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Quality Link Building Tools and Processes

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Quality Link Building Tools and Processes

  1. 1. Quality Link Building Tools and Processes @petermeadit Including using Ahrefs, SEMrush, Whitespark, PlagSpotter and SEM Compass for quality links
  2. 2. Why care about link building ➢ As an SEO consultant, have experienced the power of link building. ➢ Link building proved powerful results for over a dozen larger clients (over $50k/mo) I have worked with. ➢ Consider links as powerful endorsements
  3. 3. About linkbuilding? ★ Internet is built on links, it makes stuff work. ★ SEO’s roles have changed, it’s now a skill set of many Online Marketing disciplines. ★ Don’t think about the link, think endorsement ★ Link Building and SEO is not for everyone. ★ Google wants best possible experience.
  4. 4. General Strategies Includes ❏ Quality - Don't think about the link ❏ Content Marketing and Link Earning ❏ Share and engage to spread message ❏ Measure your effectiveness ❏ Tools include: Ahrefs, SEMrush, Whitespark, PlagSpotter, SEM Compass, Google Alerts, Google Webmaster tools, to name few
  5. 5. Isn't linkbuilding bad? ❖ Google set a mad Penguin loose right? ❖ Algorithm changes are happening so often now, it is difficult to track. ❖ Use Algaroo, Mozcast.
  6. 6. The old days of Glory are gone
  7. 7. General guidelines ❏ Dont’s - Avoid practices that lead into link manufacturing or sculpting ❏ blog networks, widget links, profile links ❏ Sitewide links ❏ Author BIO links ❏ Don’t ask for Anchor text ❏ External anchor text followed footer links ❏ Do’s - Focus on natural links/endorsements ❏ Quality link building/earning ❏ Sharing engaging syndicating ❏ Quality outreach ❏ Go for high Authority links ❏ Nofollow links ok Eric Schmidt - Software Engineer
  8. 8. Ahrefs what is it?
  9. 9. SEMrush what is it?
  10. 10. Whitespark what is it?
  11. 11. PlagSpotter what is it?
  12. 12. SEM Compass what is it?
  13. 13. Quality links ❖ Take responsibility, reputation management - you need a good reputation. ❖ Clean your links before you get penalized. ❖ Check with Ahrefs, Majestic, SEM Compass ❖ This often involves quality outreach
  14. 14. Example outreach Be personal and polite. Hand write each outreach, and clearly explain the link opportunity. You may even engage on social media or telephone. Scaled down version (do not use as is) below: Hello <Name>, Thanks for featuring <my relevant content> on your site. I noticed it on this page <page url>. Would you please attribute my <content> with a link to my site at <site url>. Thank you, I appreciate your time. Best Regards, <Your name> <contact details> Remember, do not spam please.
  15. 15. Getting easy links Suppliers, partners, Authorities, Experts, Friends, People you know, that are happy to link back to your site. ❏ Check quality of referring site ❏ Discover good location for the link ❏ Use outreach to acquire the link ❏ Use Ahrefs, SEMrush, SEM Compass
  16. 16. Local Quality Directories,,,,,,,, ❏ Google My Business Listings ❏ Relevancy is important ❏ NAP signals matter ❏ Use WhiteSpark or SEM Compass
  17. 17. Reviews to build links Reviews are a quality indicator, and are often the first things people look for ❏ Google Reviews a person's profile ❏ Reviews link back to a business listing ❏ Business listings link to your website ❏ Use Whitespark & SEM Compass
  18. 18. Images and content links People may steal your images or other content, so get them to link to your site. ❏ Use Google image search ❏ Look for: Logos, Staff photos, Brand images ❏ Use outreach to ask for the link ❏ Use, Image search, PlaggSpotter to find content
  19. 19. Mentions for links Freshly published content, that mentions your brand or any other relevant terms. ❏ Find fresh mentions ❏ Determine if suitable for a link ❏ Use outreach to acquire link ❏ Use Google alerts, Whitespark, SEM Compass
  20. 20. Broken Links Find 404s or broken links to pages that may have been lost while moving sites, etc. then fix the links. ❏ Find 404s with Google webmaster tools ❏ Use outreach or instead 301s ❏ Find dead competitor links and acquire ❏ Use Ahrefs, SEM Compass
  21. 21. What kind of links will you build?
  22. 22. SEM Compass ❏ A special signup page with discounted pricing has been created for any of my friends wanting to try SEM Compass ❏ Note this is NOT an affiliate link, but simply a special offer for discounted pricing. ❏
  23. 23. Resources Rules of link building, Cyrus Shepard: Link building basics, Moz: How to build backlinks for SEO 2015, David Jenyns: Ten effective link building ideas, James Norquay: 5 easy link building ideas, Jon Ball: SEM Compass aggregator tools: Algoroo: MozCast: Melbourne SEO Meetup: Peter Mead: @petermeadit or