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District news march april 2011-vol38-num3


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District news march april 2011-vol38-num3

  1. 1. NorthFloridaUpdateNorth Florida DistrictChurch of the Nazarene6817 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1301Jacksonville, FL 32216Phone 904-281-8148FAX 904-281-8149E-mail: officenfd@bellsouth.netWeb: www.nflnaz.comOrville Jenkins, Jr., District SuperintendentVolume 38 Number 3March/April 2011FROM THE DISTRICT SUPT. 1:30pm Opening Session of District NORTH FLORIDA DISTRICT Assembly ASSEMBLY & NMI Dr. Middendorf presiding and speaking…reports of the district supt., Dr. CONVENTION Boone for TNU…pastors/churches… balloting for district officers MAY 19-21, 2011 7:00 Ordination Service JACKSONVILLE UNIV. BLVD. Dr. Middendorf presiding and CHURCH ordaining three new elders3930 University Blvd., So., Jacksonville, FL 32216 SATURDAY, MAY 21 DR. JESSE MIDDENDORF Presiding General Superintendent 8:30am Closing Session of District Assembly HOWIE and BEV SHUTE Dr. Middendorf presiding…with a Missionaries to Africa workshop on the new budget system, “Funding the Mission” JONATHAN TREES If you have not made reservations at the suggested hotelsWorship Leader, Lakeland Highland Park Church with reduced rates, be sure and do so before May 5, the cut-off date for our special rates. For furtherTHURSDAY, MAY 19 information, contact Nancy Jenkins at the district office, 904-281-8148.7:00pm Opening Missions Celebration(Home and World Missions) Music you won’t want to miss…report of Susan Day, NMI dist. pres… learn of new district church starts…Missionary Howie Shute speakingFRIDAY, MAY 208:30am District NMI Convention Chaired by president Susan Day…and featuring the Shutes of Africa12noon District Pastors/SpousesLuncheon (including Associates and Retirees) Special guests Dr. and Mrs.Middendorf, and Dr. Dan Boone, TNU
  2. 2. in prayer as we endeavor to engage in a world “Unbroken” for Christ.Rev. Tim Hildreth, President1590 N. Jefferson St., Monticello, FL32344monticellonaz@gmail.com850.997.3906TNT @ TNUWow! What an incredible time we had at TNT. Weadded 98 people from our district to the 1,990 totalpeople registered for the largest TNT ever. Fast approaching is our Sr. High Camp early registrationOur opening service on Thursday evening was (aka “cheapest” - $195) deadline – June 1st. This year’shighlighted by Living Anthem leading us to worship our theme is “Mosaic: Broken. Becoming. Beautiful.” LedLord through music in a powerful way. Rev. Bo Cassell, by our infamous duo of Pastors Craig Henderson andusing the power of scripture and his life narrative, Heath Thompson, we are in for a treat!communicated the powerful truth of God’s Word totransform life. This year we are privileged to have one of the very best youth speakers in our Church (also from our District)The activities began early on Friday and 37 hours later Rev. Jake Edwards. Pastor Jake brings the kind ofhundreds of competitions had been completed and excitement and energy you won’t want to miss! Add inhonors bestowed to the victors! While no team sports TNU’s own REFUGE and this weekend has incredible‘medaled’ at TNT from NFL, we had our best showing potential in the hands of our Lord as all seek to perfectin several years. Several individual accolades were His holiness within us.given out including an invitation to our own Caleb Floodto the Regional Quiz Team! Congratulations to all for All forms can be found on our District website.your excellent work and thanks to Pastor Crystal Rinerfor leading us!NYC ’11 is Coming!Twenty students and 6 adults from across North Floridawill be attending NYC ’11 in Louisville, KY from July “You have heard it said . . . but I say to3rd through July 10th. We’ll be traveling by Coach from you . . . .” Jesus had a way of changing the landscape ofLake City where we’ll have a brief sending service. the way people thought about holy living. His ‘sermon on the mount’ realigned holy living to where God hadOur journey will include the Fourth of July at Six Flags; originally intended it – not in the exercise, but in theSpeakers: Chris Folmsbee, Reggie Dabbs, Francis Chan, heart!Brooklyn Lindsey, Stuart Williams, Mark Matlock andGeneral Superintendent David Graves; concerts by Rev. Jay MacPhearson will be our camp speaker withTobyMac and the David Crowder Band; Worship with TNU’s own REFUGE joining us again to lead inStarfield; Ministry to Seniors at the Sun Valley worship.Community Center; tour of the Louisville SluggerMuseum and Factory; a ride on the Belle of Louisville; You won’t want to miss this exceptional week where the and lots of Lord is working. Early registration deadline is May 31st interaction ($150). It goes up from there – get your registrations in with early! friends, old and new! All forms can be found on our District website. Please keep Upcoming . . . our NYC Upcoming Dates to Remember May participants
