Plum Creek Courtyard Presentation November 2011


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An introduction to Courtyard housing featuring form-based design guidelines and photographic examples of great Courtyard communities from around the country.

Are you interested in bringing Courtyards to your community of municipality? If so, email us at

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Plum Creek Courtyard Presentation November 2011

  1. 1. Courtyard Living We’re introducing courtyard living to Plum Creek in a big way.Courtyard living provides a high-quality of life in myriad configurations.Courtyard configurations, like the homesalong them can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.The attached slides illustrate this variety. The high numbers of courtyards being built in hugely successful TND neighborhoods like Stapleton Denver, Baldwin Park Orlando, Mueller Austin and Hometown Aurora speaks to the demand and desirability of this
  2. 2. Top 5 Reasons for Courtyard Living#1) Courtyards appeal toSINKS, DINKS, families with preschoolersand empty-nesters.#2) 80M+ future Gen Y homebuyers prefercompact, walkable communities with lessmaintenance and more lifestyle.#3) Courtyard construction requires lesspublic infrastructure making them moreeconomic than conventional housing forcities to maintain over time.#4) Courtyards will add variety to the localhousing market making Kyle moreattractive to a wider range of buyers.#5) Courtyards increase the amount ofopen space and decrease the amount ofpavement.
  3. 3. Pasadena, California
  4. 4. Pasadena, California
  5. 5. Pasadena, California
  6. 6. Amelia Park, Jacksonville, FL
  7. 7. Amelia Park, Jacksonville, FL
  8. 8. Amelia Park, Jacksonville, FL
  9. 9. Amelia Park, Jacksonville, FL
  10. 10. Cottage Courtyards, Seattle
  11. 11. Cottage Courtyards, Seattle
  12. 12. Cottage Courtyards, Seattle
  13. 13. Cottage Courtyards, Seattle
  14. 14. Cottage Courtyards, Seattle
  15. 15. Chico, California
  16. 16. Hometown Aurora, IL
  17. 17. Ladera Ranch, Mission Viejo, CA
  18. 18. Chico, CA
  19. 19. Ladera Ranch, CA
  20. 20. Ladera Ranch, CA
  21. 21. Ladera Ranch, CA
  22. 22. Ladera Ranch, CA
  23. 23. Hometown Aurora, IL
  24. 24. Hometown Aurora, IL
  25. 25. Hometown Aurora, IL
  26. 26. Hometown Aurora, IL
  27. 27. Early sections of Stapleton Denver featured very few Courtyards. Current sections (pictures here) are over 50%Courtyards designed in a wide variety of configurations.
  28. 28. Stapleton, Denver
  29. 29. Stapleton, Denver, CO
  30. 30. Stapleton, Denver, CO
  31. 31. Stapleton, Denver, CO
  32. 32. Stapleton, Denver, CO
  33. 33. Stapleton, Denver, CO
  34. 34. Mueller Austinfeatures numerous Courtyards in a variety of configurations
  35. 35. Mueller Austin
  36. 36. Mueller Austin
  37. 37. A small section of Courtyard homes exists in Plum Creek today. Future sections will feature additional landscaping, hardscape and benches.
  38. 38. Our proposed definition of a Courtyard is as follows: “Courtyard [means] an arrangement of single family attached and/or detached residential unitsin which the front of units (except for the end groups of units) generally face each other with one or two sidewalks between them that are more or less perpendicular to a public or private street.“
  39. 39. Our proposed Courtyard regulations are as follows: Setbacks and Lot Standards OS R-1 R-2 R-2 R-2 R-2 R-2 R-3 DUPLEX COURT DUPLEX 1 2 DETACHED ATTACHED YARDSETBACKS: front (excluding porch) 15 15 15 15 15 15 4 15 10% of 10% of 10% of width or width or width or Min 5 Min 5 Max Min 5 side 10 Max 7.5 7.5 Max 7.5 5 0 0 15 rear unit 10 25 10 10 10 25 0 10 rear garage 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 5MIN LOT AREA 3,500 6,000 6,000 7,200 3,600 2,500 2000 6,000MIN LOT FRONTAGE 35 50 50 60 35 25 30 50MIN LOT DEPTH n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a NA n/aMIN CUL-DE-SAC FRONT n/a 30 n/a n/a n/a n/a NA n/aMAX. PER LOT n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 36 / acreMAX. BLDG HEIGHT 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 60
  40. 40. We also propose form-based design guidelines for successful Courtyards:The following should be added to the site development regulations for Courtyard Residential in Ordinance 311 after the “g” provision: h. Each Courtyard shall have a “gateway” (examples: trellis, fencing, and/or landscaping). I, Each Courtyard shall have a gathering place with a minimum of 4 chairs or 2 benches. j. The Courtyard sidewalk(s)shall be the following minimum width for at least 70% of the length: i. Single sidewalk: 5’ ii Double sidewalk: 4’-6” k. Each dwelling unit shall have a front porch or front patio having an area with a minimum depth Of 5’ and a minimum length of 7’.
  41. 41. A proposed Plum Creek Courtyard These planned Courtyard homes are built along a landscaped Greenway. The Greenway serves as a central gathering place with thematic landscaping. The central Greenway was originally conceived as an expensive boulevard. Redesigning the boulevard as a Greenway improves livability and saves money and long-term maintenance expense.
  42. 42. Courtyard in frontGarages in back A proposed Plum Creek Courtyard
  43. 43. In Search of Courtyards• As illustrated by the photographs in this presentation, Courtyards can be designed and built in myriad configurations to serve myriad buyers.• The physical design of functional neighborhoods fosters relationships, community and value.• Pocket Neighborhoods and Courtyards are an excellent solution for infill sites.• LoomisBurton is actively seeking new sites for Courtyard developments and communities interested in promoting them. • For more information contact us at