WW2 timeline


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WW2 timeline

  1. 1. WWII Timeline Assignment<br />Sept 1, 1939- Invasion of Poland. When Nazi Germany invaded the Poland and attacked them very quickly without warning. The German went there so they can destroy the communication and transportation systems from the air.<br />Sept 3, 1939- Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany. 1 week later Canada declares war on Germany, they did this because they wanted to prepare before they fight.<br />Sept 10, 1939- Canada wants to declare war on Germany, that’s when the battle of the Atlantic begins. This battle was the longest continuous military of WWII<br />Sept 17, 1939- Soviet troops entered Poland and begin their invasion of Poland from the east. It happened when the Germany came to attack the Poland, when that happened Soviet knew that there were no defence on the east, which is why it’s easy for soviet to get into the Poland’s area.<br />April, 1940- German troops invade Denmark and Norway in a very quick movement, because they have known that Norway was strategically and economically important to Germany and the allies. Germany troops invaded Norway by sea and air. The Germans thought they could use Norway to help them to organize their economy. <br />May 10, 1940- Winston Churchill becomes the new prime minister of Britain, replacing Chamberlain. Germany invades Netherlands (Holland). Netherland surrender to Germany, for day’s later Germany invaded Belgium. The allies were planning to use neutral nations Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherland for an attack on Germany. Hitler invades the low countries which is the poor country.<br />June 13, 1940- Pittsburgh in the defence program. Industrial leaders met with public officials to plan mobilization of Pittsburgh district resources for the nation’s defence program. In order to get involved in the nation’s defence program, they also would involve payments of $5,000,000,000. U.S president Roosevelt spent $1.3 billion for the defence program.<br />June 22, 1941- Germany invades Soviet Union (Russia). This happened because Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Germany, he wanted to rule the world. The reason that Hitler invaded Russia because he wanted to control of the Russian oil fields so they could spend less money for all the equipment that they used for war.<br />Dec 7, 1941- Pearl Harbour is located in Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese. Japan attacked Pearl Harbour because the U.S is the one that supply oil to Japan. It also happened because at the time Japan was invading China so they need oil for their transportation to go to war. <br />Dec 26, 1941- Manila declared an open city. It was called open city because manila is nearly destroyed by the Japanese so they decide to call Manila as an open city so that they could avoid war. They also recommended to all the countries to do the same so there would be no more war. <br />August 19, 1942- Battle of Stalingrad. The Battle of Stalingrad took place in Russia. This was a battle between Germany and its allies fought over the Soviet Union so they can control the city of Stalingrad in south-western Russia. The reason why they both fight over the city of Stalingrad because it was a huge industrial city on the Volga river, they also have a bunch of oil.<br />July 10, 1943- Invasion of Sicily. The Invasion of Sicily was located in Sicily Italy. Over 160,000 allied troops land in Sicily. During the invasion of Sicily, an American cargo ship hit by a bomb from a German plane and its cargo of munitions explodes of Gela, Sicily. The allies wanted to invade Sicily because they have good soil and the allies wanted to take over that.<br />June 6, 1944- It was also known as D-Day. The western allies invaded northern France because it’s close to Germany. If they had invaded somewhere else like Greece, Denmark, or Norway they would have to move their troops much farther to reach Germany.<br />Feb, 1945- Bombing of Dresden. The bombing of Dresden was a military bombing by the British Royal air force, and the United States army air force, and also part of the allied forces. While they are fighting more than 1300 heavy bombers dropped, 3900 tons of high explosive bomb. The result was more than 15 square miles of the city centre were destroyed. They wanted to declare war on Germany because they don’t want Germany became too powerful, and they wanted to have peace.<br />May 7, 1945- Nazi Germany surrenders. Nazi Germany’s World War II campaign legally came to an end. It happened when German general Alfred Jodi signed the formal surrender document in Reims, France, as Nazi Germany surrenders to the allies.<br />August 6, 1945- Atomic Bomb. The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by the first atomic bombs. The first bomb named little boy, that exploded 1900 feet above the courtyard of Shima Hospital. 140,00 people had died. The second bomb called “fat man”, it exploded over Nagasaki, Japan. 70,000 people had died. The United States, Britain, Canada and Europe were the one that invented the atomic bomb. They did this because they wanted to end the war. <br />August 14, 1945- Japan surrendered to the allies. Japan finally surrendered to the allies after almost six years of war. At that time the Japanese situation was desperate. The major cities were destroyed by atomic or attack the numbered of people who died is quite lot. <br /> <br /> <br />-7810502428875-609600-581025 This picture represents how the manila had a great idea to avoid war, instead of fight for nothing. They called it open city so a country that had been struggled can come to their country. Open city is place where you help each other, to have peace. As a result an open city is the best place to live with. <br />This picture represents people that work together can achieve their goal. This picture is related to WWII because it shows how the United States and Britain work together as a partner to get rid of the Nazi German, and they successful. The picture says “together we can together we will” it means that if we work together we will achieve the goal that we want. As a result work together with a partner is not an easy job to do because we have to put some efforts to it in order to achieve our goal. <br />