Elton pickford - corporate executive brief


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Elton pickford - corporate executive brief

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Elton pickford - corporate executive brief

  1. 1. Corporate Executif Brief Do you want to engage in Business Model Innovation ? www.elton-pickford.com
  2. 2. Who we areElton Pickford is a leading consulting firm specialized in Business ModelInnovation.Our customers are large corporations recognizing the necessary investmentin Business Model Innovation. We provide premium consulting services andunique experience workshops with a sole objective of improving client’scondition.Elton Pickford is a facilitator and helps industry leaders to reinvent theirbusiness and explore opportunities for growth and new performance. Today, reinventing its business models is not an option anymore. It is a pathfor a sustainable and growing leadership.Our ApproachElton Pickfords ambition is to re-invent what consulting means to deliverunmatched value for industry leaders.We are driven by the following principles:WE ASSIST, YOU INNOVATEWe engaged companies with the mindset of process advisor leveraginginside expertise. You are the experts of your own industry, and we help youunleash all the innovations potential and make it happen.  "You have the key to your own success."HIGH VALUE SHORT TERM ENGAGEMENT, LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPBecause time to market is so critical today, we consider that ourengagement should have a maximum impact in a minimum of time. We donot deliver long and boring reports, we are in business to make yousuccessful in business model innovation as fast as possible. Moreover, rather than training we believe in education, which entailspractice and mentoring. In this context, long term relationship becomes astrategic enabler to grow your innovation leadership."Making YOU successful in Business Model Innovation"
  3. 3. CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIPGlobal Enterprises are well aware that their internal DNA will, in alllikelihood, fight against any rapid and disruptive innovation initiative (theso-called organizational anti-bodies). We embrace Business Modelinnovation by providing you with a protective environment for you toinnovate and incrementally create your own definition of entrepreneurship."Your capability to execute is our success"
  4. 4. CustomersOur customers are large organizations recognizing the necessary investmentin Business Model Innovation. Their currents challenges might take the formof several objectives: ‣ Establishing new revenue streams in a comprehensive way and aligned with their current structure, ‣ Improving the way they capture value (margin expansion), by leveraging strategic assets and market dynamics, ‣ Creating new customer value with innovative partnerships to develop market share in a highly competitive market, ‣ Tackle with past R&D investments that could find product/market fit in the current environment, ‣ Analyzing the potential of future M&A and streamlining the integration process, ‣ Facing important industrys transformation and re-invent the way they go to market and their value proposition, ‣ Developing an internal competencies and organizations maturity around business model innovation, ‣ Increasing the success rate of innovation whilst decreasing the time to market by benefiting from early customer and market insights.Our customers aspire to create, deliver and capture value in new way thatwill ensure the future success of their company in very turbulent times. Thanks to our customers
  5. 5. Services Business Model Innovation« Elton Pickford helps corporations to meet tomorrow challenges bygrowing their innovation leadership, and providing industry expertiseon Business Model » 
  6. 6. Corporate EducationGrowing leadership in Business Model innovation starts with Education. So, Change the rules of the game: Experience a full immersion in designthinking & corporate entrepreneurship and start looking at your businessdifferently.Executive Business Model Innovation (1 day)This workshop is designed for executives and provides key insights on how tointegrate Business Model Innovation initiative as part of their programportfolio. This workshop is based on extensive research and industry casesthat enable leaders to apprehend the level of opportunity present in theirorganization.Business Model Generation (2 days)This workshop provides a core team with the tool kit to design innovativebusiness models: This is a unique experience to immerse yourself in designthinking applied to business.Customer Development Process (2 days)How to become a corporate entrepreneur? Get Out of the building.... Thisworkshop aims at establishing the likelihood of your business modelsassumptions and learn as fast as possible if your value proposition satisfies aclear customer need or problem.
  7. 7. Business ExperimentsEngaging in Business Model Innovation initiative can be challenging for anyorganization. We believe that the best way to achieve rapid  results is todesign practical experiences around company strategic concerns. We callthem Business Experiments.  Fast Track Challenges Two weeks to make a difference !We offer a comprehensive set of pre-packaged engagements (Fast Tracks)that enable rapid execution while learning.R&D Challenge:Leverage unexploited R&D investments and design & prototype innovativebusiness models that generate new revenue streams.Strategic Partnership Challenge :Identify quickly value added partners who can complement your valueproposition whilst providing you access to untapped markets.M&A Challenge :Analyze your future acquisition, merger, spin off thru the lens of BusinessModel; and anticipate point of frictions and opportunities by prototypingpotential scenarios.Customer Insights Challenge :Find out what are your customers main concerns & problems in their livingcontext. Identify precisely what are the expected  "jobs to be done" thatyour product or service should satisfy to meet market success.These Fast Track Challenges provide rapid return and are deployed in lessthan 2 weeks. Some re-requisites are necessary, however we can adapt toyour needs  Customized Engagement :Our consulting engagement focus on "making you successful in BusinessModel Innovation". With a standard methodology, we help you to Frame,Design, and Test innovative Business Models according to your priorities andconstraints.Whatever objective you might have. Could it be financial, market, productor resource driven; we help you in defining a roadmap to rapid success andmake it happen.
  8. 8. Industry watchWe provide organizations with critical insights on innovative business modelsused in key industries. Industry Cases : ‣ Business model innovation explained thru specific and detailed company cases.Industry Trends : ‣ Key trends in Business Model Innovation by industrySpot News : ‣ Stay connected with the latest news in your industry and the competitive landscape.
  9. 9. Do you want to engage in Business Model Innovation ? worldwide@elton-pickford.comAbout Elton-PickfordElton Pickford is a leading consulting firm specialized in Business ModelInnovation.Our customers are large corporations recognizing the necessaryinvestment in Business Model Innovation. We provide premiumconsulting services and unique experience workshops with a soleobjective of improving client’s condition.Elton Pickford is a facilitator and helps industry leaders to reinvent theirbusiness and explore opportunities for growth and new performance. Today, reinventing its business models is not an option anymore. It is apath for a sustainable and growing leadership.www.elton-pickford.com Elton-Pickford is an innovative service provided by Castlegrey SAS 3 rue Chauveau-Lagarde 75008 Paris - France Téléphone : + 33 (0)9 50 69 96 46 contact@elton-pickford.com Copyright © 2012, Elton-Pickford & Castlegrey SAS