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E group main presentation Perth 8 Nov 2016


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Presentation by Pete Cooper of The Start Society (StartSoc) to eGroup WA (a tech consortium) about tech startups, going global successfully, the shoulders of giants (industry foundations and ecosystem).

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E group main presentation Perth 8 Nov 2016

  1. 1. Going Global Pete Cooper The Start Society eGroup Perth 8 Nov 2016 #startoz @startsoc
  2. 2. “We can’t be the biggest but we can be the best connected.” - Pete Cooper 2009 On the Australian and SE Asian Tech Startup Ecosystem
  3. 3. Pete Cooper @pc0
  4. 4. Pete Cooper @pc0 The Start Society Cooper & Co SydStart (now StartCon) Fishburners iCentral by StartSoc Macquarie Bank Rothschild Standard Chartered Bank Australian Securities Exchange Mentoring nearly 20 yrs and 30yrs + in tech Helped hundreds if not thousands of startups
  7. 7. Take a breath now. Preliminaries over. Three sprints in this talk.
  8. 8. Background Assumed knowledge
  9. 9. 68% Active internet users globally are in the Perth Time Zone 61% on Australia's East Coast
  10. 10. Device Explosion 5-10 per person
  11. 11. Tech Startups ‘Disrupt All Niches’ Digital Creative ‘Serve’ IT ‘Serve’ New Tech Giants ‘Disrupt at Scale’ Deep IT ‘Serve’ Non-Tech Giants ‘Traditional Industrials’ New Technology Landscape Guide Battlefields Dimensions… Disrupt vs. Serve Product vs. Service At Scale vs. Niche Deep Tech vs. MVP Non Tech vs Tech
  12. 12. Take a breath now.
  13. 13. Shoulders of Giants 10 Leaders
  14. 14. 2016
  15. 15. Mary Meeker KPCB
  16. 16. Prof. Clayton Christensen - Disruption
  17. 17. Alex Osterwalder - Business Model Canvas Lots of other canvas tools too
  18. 18. Sheryl Sandberg - Lean In Book, Facebook
  19. 19. Paul Graham - YC, Blogger, Geek
  20. 20. Steve Blank - Customer Dev, Blog, Pre-Lean
  21. 21. Gartner Magic Quadrant (Eugene A Hall)
  22. 22. Jeff Bezos - CEO/Inventor, Amazon & AWS
  23. 23. Anand Sanwal - CB Insights Check out, gust, f6s, techcrunch, crunchbase, cooper & co. and marlin & assoc. too
  24. 24. Everett Rogers
  25. 25. Lean Startup Machine Trevor Owens
  26. 26. So Many Others But Start With ... Brad Feld - Startup Communities Dave McClure - 500 Strong / 500 Startups Guy Kawasaki - Apple, Canva Eric Ries - Lean Startup Melanie Perkins - Canva Mike Cannon-Brookes Atlassian Adeo Ressi - Founder Institute
  27. 27. Malcolm Turnbull - Entrepreneur, PM Well, at least we are talking about it...
  28. 28. Why be born global? (and How) Global Focus - Mick Liubinskas
  29. 29. ‘Secrets’ Global success patterns for tech startups
  30. 30. Ten Patterns for Global Success Born Global. Team / Diversity. Global Standards. Defacto Standards. Get ahead. Stay there. Ecosystem. Contribute & win. Design Business. Profile / PR / Messaging. Investors are more than money. Global Aussies working together.
  31. 31. Besides... You don’t have a choice!
  32. 32. 1. Born Global Not as hard as it seems. Niche selection is key. Early monopoly.
  33. 33. Example: Smallest Workable useful feature set. MVP. Focus Take stuff out Building is hard, build less, test/prioritise more.
  34. 34. Pain Markets A very good place to #start More more valuable clients
  35. 35. One segment loves me. And there are a thousand more … Investor love
  36. 36. Ambition Are you leading with and aiming too low? 2% Local traction is not enough
  37. 37. 2. Team Diversity Mandatory team asset. One degree of separation to new city/country rollouts Australia exceptional location for diverse teams. Rapid validation of new ideas cross segments.
  38. 38. 3. Global Standards Global standards create global playing fields. Global standards create global network effects. Global standards create global ecosystems. E.g. SMTP, SMS, Web, Cloud, VR/AR?
  39. 39. 4. Defacto Proprietary Standards As per true standards. Some unfair advantages. Can be disrupted.
  40. 40. 5. Get & Stay Ahead Get connected. Get insight.
  41. 41. +45 other major markets… from health to home security and everything in between. They will come to your industry. Not just online and now local Every industry globally
  42. 42. 6. Ecosystem Takes one to fight one. Hive vs. Network. Founders vs Enablers. Educators. Investors. Communities. Independence.
  43. 43. 7. Design for market Acquire. Be acquired. Compete. Partner. Hybrid.
  44. 44. Potential trade sale not just IPO
  45. 45. 8. Profile PR. Marketing. Messaging.
  46. 46. 9. Investors More than money.
  47. 47. Cool kids with cash.
  48. 48. 10. Global Aussies US Aussie Mafia. Niche communities. Cool. Also… democracy, diversity, hyper connected, food, languages, culture, force of law, education, transparency, quality of life, thousands of beaches, safety, no guns, amazing alliances and location in fast growth region.
  49. 49. 11. Besides... You don’t have a choice. Too small. Too local. You have to go global.
  50. 50. Compare China America Australia 60x pop 1x just in Shanghai 15x pop 1x just in Greater NYC 80% geo
  51. 51. Early Stage Dilution - Another Reason or maybe THE Reason. Meeting investor expectations $200K $1m $5m 20% 10x … 10% 20x 90% fail so rest have to really perform
  52. 52. I’ve got great traction in Sydney and Fiji Global investor yawns.
  53. 53. $100m recurring revenue per annum in just a few years. 4m daily active users.
  54. 54. Who So who is going global? Practical Examples
  55. 55. Who So who is going global? StartSoc Members
  56. 56. Thanks eGroup WA
  57. 57. “We can’t be the biggest but we can be the best connected.” - Pete Cooper 2009 On the Australian and SE Asian Tech Startup Ecosystem
  58. 58. Pete Cooper @pc0