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Maemo 5 Developer Offering


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Presentation on what Nokia offers for developers that would like to develop for the Nokia N900. Janne Heikkinen is heading Product Planning for Maemo Devices R&D responsible for product management.

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Maemo 5 Developer Offering

  1. Maemo 5 Developer Offering Janne Heikkinen, Director Product Planning, Maemo Devices
  2. Most Powerful Innovation Platform Yet
  3. Port GTK+ apps Doable now. Done already
  4. 3D apps with Open GL ES Doable now. Ready for future
  5. Building Qt4.6 port for Maemo 5 Qt4.5 community port Today: technical preview Sometime in between: beta Final: Q1 2010, runs on Nokia N900 Now also as official Qt port
  6. Coming later this year
  7. Get community app to consumers
  8. Promotion on y! toda Live Sept 30th: 10 million unique visitors
  9. Things users can get from Day 1 of N900