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Australian trends ASB

  1. 1. Local Trends AustraliaInsert Date Here
  2. 2. TRENDS 1. Antioxidant scoring – A growing number of people who are grasping the idea that the more antioxidants you consume the healthier you will be 2. Positive nation – The power of the feel good factor appeals to shoppers fed up with doom and gloom. 3. Just a handful of ingredients – Simple home cooking with just a handful of ingredients is best. 4. Official foodies – Being a foodie becomes trend 5. Quality and price – consumers are rediscovering the true meaning of value, not necessarily cheaper prices, but quality. 6. Sustainability trend sustained 7. Going veggie for the environment but still craving meat - meat flavours will be more prominent to compensate. 8. Fibre focus - Consumers still eat way below the recommended level of fibreInsert one sentence summary about each slide or local call to action eg. “Canada’s favourite food company”
  3. 3. Trends1. Simplified and local food - The use of less ingredients, naturally produced and locally produced food.2. Small households, big convenience need and portion control3. Ethnic foods – more Mexican and African• Digestive health – a mega-trend moves beyond the tipping point• An intrinsic health benefit that’s also convenient• Feel the benefit – the most powerful marketing message• Energy – a world of untapped opportunities• Fruit and superfruit – the future of food and health• Antioxidants – big in America, dead in Europe?• Weight management• Healthy snacking• Bones and movement• Putting in “good” additives instead of taking out nasty ones – now in restaurants as well as the home - omega-3 and plant sterols, antioxidants and probiotics
  4. 4. Trends1. Keeping it Real – a return to basic ingredients. Simple, clean, cheap & sustainable home cooking.2. Food Vetting - people are asking where their food comes from.3. Mainstreaming Sustainability - In 2010 we’ll see people and companies becoming sustainable for authentic reasons; they are doing it to make a difference.4. Food with Benefits - Expect food to have nutrients added or have the word “free5. Sustainability6. Nutritionally balanced children’s dishes7. Half-portions/smaller portion for a smaller price8. Farm/estate-branded ingredients9. Gluten-free/food allergy conscious
  5. 5. Global trends a top 15• Digestive Health – a mega trend• An intrinsic health benefit that’s convenient• Feel the benefit-the most powerful marjketing message• Energy-a world of untapped opportunities• Fruit and Super fruit-the future of good health• Antioxydants-big in America dead in Europe• Weight management portion control• Healthy snacking• Packaging and Premiumisation• Bones and Movement
  6. 6. Global trends contd• Grains Oats Barley• Omega 3 a fresh start• Immunity –a claim hard to justify• Cholesterol lowering Kids Nutrition