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Full Group Antalya - handout social media workshop 2012


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Handout social media for hoteliers - a workshop by Full Group Antalya and Peter Langela.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Full Group Antalya - handout social media workshop 2012

  1. 1. Peter Langela @peterlangela social media: toy or tool? does your hotel benefit from social media?copyright © 2012 by Peter Langela
  2. 2. 3 internet trendssearch mobile social media
  3. 3. search• Four billion searches a year on Google are for hotels• 32% of all hotel bookings begin with a search on Google• Google drive SEOs In Panic Mode
  4. 4. mobilemore mobile internetusers than desktopusers in 2012Morgan Stanley Researchmobile devices will overtake PCs as the most commonWeb device for research and bookings by 2013 (Google projection, 2012)
  5. 5. it’s all about social media!
  6. 6. what is social media? online applications where:1. persons communicate with other persons2. persons create the content3. persons share knowledge, information and opinions
  7. 7. and why use it?
  8. 8. social media is in the DNA of hoteliers• used to have direct customer contact• used to word of mouth marketing
  9. 9. online review reputation and revenuethe link between an online review reputation andrevenue is increasingly clear “1 point increase in a review score equates to a 9% increase in average daily rate (ADR)”
  10. 10. social media more effective than a website“The manpower once devotedto the site is being redirectedtoward the department’s socialmedia assets, which useTwitter, Facebook andYouTube”IIP Deputy Assistant Secretary Duncan MacInnes called it a shift to a“more proactive” web engagement strategy
  11. 11. more people ignore 1-way communication
  12. 12. it’s all about trust
  13. 13. it’s all about trust
  14. 14. you can listen instead of shoutingwith social mediayou canlisten &interact
  15. 15. cost effectiveover27 millionfans ononesocial mediaplatform
  16. 16. your competitors are (will be) there! … so be there as well!!
  17. 17. the Digital IQ Index
  18. 18. L2 digital IQ index: Travel April 26, 2011 by L2 thinktank for Digital Innovation
  19. 19. L2 digital IQ index: Travel April 26, 2011 by L2 thinktank for Digital Innovation
  20. 20. weblog social bookmarking microbloglet’s take a look to social media video social sharing networks photo location sharing sharing collaboration
  21. 21. weblogonline live journalshare information andexpertisebuild your image as anexpert
  22. 22. weblogonline live journalshare information andexpertisebuild your image as anexpert
  23. 23. microblogfast and easy updates withshort messagesspread news fastgenerate engagement andwebsite (shop) traffic
  24. 24. personal social networkconnect with friends andbusiness associatesconvert friends and fans tocustomerspages for business use(marketing and communication)
  25. 25. professional social networksocial network for businessprofessionalsexpand your network viayour relationspermanent onlinebusinesscard and CV
  26. 26. location sharingshare location by check-in give incentives to visitors to loyalcustomerscommunicatie with personsin your venue
  27. 27. social bookmarkingtag and sharebookmarks online as much web traffic referral as Twitter Pinterest is now generatingHas over 18.000.000 userscreatethat right: TEN MILLIONyou read interest boards80% of the users are womenI expect as Pinterest moves out of limited beta that the gender curve will even out a bitfind interesting andrelevant sites(and have your site found)
  28. 28. hotel review sites• review and rating hotels• customers share opinions, compliments and complaints• manage your online reputation
  29. 29. photo sharingshare pictures with friendsand business contactsbuild a central picturearchive / re-use on websiteand social networksredirect to website andfacebook
  30. 30. video sharingpeople like watching videowell indexed by Googlere-use video on website andsocial media (Facebook)redirect to website andfacebook
  31. 31. wow!72 hours of video uploadedevery minute4 billion views per dayamong most used sitesworldwide
  32. 32. smart TV YouTube via theinternet connected remote controlYouTube conquer the livingroom
  33. 33. YouTube results in Google
  34. 34. … impressive, most impressive
  35. 35. your audience
  36. 36. you know the urlyou search via Google social content in Google index
  37. 37. creators Creators they produce the social content The Social Technocratics LadderTM critics Critics react on other peoples content. collectors Collectors organize content for their own use or for others joiners Joiners active joiners of social networks spectators Spectators consume sociale content inactives Inactives don’t consume nor produce any social contentgroups contain persons who are at least once a month active in this group
  38. 38. The Social Technocratics LadderTM
  39. 39. and what about Klout?
  40. 40. Klout: measuring your social influenceHow Klout helps you: social media has democratized influence• Do others trust your opinions online?• What topics are you the most influential on?• How do you compare with your network?
  41. 41. z
  42. 42. hotel review sites
  43. 43. hotel review sites
  44. 44. why should I respond to reviews? 2010 Q4 Forrester/TripAdvisor Custom Online Survey
  45. 45. what should I say?• thank the reviewer• apologize if something went wrong, -> and say how you’re following up (and do it!)• If a review is offensive or irrational, you may choose to disregard it• Intel’s social media policy; -> responding to “the Good, the Bad, but not the Ugly”.
  46. 46. how can I cope with bad reviews?• realize that: “At some point every business receives negative criticism, sometimes unjustly so” -> it’s hoteliers (not travellers) who obsess over bad reviews• criticism adds authenticity and sets expectations• show leadership: -> listen, learn, support your team and soldier on
  47. 47. how can I improve my rating and ranking?• quality and volume of reviews• recent reviews have greater weight than old reviews• the only sure way to increase ratings: -> exceed guest expectations time and again• keep your listing up to date and complete• … and don’t be shy about asking for reviews
  48. 48. false or fake reviews according to Daniel Edward Craig• Post a response to diplomatically set the record straight – Inaccurate information is often the result of a misunderstanding rather than mean-spiritedness – never accuse a reviewer of dishonesty• TripAdvisor has a zero tolerance policy for fraud and has sophisticated tools for detecting it – never post fake reviews!
  49. 49. 10 social media tips
  50. 50. 1. what’s in a nameregister your name(before someone else does!) choose your real and meaningfull name
  51. 51. 2. make a shortlist of tagschoose relevanttags in your tweets, blogs,video’s and messagestest en maintain your tagswith Google Insightuse your tags
  52. 52. 3. shorten, share, and track linksmore space in microblogseasy to measure and trackcustomize links for optimalsearch engine indexing
  53. 53. 4. first listen – then talk
  54. 54. 5. talk on the right moment
  55. 55. 6. never ignorerespond to questions,mentions , compliments andcomplainsreact allways and fast(and do it polite)give attention like ina real shop
  56. 56. 6. never ignore
  57. 57. 7. use toolsschedule tweets and postsmonitor and measure clicksand usersCoTweet, SocialSprout,TweetDeck and many others
  58. 58. 8. give a presentvisitors like gifts and‘free’ thingsgive a whitepaper, itunesvoucher or ebookin return for a ‘like’
  59. 59. 9. call to actionconvert visitors andfollowers to customersuse the Like buttonmake clear what youwant
  60. 60. 10. visit ;-) thank you! tessekür ederim! @peterlangela © 2012 by Peter Langela