have an easier time to take your machinery in and out.The surface of the ramp – whether it may be the surface of the wood, steel or concrete, rain and otherfactors may cause your ramp to become slippery thus increasing the risk of accidents. To prevent this,using rubberized flooring or anti slip paint can help decrease this risk. Galvanized wire or fabricatedmetal sheets with smooth spikes can also help increase the slip resistance of your ramp.These are the essential factors that you should always bear in mind. Include this in your plans so thatyou will not forget about this. Like when using goggles is a definite must when using power tools a safeand effective ramp is also a must for storage sheds used in housing small heavy machineries.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  14. 14. The Mobile Shed – Build a Shed on SkidsFor most conventional sheds, there are two types of foundation that you can choose from, for thepermanent sturdy shed, there is the concrete foundation, and for mobility there is the skid foundation.There are many advantages as to why a skid foundation, considered temporary, is chosen by manyhomeowners. You too can benefit greatly by having a skid foundation.For one, a skid foundation generally using wood is easier and faster to build as compared to apermanent concrete foundation. In building a wooden skid foundation, you first need to select a spotthen prepare a bed of gravel which will be able to provide a flat level and stable surface to allow waterto drain beneath it and keep your lumber dry. Atop this gravel you will set wood beams or timber. Thesebeams and timber will act as the skids. The flooring of your shed willrest above this skids. Pressuretreated timber or lumber is advisable to be used for skids as they will be bearing the weight of the shedand its contents so that you will be able to move or transfer your shed to a new location putting angleends is necessary, plus they ake good decorations as well.With a good set of detailed plans, you yourself will be able to do the construction job. You don’t evenhave to do the plans yourself, plans are easily available whether online or from your local constructionshop. If you’re getting confused when building your skid foundation, you can just easily refer to theplans. This will be a great way to save some money.Other benefits that skids foundation provide include the ability to build your shed faster.In fact, you caneven pre-build your shed from another area and just place it atop the skid foundation. So, if two or morepersons are building the shed, you can simultenously build the foundation and the shed itself.Also in some states if a structure is not permanent, you won’t need to apply for a permit, eliminating thefees involved and the time spent in waiting for your permit.There are some disadvantages though when using a skids foundation. Because it is only made of woodand not totally locked to the ground, your shed will not be able to accommodate heavy equipment likegarden tractors. Your shed can only be built with a limited size and also they tend to be susceptible tomoisture which in turn will shorten their life.The advantages though far outweigh the disadvantages mentioned. Not many of us really uses heavymachineries. As a matter of fact, storage sheds are mostly used as workshops, garden tool storage andfor housing other small belongings. Its transfer capability is one of its strogest points, so you would beable to have the power to customize your garden and give it a fresh new look every time you want. Sogo ahead and release your creative side.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  15. 15. Tips on Choosing the Proper Siding when Building a ShedLike any building house or structure, your choice of siding is a very important decision. A good siding willbe able to protect your belongings and also effectively ward off any harsh weather. When it comes to ashed siding, there are multiple choices, each having their own pros and cons. Other aspects that canaffect your decision making is the cost, ease of maintenance, its durability and availability.For those who prioritize cost as their concern, then a tin siding is the perfect choice for you. A tin shed isvirtually easy to construct. But with the low cost comes with an issue of durability. It is most likely thatyou will be, after a few years, replacing some of its parts like the door or the roof. Also a tin sidingadvisable for areas frequented by rain or snow as they rust easily.If you want a more durable shed siding, then wood would also be a good option. And with this option,you have many choices. For enhanced resistance in rotting and bug infestation, you may use red cedar.The downside to this is that it can be a bit costly to some. A less pricey alternative is the white cedar.Another popular choice for wooden siding is the rough sawn pine. It is commonly used for a siding witha board and batten design. It is important for you to remember that if you are using wood, you shouldpurchase them when they are already dry. Or else, they have the tendency to shrink when the moistureis gone. If this happens, the strength and durability of your shed is greatly reduced.Another option for a shed siding is vinyl. A vinyl siding is a great option as they are effective in resistingthe elements and they don’t require much maintenance. This siding can also be purchased in a variety ofstyles which can emulate different types of finishes, like wood, tin and aluminum. Another greatadvantage of a vinyl siding is that they can be designed to match your existing home to compliment itwell. Vinyl siding has, unfortunately its own disadvantages. Like the tin siding, it can also be pricey. It isalso not easily repairable unlike wood. But luckily, vinyl sidings don’t just crumble and break and canwithstand wear and tear. And because it doesn’t require much maintenance, you can get yourinvestment back in a short time.It is important that you are able to assess the pros and cons of all shed sidings that are available to you.Choose one that has more advantages than disadvantages. You can do this by taking into considerationyour budget, the aesthetics of your home, its practicality, the durability it can provide and the amount oftime that you can spent in maintenance.Take the time to weigh your options, plan ahead so you can be sure that when you invest your time,money and effort, you get more in return.