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WordPress SEO Getting Started


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WordPress SEO Getting Started is a handy guide to help answer some questions if you are wondering about Getting Started with WordPress SEO.

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WordPress SEO Getting Started

  1. 1. WordPress SEO "Getting started" By Peter Mead - @petermeadit
  2. 2. What is SEO...? Everybody wants to get their site found, not everyone can get into #1 spot on Google
  3. 3. What is WordPress SEO It is two things. 1. It is that act of SEO for WordPress sites. 2. It is a WordPress plugin that takes some of the hard work out of SEO and give you a start towards getting your site found. 3. it is a lot of work... oh that's three things :| But is it enough on its own? How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?
  4. 4. So you want more visits? ● You have a WordPress website but not many people visit. ● You need visitors to your site, to succeed ● You can get traffic by appearing in the SERPs - Google's result pages ● This usually does does not happen by itself ● We can use WordPress SEO plugin to help ● It will help us get onsite SEO under control ● Follow the plugin guided steps to success
  5. 5. Onsite WordPress SEO ● Onsite deals with SEO details onsite ○ optimize your pages content ○ images titles ○ meta descriptions ○ XML sitemaps ○ and a lot more optimization to boot. ● Offsite optimization considerations ○ should be done after onsite optimization ○ inbound links - 'the holy grail' ○ social media, web 2.0 properties etc. ○ bookmarking, StumpleUpon, digg, Squdoo etc. ○ it takes a lot of work == it gets a lot of traffic.
  6. 6. Titles and meta tags ● set templates for titles and meta descriptions for all types of pages ● the WordPress SEO meta box to optimize your post title and meta description ● the snippet preview shows what it would look like in Google
  7. 7. robots.txt to hide pages ● robots.txt is used by Google and other search engines to know which pages the spiders should index. ● edit robots.txt with WordPress SEO plugin. ● can control each page or post if desired.
  8. 8. Canonical ● Google introduced canonical link to distinguish the “original” page from derivative pages in your site, to avoid "duplicate content!" ● set in the settings of your wordpress site ● set it on a page level for each page if needed
  9. 9. XML Sitemaps Sitemaps are used by GWT (Google Webmster tools) ● Wordpress SEO lets you create and control details of said xml sitemaps. Tells google what is important
  10. 10. Where to from here? ● download WordPress SEO ● ● learn more: ● it is a journey, 'patience Luke...' ● Moz beginners guide ● fin