CANADA-CHINA BIO/PHARMA                           Canada – China cooperation:                       DragonbriDgeBRIDGE    ...
DragonbriDge Corporation                            aCting as a briDge between China anD CanaDa, DragonbriDge brings Compa...
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Dragonbridge Canada China Bio Pharma Bridge Brochure


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Canada-China BioPharma bridge facilitates access to opportunities for pharma and biotech organizations. Buy or manufacture in China to cut costs. Sell and distribute in China to access this enormous market.

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Dragonbridge Canada China Bio Pharma Bridge Brochure

  1. 1. CANADA-CHINA BIO/PHARMA Canada – China cooperation: DragonbriDgeBRIDGE the time is now!Dragonbridge Corporation helps to access The continued growth in China and its vast Corporationopportunities in China for North American internal and neighboring markets is a perfectPharma/Bio enterprises and similarly assists opportunity for Canadian companies. FACILITATING TRADE, TECHNOLOGYChinese enterprises in partnering with Canada. TRANSFER AND COMMUNICATIONOur participation at the Nanjing Pharmaceu- Dragonbridge is looking for Canadiantical Conference for Jiangsu Province enter- enterprises to: 促进贸易、技术转让和商务交流prises and the CPhI China 2009 Conference in • Expand into exciting new marketsShanghai are elements of our ongoing activity • Reduce their scientific and operationalto promote Canada - China collaboration in coststhe Pharmaceutical and R&D-oriented • Identify partners, investors, and clientsBiotechnology industries. • Move ahead of their competitionCanadian companies can benefit from Chinese: Dragonbridge is also seeking cooperation with• Innovation Chinese partners including:• Biotechnology • CROs and CMOs with foreign experience• Sourcing intermediates, APIs, equipment • Private and university research centers for• Clinical trials, Pre-clinical trials sharing of expertise and practices• Research • Chinese companies interested in partner-• Services ing with Canadians• DistributionFor Canadian companies in our Bio/Pharmaexploratory missions, the main learning pillarsare:• Scientific• Operational• Commercialization• Investment DRAGONBRIDGE CORPORATION 龙桥国际商务有限公司 P.O. Box 308, “Westmount” Station, Westmount, QC, Canada H3Z 2T5
  2. 2. DragonbriDge Corporation aCting as a briDge between China anD CanaDa, DragonbriDge brings Companies China, with its rich culture and a long history, from both siDes of the oCean together for their mutual benefit.has increasing economic relevance to everyindustry and business model. Every busi- Bridge to Canada Bridge to Chinaness needs a well-considered China Strategyand the best strategy can only be developed Chinese companies can access North Ameri- Business opportunities in China are many butthrough an understanding of China and a clear can markets by partnering with Canadian com- vary in appropriateness - Dragonbridge helpsassessment of its impact on your business. panies. Dragonbridge helps Chinese companies Canadian companies: by: • Demystify China business practicesDragonbridge - the China specialists • Identifying opportunities in Canada • Navigate regulatory and legal requirementsChina is vast and complex. We help you access • Discretely researching and validating • Master sourcing in Chinaopportunities, manage risks and navigate the potential partners and investments • Manufacture and distribute in Chinamarkets and the system. To succeed in busi- • Explaining legal and regulatory • Localize research in Chinaness with China and prevent costly mistakes, requirements • Identify investments or partnersyou need the China specialists. Dragonbridge’s • Exploring available tax benefits • Monitor best practices and competitorsspecialists focus on training, consulting and • Grouping all necessary business resources • Build a solid base for business expansion inbusiness facilitation for our clients; we do not • Bridging the cultural and language Chinatrade in commodities or products for our own differencesaccount to avoid any possibility of conflicts of These services can be provided on a projectinterest. Benefits for Chinese Pharma/Bio companies in consulting or retainer basis through various the province of Quebec include: means:Our services include: • Center for almost 50% of Canadian Bio/ • Consulting on technical issues• “Understanding Chinese culture & Pharma industry • Training in business culture, effective com- communication” training sessions • One of the lowest tax rates in North munication, refining negotiation practices• “Effective China Negotiation” courses America • Public missions for senior executives to• Developing your China business plan • Easier access to European and US markets assess opportunities in China• Business missions to China • New technologies and significant expertise • Sector-specific missions for companies in a• Market Intelligence, Partnering & • Healthy environment given field Validation • Follow-up strategy consulting and imple-• Expat preparation mentation assistance for mission partici-• Relationship management and problem pants resolution • Dedicated China-strategy implementation• M & A facilitation for selected clients to get you operational in less time and with the right approach • Full-time representation and assistance in China with your project and real-time liaison with head office in Canada