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Financial Viability of Photovoltaic Solar Technology

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Financial Viability of Photovoltaic Solar Technology

  1. 1.  A pioneer in the fields of telemedicine and medical imaging, Peter Killcommons founded the website TelMed to provide clients with a secure platform for the viewing, communication, and storage of electronic medical data. Additionally, Pete Killcommons holds a special interest in solar technology and is currently exploring the development of more affordable and effective photovoltaic solar technology.
  2. 2.  A safe form of energy that releases no greenhouse gas emissions, photovoltaic technology utilizes solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Among the numerous advantages of photovoltaic energy are its abundance and widespread availability; in just one hour, the sun radiates enough energy to cover a year of human energy consumption.
  3. 3.  While the initial investment of solar panels is relatively high, prices have drastically decreased in recent years and are predicted to continue falling as the technology becomes more widespread. Low operation and maintenance costs contribute to the financial viability of photovoltaic panels, while government subsidies in the form of tax credits also provide financial incentive to adopt photovoltaic solar technology.