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  16. 16. A Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Brick ShedAny home would greatly benefit from having a storage shed in their yard. It can be used to house avariety of belongings such as your tools, garden equipment, your barbecue, firewood and even yourbicycle and other stuff. And if you want extreme durability and strength, a shed that will last a lifetime,then forget the traditional wooden storage shed, a brick shed is what you need.Here is a step by step guide on a brick shed with an average size of about five feet by eight feet.Step 1. Check out your location. Make sure that you have sufficient space for your storage shed,allowing extra space around it and about a couple of feet away from your fence. Steer clear of trees thatmay act as a hindrance to your roof, or have falling branches and fruits that can damage it. Also, youneed to check with your local planning and zoning commission about your plans and the dimensions ofyour brick shed.Step 2. Be sure to clean the area where you plan to build your brick shed. Clear it of any debris, roots,rocks and weeds. Also make sure that there are no pipes, cables, wires running underneath. Draw anoutline of the dimensions of your brick shed, you can do this by using paint in a can, spraying the outlineon the soil.Step 3. After clearing up the soil, dig inside your outline with a depth of about eight inches. For thebase, transfer inside sand, about two inches will do. Compact the soil and make sure that it is leveled.Using a post digger, dig six holes, three on each side of your outline, about 4 inches deep. You will usethis for the posts where you will attach your roof later on. Place the posts inside and pour cement tohold them in.Step 4. You can now pour in your cement for your foundation; it should be about six inches deep andmake sure to level it. Leave to completely dry. When completely dry, lay out your bricks. Lay the bricksaround the base and when you are finished on all four sides, lay down some mortar and place the nextlayer. Make sure that the second layer of brick is centered on the top of where two bricks on the lowerlayer meet. This is so that your brick wall will be stable. Continue until you have reached the desiredheight. Make sure that the bricks are tightly packed so that water could not seep in. Don’t forget toleave an opening for your door and windows.Step 5. Leave a gap of about three to four inches for ventilation for the frame of the roof. Connect yourlumber from one side of the post to the other. Make a six inch overhang for each lumber. Level yourframe. If you want a slanting roof, make one side about three to four inches higher. You can now adyour roof. You can use shingles, aluminum or plastic, depending on your choice.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  17. 17. Build a Loafing Shed – A Wise InvestmentIf you are a cattle raiser, then you know that your horses are your source of income. Making sure thatthey are in the pink of health is the only way that you can make a profit out of your investment. If yourhorses are subjected to harsh elements like snow, pouring rain and the blasting sun then it is not hard topredict their early demise. And as such you can now say goodbye to all your hard work and to yourmoney.Providing them with a shelter is the sure fire way of providing a guarantee that your horses will beprotected and their health is assured. One way to do this is to provide a loafing shed for your farm.Basically, a loafing shed is a barn with three sides that is situated in a pasture. And because horses aretypically strong and big, you can be sure that it will be subjected to great abuse. If you want your loafingshed to last a long time, you should make sure that they are given high quality construction standards.Also, in your designs and plans avoid building structures inside the shed that have sharp objects or edgeswhere the horses can hurt themselves.There are a number of considerations when it comes to the size and location of your loafing shed as wellas the materials that should be used.When it comes to the location, it is advisable that your loafing shed does not face the direction whereprevailing winds come from. This will help in prolonging the life of your shed and it will keep the shedwarm in cold weather. When a newborn livestock arrives, this warm weather is crucial to its survival.Another consideration when it comes to the location is an area where water does not pool. So choose alocation on higher grounds.For size consideration, this will vary depending on the size of the livestock that you plan to put inside theloafing shed. Horses are herd animals and typically gather together, so you need to put into account thesize of your ponies when they grow bigger. But, if you live in an area were cold weather and harshsnowstorms are frequently experienced then you might want to consider investing in a barn instead.For many livestock owners, wood is the preferred choice of building material. Lumber is very versatileand is easily customizable. With the right plan and design, a wooden loafing shed can be very durable.You have to make sure though that your roof is weather tested and is capable of enduring heavyweather conditions.Even if you already have a barn, a loafing shed is still a good investment as this can be placed in thepasture where your horses graze. Or this can also be a place where you can put horses ready to givebirth to keep them away from the herd and from potential danger.