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Five in Five Presentation Style


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New '5in5' presentation format. Similar to Petcha Kutcha and Ignite, but more fun. Five slides in five minutes, with a moderator. Created for Converge+UK evening events.

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Five in Five Presentation Style

  1. Five SlidesInFive MinutesIntroduction to the new ‘5in5’format from Converge+UK. Peter Thomson
  2. PROBLEMPetcha Kutcha presentations (20slides in 7 mins) are fun. But theyare too fast paced to be enjoyablefor the audience (or the presenter). Peter Thomson
  3. SOLUTIONConverge+UK simplified the formatbut kept the high energy of the“speed presentation” style. Focuson the presenter’s story, notthe slides! Peter Thomson
  4. FIVE SLIDES Five slides is enough to cover the key points of a topic. It suits a casual evening event like Converge+UK with drinks and casual networking. Peter Thomson
  5. FIVE MINUTES Five minutes allows for multiple speakers. One minute per slide is a good length for storytelling and anecdotes. Peter Thomson
  6. TOPICS Works best with personal war stories or anecdotes about your quirky/creative side-projects. No shop talk, no pitching, no conclusions and “takeaways”. Peter Thomson
  7. APPENDIXExamples:- 5 things we can learn about creativityfrom Movie Westerns.- 5 things I learned about eCommercefrom traditional Vietnamese proverbs.- 5 lessons for entrepreneurs frombees. Peter Thomson
  8. EG: CREATIVITY & MOVIE WESTERNS Confidence Short And Silence prompt for anecdote Interesting topic Big Image Peter Thomson
  9. EG: ECOMMERCE & VIETNAMESE PROVERBS Short Thông minh prompt for " anecdote •  Do"what"you"must"with"what" you"have" •  E.g."Chánh" Interesting –  Solu8on:"in:house"delivery" topic –  COD!" Big Image Peter Thomson
  10. EG: ENTREPRENEURSHIP & BEES Short Communication prompt for anecdote Interesting topic Big Image Peter Thomson
  11. EG: CREATIVITY & BOUNDRIES Short prompt for anecdote Interesting topic Big Image Peter Thomson
  12. NEXT STEPS How to do your own #FiveinFive presentation: About the author: Peter Thomson
  13. CREDITSConverge+UK is a series of evening events to bring togetherdesign, business and technology. The group also brings togetherthe divergent world of startups and enterprise.Klaus Bravenboer, Tim McCready, Peter Thomson - Converge+UKSallie Bale, David Clare, Dan George - Converge+UKNeil Tierney - Presenter, The future of healthAlfie Dennen - Presenter, Creativity at the boundariesMat Morrison - Presenter, Coding & visualising statisticsJonathan Horner - Presenter, 5 movie westerns & creativityAlex Dalyac - Presenter, 5 Vietnamese proverbs & eCommerceAlex Butler - Presenter, Five lessons from bees for entrepreneurs Peter Thomson