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It is essencial to safeguard the value and current recognition of the CE marking by implementing the CPR in a way that the identification of construction products are characterized by the declared performance based on a harmonized technical assessment being the result of national consent.

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Ectp e2 ba-eota_presentation_final_pds

  1. 1. ECTP  Conference  –  June,  18th  2014   1  
  2. 2. ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014   2  
  3. 3. 3  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  4. 4. 4  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  5. 5. 5  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  6. 6. Simplifiedprocedures (Art.36to38) hEN Market Declaration of Performance CE marking Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (of 9 March 2011) Regulation (EC) No 764/2008 (of 9 July 2008) MutualRecognitionof NationalTechnicalDocument ETAssessment 6  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  7. 7. Declara>on  of   Performance  CPR   BRCW   ID   Mandate  to  CEN   Request  for  ETA   hEN   EAD   ETA   Nota: ETAG Published before 1st July 2013 may be used as EAD The European Assessment Document (EAD): - developed and adopted by the organization of TABs: EOTA, - support the assessment of product(s) and serve the issue of European Technical Assessment (ETA). CPR: Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - BRCW: Basic Requirements for Construction Works - ID: Interpretative documents CEN: Comité Européen de Normalisation - hEN: European harmonized Standard - EAD: European Assessment Document - ETA: European Technical Assessment – TAB: Technical Assessment Body 7  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  8. 8. ETA:  Documented  assessment  of  the  performance  of  a  product     •  Granted  by  a  TAB  on  the  basis  of  a  European  Assessment   Document  (EAD)  on  a  manufacturer’s  request     Ø  Defini>on  of  the  product  and  its  declared  intended  use(s)   Ø  Performances,  expressed  in  level  or  class  or  by  mean  of  a   descrip>on,  of  the  essen>al  characteris>cs  agreed  between  the   manufacturer  and  the  TAB   (technical  assump>ons  required  to  reach  these  performances)   Ø  Technical  details  for  the  implementa>on  of  the  system  of   assessment  and  verifica>on  of  the  constancy  of  performance     [  No  defined  limit  of  validity  ]   8  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  9. 9. Direc1ve  +  na1onal  transposi1on   Regula1on   ETA  =>  Fitness  for  use   All  the  relevant  characteris>cs   ETA  =>  Performance  of  the  essen>al  characteris>cs  agreed  for   the  intended  use   ETAG  or  CUAP  =>  all  the  relevant  characteris>cs  for  the  intended   use   EAD  =>  agreed  relevant  essen>al  characteris>cs  for  the  intended   use   (Art.  4.2:  Communica>on  of  declared  ess.  caract.  only)   Possible  objec>on  on  ETA  (art.5.1)   Possible  objec>on  on  EAD   but  not  on  ETA   CE  interven>on  on  the  content  of  an  EAD   (competence/responsibility)   ETA  =>  5years  validity   ETA  =>  no  defined  limit  of  validity   9  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  10. 10. AVCP tasks Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (of 9 March 2011) EAD (European Assessment Document) Declaration of performance CE marking Test report Calcul. report Simul. report Experience Claimsof manufacturer Instructions and safety information (article 11.6) ET-Assessment 10  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  11. 11. EOTA Added Value 11  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  12. 12. EOTA  Developments 12  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014   EOTA Statutes of 11 June 2013 EOTA Internal Regulations EOTA Model for ETA Application EOTA Recommendations for Key elements of Service Agreement National rules Technical requirements EOTA GD 07 on How to write an ETA Regulation (EU) 1062/2013 on ETA format EOTA GD 06 on How to write an EAD EOTA GD on ETA process Step-by-step EOTA GD 05 on Work Programme EOTA Quality & Consistency of ETA Regulation (EU) 305/2011 - CPR - EOTA Layout model for ETA EOTA GDs for EAD Consultations and Handling of ETA/EAD Financial restraints Delegated Acts National rules Administrative rules EOTA CMS* *)  Consistency  Management  System   E C     +     M S         P r o v   I   d e       f o r       f   r a m e   Organisation Working in a Cloud - Network environment
  13. 13. 13  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  14. 14. q Preliminary  exchange  phase  between  the  manufacturer  and  the  TAB:   •  Preparing  the  request   •  Answering  the  manufacturer’s  request   •  Understanding  and  agreeing  on  the  request   q Contract  agreement  for  the  request   q Introduc>on  of  the  Technical  Dossier  for  the  ETA   q Preliminary  instruc>on  phase  and  Registra>on  of  the  Technical   Dossier  for  the  ETA   q Development  of  a  relevant  EAD,  where  necessary   q Assessing  the  product  and  Gran>ng  the  ETA  on  the  basis  of  the  EAD   14  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  15. 15. ETA  based  on  exis1ng  EAD   •  New  development   •  Cita>on  and  informa>on   from  TABs  to  member   states  permieng   no>fica>on   ETA  needing  development  of  an  EAD   ETA  process     15  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  16. 16. ETA  =  technical  specifica>on  suppor>ng  the   declara>on  of  performance  and  CE  marking  of  a  product   16  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014  
  17. 17. EOTA   Interna>onal  non  for  Profit  Organisa>on  (a.i.s.b.l)     Thank  you  for  your  ahen>on!     Peter  D.  Schellinck,  Secretary  General     Kunstlaan  40  Avenue  des  Arts,  1040  Brussels   Tel  0032  2  502  69  00  -­‐  –     17  ECTP  Conference  -­‐  June,  18th  2014