The AlignComm Organizational Alignment InstrumentWHAT IS SURVEYTELLIGENCE?A powerful online survey tool with easy-to-use, ...
The result is a new insight into what drives an              executives many things they did not knoworganizations perform...
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Organizational Alignment Instrument


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A specialized tool that analyzes an entire organization to quickly identify and prioritize targets for management attention.

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Organizational Alignment Instrument

  1. 1. The AlignComm Organizational Alignment InstrumentWHAT IS SURVEYTELLIGENCE?A powerful online survey tool with easy-to-use, real- Powerful and compelling graphical analyses quicklytime diagnostics to help executives truly understand illuminate hidden disconnects between teams, whileand manage their strategic and organizational highlighting the most effective corrective measures.alignment. This web-based application is scalable to any sizeA business partner of AlignComm, SurveyTelligence organization and, unlike traditional tools, is designeduses a proprietary analytical engine to build high- to be an early warning system, furnishing real timeimpact visualizations of previously hidden dynamics leading indications of alignment which allowsaffecting employee engagement and organizational executives to seize market opportunities ahead ofalignment. the competition.This is the only tool designed specifically to measure Making sense of data can be a significantorganizational alignment and pinpoint barriers to organizational challenge, but we make it easyfinancial, operational and marketing improvement. though a series of intuitive gauges that translateWHAT DOES IT DO BEST? data into action—with only a click of a mouse. With SurveyTelligence you can:  It provides clear, prioritized and actionable intelligence to help  View and manipulate your analysis executives understand the degree of data online alignment between their strategic plans,  Examine micro and macro trends and the day-to-day activities of people  Isolate best practices, as well as throughout the organization. performance gaps and misalignments, through demographic  It shows managers how to build more comparisons engaged teams that are better aligned  Identify organizational strengths and to the overall strategy. weaknesses  Generate predictive matrices that  It rapidly identifies internal best quantify critical business drivers and practices while providing management correlate employee survey responses teams with the information needed to with organizational imperatives. understand—and fix—the underlying  Quickly view trends through reasons for misalignment and low qualitative key-word searches morale.  Identify which business units canHOW DOES SURVEYTELLIGENCE DO THIS? view the data via select access  View comparative data that overlayThrough advanced statistical modeling that can be industry, customer or priorsimply manipulated and understood by all managers. measurement data.Macro and micro trends can be quickly identifiedand analyzed through an intuitive user interface.
  2. 2. The result is a new insight into what drives an executives many things they did not knoworganizations performance. about their organization.  For HR, it is the perfect way to become aWHO ARE THE TYPICAL USERS? more influential driver of organizational change.After a two-day training class, anyone can HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?successfully deploy SurveyTelligence. However, themost frequent users are Human Resources and The majority of surveys are customized; however,Organizational Development professionals. we draw on a comprehensive library of pre-designedTypically, a SurveyTelligence consultant will work questionnaires to accelerate deployment.with the organization to design and implement the Actionable results become available as soon asfirst survey, and teach internal users how to sufficient employees have completed the survey.interpret the results. Because of the highly interactive analytical capabilities, new insights can be established withinBecause the first SurveyTelligence report has the minutes. The information provided bypotential of unearthing powerful and sometimes SurveyTelligence can, in the hands of a trainedpolitically uncomfortable truths, the services of an practitioner, be translated into clear, concise andInfoTool Certified Survey Consultant is often the compelling executive recommendations within amost effective way to present the executive couple of days of survey closure.recommendations. WHO IS SURVEYTELLIGENCE?WHY SHOULD I USE SURVEYTELLIGENCE? We are a blended survey and organizational  It guarantees that your survey results will development consulting firm. Our worldwide team get enterprise-wide attention. members include PhDs, authors and professors, many of whom are recognized experts in their fields.  Every manager gets an unparalleled opportunity to see deep into their teams, With SurveyTelligence, experienced consultants while receiving a personalized set of know exactly what you need and how to do it. Our prioritized activities. experience, diagnostic tools and analysis capability— along with our tested implementation system—will  Senior leadership sees an overall picture of guide you and your organization to success, within each team’s alignment—or misalignment— budget, and with amazing speed. to the organizational strategy. These reports, sorted by workgroup, show what WHO ARE THE CLIENTS? parts of the business are underperforming, along with specific remediation alternatives.  Change agents will actually be able to affect the business culture and measure the ongoing impact of their efforts. Over 300 organizations have used this tools, including Fortune 500 companies, large health care  A Value Chain Analysis highlights the organizations, and institutes of higher learning. Even inefficiencies generated by typical “silos” companies with as few as 250 employees have between workgroups. This tool enables successfully realigned themselves, thanks to intelligent decision-making on ways to SurveyTelligence. reduce waste and duplication.  For CEOs, it’s either a validation of their “gut” feeling or (more often) a real eye- Contact for more details opener. SurveyTelligence typically tells