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Content Marketing Strategy and Execution by Peter Mead

Content Marketing Is the primary vehicle for increasing your digital growth, instead of doing old fashioned Link Building we now employ Content Marketing. Includes Social Media and Adwords, for reach, and Inbound Methodologies to maximize your conversions.

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Content Marketing Strategy and Execution by Peter Mead

  1. 1. Content Marketing Strategy and Execution Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  2. 2. Content Marketing Methodology ● Is the primary vehicle for increasing your digital growth ● Instead of doing old fashioned Link Building ● We now employ Content Marketing ● Includes Social Media and Adwords ● Inbound Methodologies to maximize your conversions In general the process is: 1. Create great content 2. Promote it effectively 3. Optimize for Conversions Primary goal for Content Marketing is to build online reputation and visibility Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  3. 3. Links to your site are still very important Why links are so important Google sees links as a form of endorsement What kind of links Natural links that have been earned The unhelpful links Purchased or manufactured Links Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  4. 4. How quality content attracts links The key to content marketing is earned link building 3 main reasons people link to your site: 1. Interesting & engaging content. 2. Valuable information and resources. 3. Relationship with the reader. The best links are the ones that we are surprised to get Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  5. 5. Content suited to your buyer personas Spend time analysing your intended audience Persona questions in general: ● Background - What are their daily activities, careers and hobbies? ● Learning - What are they seeking to be able to improve? ● Roles & Responsibilities - Are they business owners, or staff? ● Challenges - Do they lack of time, are they unorganized? ● Goals - What are their aspirations achievements? Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  6. 6. Appropriate content types Content most suitable for the audience personas. In many cases we begin with Articles written for your Blog ● Articles written for your Blog ● Articles on third party Blogs ● Interviews with people of interest ● Podcasts and or Vodcasts ● Slideshows and Presentations ● eBooks, reports & PDF files ● Case Studies & Whitepages ● Informational Videos ● Social Media posts & comments ● Research articles & data transformation ● Curated or Aggregated Content ● Reviews for products or services ● News Articles and Journalism ● Tools and Resources ● Templates, Plans & Guides ● Mobile Apps or Tablet Apps ● Infographics and Diagrams ● Artwork, Drawings or Illustrations ● Memes and Animated GIF’s Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  7. 7. Promotion Strategies Market and promote content so it reaches broader audiences Promotion Strategies include: ● Email Lists ● Guest Posting ● Content Syndication ● Social Media ● Viral Content ● Targeted PPC ● Targeted Outreach Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  8. 8. Link-worthy content to go viral Content that is so great: ● So link-worthy ● Lots of people link to it ● If it provides enough value Content that creates: ● A bit of a buzz ● Perhaps humorous or entertaining ● People spontaneously share and link A great way to build your brand presence Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  9. 9. Further ways to Promote Content Outreach and Relationship building A. With influential website owners B. Offer value, they may share and link C. Use lists to stay organized Leveraging Social Media A. Employ social media to enhance content marketing B. Can help the virality of our content C. Extend the reach of our audience Paying for promotion Extend reach using targeted PPC with Adwords, Facebook or TwitterPeter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  10. 10. Optimising the Conversions Basic conversion mechanisms: ● Calls to action ● We need a contact form on the site ● Easy to find and fill out ● Phone number prominent on the site ● Mobile customers can just tap the number ● Easy checkout process for shopping carts Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  11. 11. Nurture leads with Inbound methodologies Offer: ● A free consultation? ● Visitor fills out the form ● Give us their email address ● Allows us to nurture the lead ● Engage via scheduled emails ● In subtle and unobtrusive way ● Moves them down the funnel ● Until they are loyal customers (never abuse their email address) Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  12. 12. Planning and Strategy Planning content and developing strategy is essential Development of a calendar of content Schedule at least 4 to 6 months Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  13. 13. Campaign Structure and Execution - 1st month WordPress SEO Technical Setup Research and Setup: ● Website Structure ● Keyword Research ● Keyword Grouping ● Keyword Mapping ● Keyword Cannibalization ● Broken Link Analysis ● Google Analytics Analysis ● Google Search Console ● Yoast SEO Plugin ● Establish monthly reporting metrics and goals Planning and strategy: ● Develop Content Strategy & Publishing Calendar ● Research and establish content goals ● Identify Buyer Personas ● Develop contact lists for outreach ● Plan funnel lead nurturing steps On-Page Optimization: ● Blog Creation on External WordPress ● Webpage Copywriting ● Title Tag Optimization ● Meta Description Optimization ● Meta Keyword Optimization ● H1 tag Optimization ● Domain Redirect Optimization ● xml Sitemap & Robots.txt Optimization ● URL Rewrites, nofollow & noindex ● Duplicates, Canonical & Taxonomies ● Menus and Navigation ● Structured Data & Rich Snippets ● AMP articles implementation ● Calls to action ● Mobile friendliness ● Social profiles optimization ● Email schedule setup Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  14. 14. Campaign Structure and Execution - 2nd month Ongoing Content Marketing Medium-Large site: ● Less than 1000 pages ● Medium-high competition and difficulty ● Campaign 12 months duration ● Publish 4x hand written 1000 word articles ● 2x Serendipitous Content Types ● Weekly 30 min. content telemeeting ● Schedule 4 step email nurturing messages ● 4x Calls to action and Landing Pages ● 4x Posts on Facebook and Twitter ● 4x paid promotions on Adwords, Facebook & Twitter Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:
  15. 15. Timeframes and Estimates for Content Marketing Disclaimer: Timeframes are a guide based on usual volumes, competition and difficulties. However there should always be an estimation provided based on the volume required, for the campaign goals, and the client budget considerations. Final tip: Results are from execution, time is ticking, get Content Marketing Today! Peter Mead iT - @petermeadit Web:

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    Aug. 11, 2018

Content Marketing Is the primary vehicle for increasing your digital growth, instead of doing old fashioned Link Building we now employ Content Marketing. Includes Social Media and Adwords, for reach, and Inbound Methodologies to maximize your conversions.


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