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Maemo And the Nokia N900


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Ari Jaaksi's opening presentation of the Maemo Summit 2009 in Amsterdam. Ari Jaaksi is the Vice President of Maemo Devices R&D at Nokia Corporation.

  • I have been the proud owner of the N900 for nearly a month now. I also own an HTC Magic and think the N900 is a far superior phone. I am a Linux user (Linux Mint and Sabayon) on my computers and love how open this phone is.

    I am still playing with the phone and learning but am getting to grips with it. I have added the testing repo which has opened up a lot more to play with.

    Look forward to chatting to all the other N900 users at this really does feel like an enthusiasts phone, not just another run of the mill handset.
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Maemo And the Nokia N900

  1. 1. Maemo 5 and Nokia N900 Ari Jaaksi, Vice President, Maemo Devices, Nokia
  2. 2. Evolution of Maemo
  3. 3. Maemo 5 UI – Behind the scenes n tr atio rat ion I I llus Illu st 5U I o 5U a em e mo r ly M Ma Ea rly Ea n atio n llus tr atio II u str o5 U U I Ill em 5 a e mo r ly M a Ea rlyM Ea
  4. 4. Where are we now? What the media said "...N900 finally gives Nokia something competitive in the high-end market, and “Beyond that Maemo Linux OS we've offers a great deal for developers to get been begging Nokia to bring to phones for excited about. I had a hands on today and the better part of a year, the N900 is, as came away with fairly positive Nokia handsets tend to be nowadays, a impressions, for an iPhone user.” healthy piece of hardware.” "...The N900 is certainly looking intriguing, and our hands-on earlier today did nothing to change that opinion.“
  5. 5. But there are things to be worked on What the media said "As of today, the portrait setup is available only for the dialing screen, contact list, home screen and gallery (when rotating images). And that's about it. All in all, this shortcoming definitely takes a lot of points off Maemo5's tab…” “We would have assumed Nokia would have worked multi-touch into this latest version of its tablet computer, as their competitors nearly all have this capability now.”
  6. 6. We are listening Portrait browsing at Xmas 2009
  7. 7. 12 million views in 24 hours 10 million unique visitors in 30 days 1.2 million views on YouTube
  8. 8. It’s getting busy at 1000 325.000 posts 900 800 700 600 24.267 members 500 400 300 Most Discussed 200 100 0 Topic ever: “N900 Number of new posts per day on from July until October specs revealed” with 1772 replies