Maemo community feedback to multitasking in n900


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Maemo community feedback to multitasking in n900

  1. 1. Lead user insight on multitasking September 2010
  2. 2. Summary The results of over 600 votes in a poll on the discussion forum of shows that: • over 80% keep typically 1 to 6 applications open on the multitasking view of the Nokia N900 • over 97% of all respondents pro-actively manage the amount of open apps • only less than 1.5% of all respondents do not close apps actively and leave them all open • at least 35% of all people detailing their open apps keep various third-party apps open
  3. 3. The Study Results are based on 48 hours of a poll on between the 7th and 9th of September with 629 respondents and more than 200 detailed comments from active community contributors. discussion forum has some 45.000 registered members and typically between 500 and 1000 people are following the discussions in this forum actively at all times. See results at
  4. 4. Findings - Open Apps • Almost 50% do keep typically either 4 to 6 apps open. • 33% keep typically 1 to 3 apps open. • Only less than 1% close apps immediately always and do not make use of multitasking. • Only less than 2% do not care about how much apps are open in the background and keep them all open. • Only less than 3% keep more than 9 apps open at any time citing mostly sluggishness and concerns about battery consumption as reasons • “Multitasking on the N900 is great, but I usually only have 1-3 apps open at a time. Having more apps open certainly calls for trouble when you try to answer the next phone call.” [pycage-member since 2005]
  5. 5. Findings - Managing • With only less than 2% stating that they don’t manage open apps actively, it becomes obvious that most folks pro-actively manage the amount of open apps. • “I typically only multitask when I need to. Not leaving any program running unless I actually need it to do something at that moment.” • “I definitely love the approach: you decide what you open, what you close, finding the right balance yourself.” • “I use multitasking very excessive and often more than 6 windows are open at the same time. I also leave them open if I don't use the application. I only close all apps if the N900 feels to slow.” • “I would hate to see a system management approach applied to future Nokia phones, closing applications or shunting them to some quiet corner for me.” • “Yes! Closing apps is one of the things I like most and one of the things that make me use N900 over my android phone.”
  6. 6. Other Findings • More than 35% of those detailing the apps which they keep open in their blog posts (over 120 of them at interim review point) list at least one 3rd-party application which they keep open typically. Often mentioned apps are xchat, Pidgin, gPodder, Conboy, Tweego, and fMMS. • Typical Nokia apps that are kept open include multiple browser windows, multiple chat windows, calendar, email, and media player. • Several respondents wish already now that the Nokia N900 would have more hardware-based memory available such as 512 MB to improve the multitasking capabilities. • Several respondents would like to be able to organize the layout/location of mini-windows in the multitasking view: “In fact I wish the app windows could be re-arranged in the task view - if email crashes or closes unexpectedly I have been known to close down all other applications just so that I can restart email as the first application, followed by Conversations and then usually Contacts.” [Milhouse, member since 2005]