  3. 3. 31 Early Registration Deadline for Middle High Camp 24th – International Ministry Offering ($150)June 1 Early Registration Deadline for Sr. High Camp ($195) AUGUST 2011 – L.I.N.K.S. 24-27 Sr. High Camp @ Laguna BeachJuly 10TH – Mail in International Ministry Offering to Kansas City 3-10 NYC’11 @ Louisville, KY 18-22 Kidz/Middle High Camp in Tifton, GA {from July} 19th - Howie Shutes Birthday 26th - Dave & Rhoda Restricks Anniversary 28th – L.I.N.K.S. Offering 31st – Mail in Youth and Children’s Project Money to MarkSusan Day, President Patrick7039 Oakwood Dr. Jacksonville, FL SEPTEMBER 2011 – Alabaster and Membership904.724.2520 11th - 18th Cliff and Heike Wright Deputation Tour 21st – Mail in LINKS Offering to Kansas City {from August}NMI Update - May 2011 Emphasis - Missionary 24th - District Council Meeting and Teleconference at the District OfficeHealth Care 25th - Alabaster Offering OCTOBER 2011 – Mission Priority One Check Up 12th – Mail in Alabaster Offering to Kansas City {from September} 26th - Howie & Bev Shutes AnniversaryThe cost of keeping missionaries healthy so they can do 28th – Do mid-year check up on accomplishing NMI goals!their jobs is quite high, and the cost continues to rise. Tohelp defray those costs, the Nazarene Missions NOVEMBER 2011 – Thanksgiving Offering for WorldInternational developed the NMI Missionary Health EvangelismCare. Missionary Health Care helps pay for the medical 12th - Elizabeth Wilsons Birthday 20th - Thanksgiving Offering Received30th – Mail yourexpenses of Nazarene missionaries. It accounts for about Crisis Care Kits and/or School Paks25% of the total medical expenses (approximately$500,000). Hopefully, with increased awareness of and DECEMBER 2011 – Compassionate Ministriesparticipation in the Missionary Health Care, that amount 1st – Order your Memorial Rolls/DSAswill increase. 10th - Dave Restrick BirthdayDid You Know . . . NMI CONVENTION NEWSThough there are several insurance companies that offerworldwide coverage under their plans; The Church ofthe Nazarene has chosen to continue coverage via a self-funded plan for economic reasons. Those expenses totalapproximately $2.9 million each year.MAY 2011 - Missionary Health Care19th - 20th NMI District Convention29th – Missionary Health Care Offering It is hard to believe but it is that time again when we come together and share what the Lord has been able toJUNE 2011 – World Mission Broadcast accomplish through our North Florida District NMI. We15th – Mail in Missionary Healthcare Offering to Kansas City are looking forward to another good convention. Our{from May} speakers for this year will be one of our LINKS families19th – World Mission Broadcast Offering - Howie and Bev Shute from South Africa. I had the22nd - July 1st - Jesus Film Trip to Brazil privilege to meet them when I was in Ethiopia. We alsoJULY 2011 - International Ministry, Bible Schools, and will have the pleasure of having Allen and ElizabethSeminaries Wilson with us - our retired LINKS missionaries. Catch13th – Mail in World Mission Broadcast Offering to Kansas up with them if you need a Faith Promise speaker. TheyCity {from June} live in Bradenton and are willing to still travel and hold18th - Allen & Elizabeth Wilsons Anniversary mission services. You will hear how the growth of our
  4. 4. denomination is exploding across the African continent.Make your plans NOW to be with us as we celebrate thegood things that God has done in building His Kingdomthis year!Ministering through Missions - Susan DaDonna Nichols, President3822 Leane Dr.Tallahassee, FL 32309850-879-2342donnanic@embarqmail.comK I D Z C A M P NAZARENE UNIVERSITY BOOK SCHOLARSHIPS When? July 18-22 We have an opportunity for students attending a Nazarene University to earn Where? So. GA Church of God “book money” by applying to work at Kidz Campground Tifton, GA Camp or Middle School Camp this Who? All Kids that have completed Summer. See letter & application on 2nd-5th Grade Speaker? Pastor Ben Kesselring Why do we count Sunday School Ministries Applications can be found on District Web Site along with costs & deadlines. attendance? Sunday School statistics are collected each month with FIRST 50 KIDS THAT REGISTER GET the following purposes in mind: A FREE SWIM NIGHT To measure the effectiveness of the church at both local and district levels to reach people with the biblical For more information contact Donna message. All Sunday School ministry efforts should lead Nichols at to bringing people into fellowship with Christ by experiencing the new birth and identification with the local church. All Counselors must have a background To report growth/decline within our denomination and check within the last two years! address those trends. HURRY…..don’t delay in getting To encourage accountability from local churches to the information sent in!! district and from districts to the general SSM office. Camp needs YOU!!! And… Sunday School Counts!! Things Counselors!!! Night Watchman!!! I learned in Sunday School help me make through each Counselors!!! Lifeguard!!! day…….stories, scripture, parables, Jesus’ love for me Counselors!!! Kitchen Staff!!! And even when I don’t deserve it! These are just a few of the things I learned in Sunday School! What are YOU of course………LOTS OF KIDS!!!! passing along to the next generation to help them make it through their days?