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HKCBA Breakfast Seminar


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Seminar sponsored by HKCBA on Dining Etiquette in China

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HKCBA Breakfast Seminar

  1. 1. BREAKFAST SEMINAR The Chinese Banquet - How to Eat, Drink and Do Good Business Presented by: Peter Loorits, Dragonbridge Corporation China experts agree that the biggest obstacle to success in that market is not the language but rather an understanding of the culture. Business in China is much more relationship oriented than in North America yet North Americans pay relatively less attention to cultural issues than our competitors from other regions. Building relationships in China inevitably involves dining and drinking together and sometimes more can be accomplished around the dinner table than around the conference table. Knowing how to navigate the protocol and etiquette of these situations is the key toputting you at ease, to making a good impression and to success in building relationships and business. This quick overview will help point you in the right direction. After his presentation, Mr. Loorits will answer the audiences questions. When: Thursday January 27th, 2011 8:00 AM Pre-registration is mandatory Where: Offices of Fuller Landau 1010 rue de la Gauchetière West., Suite 200, Montréal Cost: Member HKCBA - Free Non-Member - $15Speaker:Peter Loorits, a founder and President and CEO of Dragonbridge Corporation and General
  2. 2. Manager of Canada-China Bio/Pharma Bridge.Dragonbridge can bridge your business to China because they are the China specialists.They help you access opportunities, manage risks and navigate the system. With alandmass twice that of the European Union, more than twice the population speakingalmost three times as many languages and with about the same numbers of administrativeregions - each with its own set of regulations and social customs - it is clear that China isvast and complex. To succeed in business with China and prevent costly mistakes, youneed more than an "Asia specialist" - you need the China specialists.Their specialists focus on training, consulting and business facilitation for their clients;they do not trade in products for their own account so there is never any conflict ofinterest. Since their first contacts in Guangzhou in 1984, they have built an extensivenetwork on both sides of the ocean dedicated to providing the best service for theirclients.Dragonbridge has fulfilled mandates in China, Canada, the US, Europe, and in Singapore.Their time-tested partners and specialists inside China and their team of North Americanconsultants and trainers provide the resources you need to succeed in the China market. To register and purchase your tickets, fill out the following form and return at Registration Form For additional information: Caroline Charbonneau, executive director, HKCBA Montréal, Tel: 514-931-6333