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  18. 18. Build a Pallet Shed – The Affordable Secret to Top Quality Free WoodThere’s no doubt about it, money is an issue. So no matter how much you want to clean up and get yourown storage shed, if you don’t have the money, there’s not much you can do. But, if you have the skillsand the determination, having your own shed in your backyard doesn’t have to remain a dream, how?By recycling old wooden pallets. Some would immediately think that pallets, being the way they are,would just be an eyesore, but not if you have a good set of plans.Making a beautiful and effective wooden pallet shed can be the answer to your storage woes. Not onlyare they widely available, they don’t really cost that much, you might even get them for free. Woodpallets can be found most anywhere. Any commercial buildings, groceries and supermarkets would justhave them lying around, all you have to do is talk to them and have something to haul the pallets home.Although some of these pallets may not have the highest of quality wood, if your design and plans aregood enough, you can still be sure that your pallet shed will be durable and strong.Other sources for free or cheap wood pallets are from your neighbors, or if you drive around you mayfind them from homes where they have done some remodeling work. Many of them would be just toohappy to get rid of their pallets saving them the work of getting rid of these pallets. Mills andlumberyards are also great sources for wooden pallets. Classified ads and many websites also offer themas freebies; they do these so they can save money from having someone haul the pallets away for them.Once you have enough pallets you now have to get your hands dirty. But first things first, you wouldmost definitely need to have a good detailed set of plans available for you. If you don’t know how tomake one, another affordable and cheap way to get a hold of them is by downloading them from theinternet. There are plans that are available for free while some may cost you but not that much. Withoutit, you might as well be walking blind, groping as you go along with your pallet shed project.Wood is not the only material you will need. So you need to prepare all the other materials and yourtools as well. If you don’t have some of the tools needed, you don’t have to go out and buy them, justborrow them from your friends, but be sure to return them though.So there you have it, the most affordable and easy way to get storage space. This project can be easilydone over the weekend, and with some paint and primer, you can make your wooden pallet shade lookas if a professional did it. Remember, your only limit is your imagination.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  19. 19. Build a Firewood Shed to Keep Your Firewood Dry and ReadyFirewood cost, either you bought them or you chopped them yourself. In the former you shelled outyour hard earned money and in the latter you spent a lot of energy and time. So if your firewood getswet or becomes filled with moisture, all your money and your efforts will just go down the drain. A wetfirewood will not burn properly as we all know, and if you live in an area where rain and snowfall isfrequent, it can be virtually impossible to keep your wood dry. Building a firewood shed is the key to thispredicament and you can be sure of having dry firewood every time you need it.The location of your firewood shed is one of the most important decision you should make It should bein an area where water does not pool around the shed, yet it should be near your home so that it wouldbe easy for you to get firewood whenever you need it. You certainly wouldn’t want to walk far just toget some when it’s raining hard or there is heavy snowfall. Also, try to build a raised floor so thatmoisture from the ground would not easily seep inside the shed. Wet wood easily gets rotten anddecomposes.With regards to the roof of your firewood shed, you should make sure in your plans that it has a highsteep and is slanted. This way, snow and rain will easily slide off and would not get inside to thefirewood. This goes the same for the foundation, making it higher from the ground and providing a slantto slide snow and water away from the shed.Most firewood sheds are built with only three sides. Only three walls are provided and the fourth sideleft open. This is necessary as this allows airflow which in turn allows the firewood to dry properly. Butbecause of this open side, it would also be easy for rain and snow to be blown inside by the wind. Toavoid this or to minimize moisture, it is best that the open side should not face the direction of the wind.To further prevent moisture from seeping into your firewood, you should put a layer of plastic on thefloor and to allow good airflow for drying, under your woodpile stack your firewood on off-cut lumbers.Most firewood shed are not really that big, they are easy to make and don’t require as much cost asmost typical storage sheds. With just a couple of lumber and nails, you can be assured that you will havedry and effective firewood ready to build a roaring fire for a comfortable warmth.Always remember that in starting any project, having plans is the best way to ensure that you will have aworry-free time when you’re in the actual process of building the shed. So get your hands on a firewoodshed plan first.