Nokia Nseries And Maemo 6


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Presentation on the role of Maemo in Nokia's portfolio. What computers are for Nokia. Jose-Luis Martinez is Vice President at Nokia responsible for Nseries products.

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Nokia Nseries And Maemo 6

  1. 1. Nokia Nseries and Maemo Jose-Luis Martinez, Vice President Nokia Nseries
  2. 2. Over 1 billion Nokia owners globally
  3. 3. …but someone is always leading the way Late Laggards Adoption majority Early majority Early adopters Innovators Time
  4. 4. Computers • Internet as-is, without compromises • Ultimate social internet experience • Computer grade performance with personal context and mobility
  5. 5. The fifth step Maemo 6
  6. 6. Iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in an aesthetic package e m ag I e pt nc Co
  7. 7. Canvas-style UX easy to use to navigate – just like the web Moving from application grids to widgets everywhere Making computer-style multi- tasking simple
  8. 8. Designed for people that keep in touch …
  9. 9. For people who do many things at once … … and who like to have all relevant services readily available, always with them.
  10. 10. A solution for all parts of the globe •Languages for all major markets •Broad range of locally relevant content and services •Widgets from leading Internet services, local partners, non-profit organizations, and individuals
  11. 11. Together, as Maemo, we can deliver a world changing experience