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The radical life 10-23-11


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Published in: Spiritual
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The radical life 10-23-11

  1. 1. Matthew 5:1-16
  2. 2. BLESSED AT THE POOR IN SPIRITfor theirs is the kingdom of heaven . Empty with Nothing
  3. 3. BLESSED ARE THEY WHO MOURN for they shall be comforted. Grieved over ones Sins
  4. 4. BLESSED ARE THE MEEK for they shall possess the earthA Strong person Under the Control of God’s Spirit.
  5. 5. BLESSED ARE THEY WHO HUNGER AND THIRST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS for they shall be satisfied. upright, virtuous, noble, morally right, and ethical.
  6. 6. BLESSED ARE THE MERCIFUL for they shall obtain mercy.The tender hearted who go out of their way and make the effort to help
  7. 7. BLESSED ARE THE PURE OF HEART for they shall see God.The path to a pure heart begins with therealization that we have impure hearts. God Must Cleanse us
  8. 8. BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS for they shall be called sons of God . A peacemaker is not an appeaser.One who by Godly knowledge endeavors to establish a right relationship between estranged parties based on truth and righteousness.
  9. 9. BLESSED ARE THEY WHO SUFFER PERSECUTION BECAUSE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Persecution is the cost of being aChristian, because the believer must reckon upon hardships and troubles much more than other men.
  10. 10. BLESSED ARE YOU WHEN PEOPLE INSULT YOURejoice and Be glad for great is your reward in Heaven.Everyone who lives a Godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.
  11. 11. BE RECEIVE POWERED BY1) Poor The Kingdom Love2) Mourn Comforted joy3) Meek Inherit the earth Peace4) Hunger Filled forbearance5) Merciful Shown Mercy kindness6) Pure See God Goodness7) Peacemakers Sons of God faithfulness8) Persecuted The Kingdom gentleness9) Insulted Great Reward self-control. Gal 5:22 – Fruit of the Spirit.
  12. 12. INFLUENCING OTHER 1. Preserving Your WorldYou are the salt of the earth (5:13) Preservative and flavoring
  13. 13. ENLIGHTENING YOUR WORLD 2. Enlightening Your World- You are the light of the world (5:14) - Reflecting Jesus’ light (John 1:7-9) - Sharing the light of truth (5:15)
  14. 14. INFLUENCING YOUR WORLD 3. Influencing Your World- Your good works change the world and bring praise to God (5:16)
  15. 15. CHALLENGED Will you be ―salt?Will you be light in the world around you?