WordPress SEO Inbound Marketing Process


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A little presentation I gave at the Melbourne SEO Meetup on July 10th 2013 about WordPress SEO Inbound Marketing Process
Also more info can be found on this topic on my site: http://petermeadit.com/blog/2013/01/wordpress-seo-by-yoast-this-will-make-a-big-difference/

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WordPress SEO Inbound Marketing Process

  1. 1. WordPress SEO Inbound Marketing Process Twitter: @petermeadit Website: petermeadit.com Twitter: @SEOMeetups Website: seomeetu.ps
  2. 2. why I use this method? ● As an independant consultant I get results ● Using the Inbound Marketing Process Works ● With WordPress SEO saves time ● Over 300 backlinks from referring domains ● Below campaign is three months long
  3. 3. what is WordPress SEO It is two things. 1. It is that act of SEO for WordPress sites. 2. It is a WordPress plugin by Yoast that takes some of the hard work out of SEO Download plugin here: http://yoast.com/wordpress/seo/ "But is it enough on its own?"
  4. 4. onsite WordPress SEO ● Onsite deals with SEO details onsite ○ optimize your pages content ○ images titles ○ meta descriptions ○ XML sitemaps ○ canonical link determine the “original” page ○ XML Sitemaps (oops duplicate content here...) ○ Robots.txt ○ and a lot more onsite optimization too
  5. 5. ● set templates for titles and meta descriptions for all types of pages ● the WordPress SEO meta box to optimize your post title and meta description ● the snippet preview shows what it would look like in Google titles and meta tags
  6. 6. Inbound Marketing Process ● Inbound Marketing 'sounds like' ● The New SEO, Link Baiting, Link Earning... ● backlinks come to you rather than hunting 1. Create great content 2. Attract Visitors to your site 3. Conversion of visitors to subscribers 4. Deliver with more awesome content 4. Conversion of subscribers into customers
  7. 7. what is great content? ● Content that will engage the visitor ● Answers the visitors question ● Well written, grammar and layout ● Flesch Reading Ease Score www.read-able. com ● easy to link to, social buttons and badges ● Find what your visitors really want to read ● includes a way to subscribe "Do the Keyword Research..."
  8. 8. do the keyword research ● Use keyword research tool of your choosing ● Many tools and methods available ● tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook/ Do your research... Looking for ● keywords with high traffic value ● keywords with low competition ● keywords that make great titles ● keywords that make great content
  9. 9. what's in the content ● All the good juicy stuff people want to see ● High quality graphics ● Useful images ● Answers to their questions Most important ● A way for visitors to subscribe ● Offer a freebie, sample or other 'hook'
  10. 10. optimize the content Now we use WordPress SEO plugin
  11. 11. start the ball rolling ● use social media and other media, tell the word you have some great new content ● visitors are happy and decide to subscribe to get the 'sample' ● Later you followup the subscriber with an special offer they can't refuse ● they already love the sample, so they buy the product Think, would this work on you?
  12. 12. measure the results Use your SEO tools to track the results, yay!
  13. 13. step by step 1. do the keyword research 2. create great content 3. include a way to subscribe with a sample 4. tell everyone about it 5. visitor's love your content and subscribe 6. followup with an offer they can't refuse "Convert happy subscribers into happy customers" fin