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Presentation@idb 2014 06_17


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Discusses why project cannot deliver development, but have to be structured and managed in a way that development is likely to happen.

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Presentation@idb 2014 06_17

  1. 1. Management of Development Projects about the challenges to deliver change Peter Pfeiffer, PhD, PMP, MANAGEMENT DE PROJETOS E PROCESSOS Washington DC, 17/06/2014
  2. 2.  Project Management – an old novelty, but new perspectives  A hot topic for Project Management ... when projects get complicated  Development Projects – why are they different?  8 hints to align the projects with the challenges to deliver change Agenda Peter Pfeiffer
  3. 3. Gerenciamento de Projetos não é novo! (1856 – 1915)
  4. 4. Henry Gantt (1861 – 1919) Peter Pfeiffer
  5. 5. Gerenciamento de Projetos não é novo! North American transcontinental railway
  6. 6. Panama canal
  7. 7. Some assumtions about Project Management ... Complex entities can be comprehended by breaking them down into small units. Processes and time are controllable. There is a direct and linear relation between inputs and outputs. Results can be foreseen and, if necessary, can be repeated. Peter Pfeiffer
  8. 8. Doubts and Questions ... Does the command and control model always work? How much certainty can one have? How important is the relation between the project and its environment? Are projects simple, complicated or complex? How can we deal with this issues? Peter Pfeiffer
  9. 9. The Growth of Project Management Since the 1990th we can observe a strong growth of Project Management Professionals (PMP). 06/2014: 615.000 Peter Pfeiffer
  10. 10. Peter Pfeiffer
  11. 11. Communication Conflict management Stakeholder integration Technical knowledge Project Manager’s skills that are considered deficient by the organizations Peter Pfeiffer
  12. 12. Leadership Communication Attitude Project Manager’s skills that are considered most important by the organizations Peter Pfeiffer
  13. 13. Communications Plan Evaluation procedures Existing documents in Project Management methodologies Peter Pfeiffer
  14. 14. one that influenced Project Management in recent years Peter Pfeiffer
  15. 15. Simple: controllable; predictable, can be repeated or reproduced. Complicated: control is limited; partially predictable; can be partially repeated. Complex: control is extremely limited; unpredictable, cannot be repeated or reproduced. Chaos: There is no control; totally unpredictable; cannot be repeated. Project as a System simple complicated complex chaotic Based on Ralph Stacey Close to Certainty Far from Certainty Closeto Agreement Farfrom Agreement Peter Pfeiffer
  16. 16. Input Output El sistema complejo Peter Pfeiffer Outcomes Goals
  17. 17. Development Projects Peter Pfeiffer
  18. 18.  Provoke behavioral changes, intangible, but relevant.  Are strongly influenced by institutional, social, cultural and economic aspects.  Have to deal with a high degree of uncertainty for planning and implementation.  Beneficiaries are not commercial clients of the project. Development Projects Peter Pfeiffer
  19. 19. 1 hints to align development projects with their major challenges 8 Peter Pfeiffer
  20. 20. Plan for the close future, but maintain a long term vision.
  21. 21. Manage with flexibility, but with a clear course
  22. 22. Communicate! Always! Always! Communicate!
  23. 23. Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. – Albert Einstein Peter Pfeiffer
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