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Dear Friends


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Wishes for the Christmas period and the New Year 2019.

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Dear Friends

  1. 1. Dear Friends, Yet another fascinating year is coming to a close. May this period of festivities allow for peace and joy to prevail with family and friends. It seems that in all the recent events taking place one message is clearly surfacing, paradise is on earth and it’s up to us to make it a reality. And yes, listen to Mather Nature and it becomes obvious that our destination is determined by our will to create a wonderful life and place on earth. As we are borrowing this planet from our next generation it is our responsibility to pass on an environment that should be like paradise. Whichever way one looks at the global dynamics it remains my firm belief we can create paradise in this world, in harmony with Mather Nature, if only we want to! May this period be a reflection on how to get there and that the joy of this Christmas period, be the seed of determined intentions for New Year! To smoothen the tensions by clicking on the garden picture you’ll be able to dream throughout the 4 seasons. May each dream be the catalyst of a new intention on how to contribute to peace during the next year. Internet has no borders so why should our society be building walls?
  2. 2. Looking forward teaming up in 2019 in whatever way our paths will call for, warm season’s greetings, Peter