Oil free bakeries presentation v5


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Oil free Bakeries Presentation.

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Oil free bakeries presentation v5

  1. 1. “Oil Free Bakeries”
  2. 2. Presenters Lars Bryndum • Chief Executive Officer Mackies Asia Pacific Glenn Denny • Sales Director Mackies Asia Pacific Ciaran McDermott • General Manager Australian Surface Treatment
  3. 3. Oil Free Products TIONS APPLICA
  4. 4. OIL VERSE OIL FREE PROPERTIES Bread Ingredients & By-Products of Baking R R R F F F F F F Si O Si O Si O C C C C C C R R R F F F F F F Oils Silicones Fluoropolymers1 - 5 Cycles 200 – 400 Cycles 2 000 – 4 000 Cycles needs oil in addition
  5. 5. Value Proposition to Bakeries VALUE PROPOSITION TO BAKERIESFluoropolymer Coatings … Completely eliminate the need for greasing Improve Bakery Hygiene and Safety Improve Bakery Productivity Improve Quality of Bread. Also Healthier Bread.Allow Bakery Plants to save Daily Cash !!!`
  6. 6. DuPont Scientist, Dr. Roy Plunkett, discovers Teflon® PTFE in 1938 Teflon® is a Brand NOT a synonym for PTFE Teflon® is a registered trade mark of DuPont for its Fluoropolymer based products
  7. 7. TEFLON® S OF ROPERTIEThe outstanding properties of Teflon® Outstanding Properties of Fluoropolymer coatings in corrosion management Non-stick Low friction Non-wetting Heat resistance Unique Cryogenic Chemical electrical stability resistance properties
  8. 8. Value Proposition• Completely eliminating the need for greasing• Improving bakery hygiene and safety• Enhancing bakery productivity• Making better bread quality• Enabling bakery plants to save costs IN OUT Smooth Process Flow
  9. 9. Baking - Complex OperationFocus on the Baking Process Abrasion Abrasion
  12. 12. The Oil Free Bakery WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS ?• Cleaner bakery environment• Reduced Work Health and Safety issues• Reduction in labour and maintenance costs• Improved product quality• Less customer complaints• Cost savings due to no oil• Reduced fire hazard• Improve Bakery Hygiene• Improve Bakery Productivity• Less cross contamination• Better compliance to Nutritional content• ETC
  14. 14. The Oil Free Bakery$$ BENEFITS FROM THE OIL FREE BAKERYGeneral Data resulting from the use of Fluropolymer Coated BakewareDescription of Benefit Savings ($) per day per week per year Reduction in bakery cleaning time - based on feedbacka. from bakery staff; up to 2 hours per day 40.00 280.00 14,560.00 Reduction in bakery maintenance costs i.e. less maintenance on exhaust fans, no repainting ofb. walls/ceilings etc. 10.71 74.97 3,898.44 Reduction in lost or wasted products by 50%. Industry average is 2% of turnover (based on $18,000.00 perc. week) 25.72 180.01 9,360.26 Cost savings due to no oil, based on 2 cans of oil sprayd. per day 4.30 30.10 1,565.20 Labour saving due to not having to apply oil to bakewaree. - based on feedback from bakery staff - 1 hour per day 20.00 140.00 7,280.00 Total 100.73 705.08 36,663.90
  15. 15. OIL FREE BAKERY: ROI The data used in the table is based on: •feedback from the bakery staff; •experienced gained in other similar bakeries using Fluoropolymer coated bakeware; and •the following assumptions - weekly turnover of bakery is $18,000.00, $20.00/hour labour, maintenance costs, cost of oil at $2.15/can, waste of 1% of turnover (based on industry average of 2%), initial cost of silicon pan set of $15,000 and initial cost of Teflon pan set of $25,000.
  16. 16. The Oil Free Bakery HOW TO ACHIEVE BENEFITS ?• Use bakeware designed for and coated with a Fluropolymer coating• Maintain your bakeware• Handle and Store your bakeware in an appropriatemanner
  18. 18. EXIST) NITIES DO OPPORTU H ALTHOUG INCLUDED NOT GOODS (SWEET UCTS PROD OF TYPEBuns and Rolls Bread LoafsFlat trays, mostly coated with PFA Strong market shares in Europeand/or Hybrid PTFE / PFA Used to be coated with pure FEPStrong demand in the US and in other Hybrid FEP / PFA systems as a newregions reference. Frozen, Bake-Off GoodsBaguettesPopularity is increasing globally Rapidly gaining popularitySilicon rubber is a reference Most prevalent at in-store and artisan bakeries
  19. 19. Bun Tray NEEDS SPECIFIC ES / CATEGORI BAKING Dry Release + Maximum Abrasion resistanceSandwich Bread Pan Dry Release + Maximum non-stick performanceArtisan Bread Pan Dry Release + Maximum Temperature resistance + Maximum abrasion resistanceCroissant Tray Dry Release + Excellent non-stick performancePie Tray Dry Release + Maximum Temperature resistance + Maximum abrasion resistance + non-stick performanceBaguette Tray (artisan) Dry Release + Maximum Abrasion resistanceBaguette Tray (Plain) Dry Release + Maximum non-stick performancePizza Tray Dry Release + Abrasion resistance + Low Coefficient of frictionCake Tin Dry Release + Maximum Permeation resistance + Maximum non-stick performance
  20. 20. RESISTANCE TO ABSORPTION & PERMEATION Bread Ingredients & By-Products of Baking Absorption Permeation R R R F F F F F F Si O Si O Si O C C C C C C R R R F F F F F F Oils Silicones Fluoropolymers1 - 5 Cycles 200 – 400 Cycles 2 000 – 4 000 Cycles needs oil in addition
  21. 21. Most of the coating used are multiple layers with ARY MM SUdifferent functionsIndustrial Bakery coated Bakeware is a severe end use Fatigue due temperature cycling Mechanical fatigue due to difference dilatation factors between the metal and the polymers Permeation: water vapors, acids, salts….. Abrasion Scratch Outstanding non-stick properties The Chemistries of Oils, Silicones and Fluoropolymers are Fundamentally Different Of the Three, Fluoropolymer Bakeware Coatings : Best Resistance to Permeation of Bread Chemicals Subtantially Higher Longevity in Service
  23. 23. What is crucial for a coater to knowWhat do you hope to achieve(KPI’s) from the coating?What type of product you bake?What type of Bakeware do you use?What is the environment the coating is going to perform in?What do you currently use as a release agent? Oil Paper / baking liner Silicone coating Fluoropolymer coating
  24. 24. Cheap no problemTray cost $20Premium coating $25.00Total cost $45.00Tray cost $20ordinary coating $12.00Total cost $32.00Or half the coating thickness = half price.
  25. 25. The Oil Free Bakery TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM BENEFITS FROM FLUOROPOLYMER COATED BAKEWARE1. Use the correct Fluropolymer for your product2. Correct application of the selected Fluropolymer3. Correct use of the Fluropolymer coated Bakeware
  26. 26. Q. and perhaps A.?? THE OIL FREE BAKERY