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  20. 20. A Steel Shed? Definitely!Building a new structure in your property is no joke. It can be quite costly and if you’re building ityourself, time consuming. So if you have found that you really need one for whatever reason, then youwould most likely want one that would last a long time and won’t require too much maintenance. Usingsteel is a no-brainer. They have been the first choice for many homes, garages, buildings, and differentother structures designed for strength and for durability. So if steel is good enough for a skyscraper,then what more for a shed?Steel as a building material is not as expensive as one would think. Considering that they offer lessmaintenance needs, they pay for themselves in the long run. Think about it, steel buildings and homeshave been used to house human beings, so wouldn’t it be sensible that it too would be safe not only instoring your belongings, but even animals? This means that steel can also be used for farm sheds orloafing sheds. And when housing livestock, you can be sure that the structure will take a beating.While steel may seem to be difficult to work with as compared to wood, there are now may steel shedkits available that are virtually easy to erect and put together. Steel is also very versatile, it can bemolded easily to form any shape and can be very useful for customized shed constructions. Technically,steel is the perfect material for building projects. Chemically, steel is made from iron and carbon, Iron issoft and is easily cut, carbon makes the steel hard, making it more durable and strong. Differentcombinations of the two elements allow manufacturers to make different types of steel, and this allowsthem to make structures for a steel shed.As your shed design grows in size, then you would certainly want stronger steel, you can check out theirgrade. But for other parts of the shed, you wouldn’t need steel that are as strong, for example, for thestructure or frame, you will need stronger steel, especially the rafters for roof support, but for the wallsand the roof itself, sheet metal would suffice, or even corrugated steel sheets.Aside from the reputation steel has of good strength, steel is also highly desired as a building materialbecause it requires minimal maintenance and there is virtually no infestation of bugs like termites oreven carpenter bees. Also, steel is not known as a habitat for fungi such as mildew and mold. So onceyou build your steel shed, there’s really no need to look after it so much.If you live in an area where harsh winter storms occur frequently, you will find that steel is indeed a wiseinvestment. They can take a lot of load and will not easily collapse, make sure though that your plans arewell designed as steel can get quite heavy, you will need strong support especially in your foundation.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>
  21. 21. To Build or Not to Build – That is the Shed QuestionThe need to have a shed cannot be stressed enough. Many households today are being overwhelmedwith material belonging that were either used just once or never used at all. It’s also difficult to decidewhich if which to throw away, to donate, or to sell. And to those that did not make the cut, they arerelegated back to the attic or to the garage, in which case causing clutter still.The sure fire way of clearing up this space is to build a shed, whether for your tools, your gardenequipments or your mementos. Whether you decide to buy or build one this is by far your best option. Ifyou do decide to build it yourself, then kudos to you, building a garden shed is one of the simplest taskin rudimentary carpentry.If you have a great command using tools and have a free weekend or two to work on some measuring,hammering, cutting, drilling and sawing, then all you need are the proper materials, tools, buildingplans, and you can soon have your very own shed in your own garden made by your own two hands. Thebeauty of creating your own from scratch is that you will be able to customize your design and allow itto directly cater to all your storage needs. Not only will you have a functional structure in your propertybut you will also have a source for great pride and joy.But, if you’ve never even built a stool from scratch or even a simple paper weight, then what more witha shed. This case though is not hopeless. If you have the extra money, then by all means buy yourself ashed. But because you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you plan to build a shed yourself. To makesure that you don’t build an eyesore or a hazard in your own yard, you then need to know that as abeginner you will need a good set of detailed and comprehensive plans.The best thing about purchasing or downloading a set of shed plans is that, there are so many designoptions already available today. You won’t have any problems finding a design that will suit andcompliment both your needs and the aesthetics of your property. By just following these plans to theletter, you will have a great chance of succeeding of building a shed on your own.Another easy way to create and build your own shed is to purchase a storage shed kit. With this kit, youwill already have everything that you will ever need to construct the shed. Also included will be theinstructions plans for you to follow. And those are now your options. Whichever you choose, you can beassured that you will have a great time building your shed and also have the self satisfaction thatknowing that that shed was created by you. Plus you will now have a more organized home.Click Here To Access Over 12,000 Shed Plans & Woodworking Projects>>