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Latest history of the office complex in the IDCNY building in Long Island City. office utopia Nyit New York idcny long island city.

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  2. 2. BEFORE IDCNY Before IDCNY, the creative class was imprisoned by outmoded work structures. As technological restraints loosened, some escaped the cubicle only to be more lonely working out of residential units. Freelance nomads roamed in futility from one coffee shop to the next trying to find an environment conducive to both work production and good social health. Designers were organized into small rival factions. Apart from occasional assemblies in the form of lectures or conferences, the creative class remained safely dispersed and controlled.
  3. 3. The Design Center was inevitable. Developments like it had been taking shape at smaller scales in other parts of the world. 12 years ago, 3 firms bought a building in Long Island City. In the years to follow they w would devise the perfect office environment uniting the design community in he harmony and power. ny
  4. 4. THE LIBERATED DESIGNER The Center has become a beacon of freedom and collaboration inspiring similar developments throughout the city. The IDCNY designer is no longer fastened to a static restrictive environment. The IDCNY designer can move about, customize the accommodations, and collaborate with anyone. Member firms pool resources and operate with an independence previously unheard of. Behold they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. Nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them
  5. 5. The 900,000 square foot interior of the Center has been renovated into a highly versatile system with specialized facilities dispersed throughout. Amenities include, but are not limited to, fabrication shops, physical fitness facilities, storage, a restaurant/bistro, a hotel, a material library, presentation and exhibition galleries, refreshment pantries, two extensive roof gardens, parking, and an adjacent park.
  6. 6. VISITING THE CENTER GROUND FLOOR <shops <coffee bar <townhouses <stairs and elevators <assembly hall <main gallery <galleries 1-7 <meeting pods <staging area <classrooms <garden follies <shrubbery MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: -fitness club access -storage and shipping address -access to fabrication shops -voting rights at meetings -Wi-Fi -24/7 access to the building -access to similar facilities world wide The Nomads are resettling. The exhibitions and coffee bar attract the thousands each year. When visitors get a taste of the atmosphere and realize what the facilities and camaraderie can do for their career, they make the move to membership. IDCNY membership costs the same as quality NYC gyms. Discount rates are available for larger firms.
  7. 7. ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL NEVER BE A VICTIM OF THE BUILT FORM The IDCNY pioneered the open bay system. With the many furniture and partition solutions offered, almost any work environment can be arranged, modified, moved, expanded.... Controls on columns let you adjust lighting, temperature, muzak, white noise, or pink noise. There is no reason to not love the place where you work. You made it.
  8. 8. ALL THE LATEST ACCOMMODATIONS 2009 IDCNY FURNITURE LINE TYPICAL FLOOR PLATE ^elevators and stairs ^special facilities ^rest rooms ^office services ^open bay system ^dinosaurs Each floor comes equipped with what every office needs, and more. You will find that this year’s furniture line solves many of the issues members expressed last year. For those accustomed to working with our classic system, we have the full array of earlier models in the basement.
  9. 9. SPACE SERVED HOT + COOL boundaries between hot & cool everything in it’s right place cool space heating up hot space cooling down At IDCNY, we try hard to anticipate the resources and solutions our members might need. For needs we expect to occur often, permanent facilities are in place and running. For contingent spatial needs, the open bay system is ready to adapt and accommodate almost anything. We call highly defined need-specific places hot space and the low definition versatile space cool space. When the need that a hot space accommodated isn’t as prevalent, it can cool down and become part of the versatile area. When furniture is arranged in cool space to accommodate a sustained event, it can be said to have heated up.
  10. 10. WHAT MEMBERS ARE SAYING: FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FLOOR: FACILITY: FOLLY: 5th Laser 3-D shoppe Center desk I work for 4 or 5 firms, going wherever I am needed. The variety of projects and people I work with make for an extremely accelerated learning experience. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by this place, but that is better than past internships where I was extremely underwhelmed. -Jeffrey Park, Architectural Intern FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FLOOR: FACILITY: FOLLY: 3rd Office services Sun deck!?! I moved my company here 4 years ago. IDCNY memberships for my people are cheaper than what I was paying for rent. We are enjoying all the big firm amenities; the big mock-up shop, the lunchtime seminars, the free food, the storage and shipping. The friends I’ve made in other industries here are like inhouse consultants. LOVE IT. - Jane Holtzbaum, Founder of Party I. D. FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FLOOR: FACILITY: FOLLY: ? 6th Galleries Mine Whenever I’m in New York I love to stay in the sign. If I can’t sleep I just put on a light show. This place is fantastic for giving presentations and lectures. The exhibition spaces can be adapted to give any effect I want. - Anonymous Starchitect
  11. 11. REMEDIES TO ABSOLUTE FREEDOM Even with the open bay system and special facilities in place, the Center still needs more. It is difficult for members to express what is missing, since all physical needs are met. Members are encouraged to propose permanent and semi-permanent installations to address this common concern. Proposals come from a wide range of theories and ideas. All are considered, but few gain the necessary support to be manifested.
  12. 12. INITIAL ATTEMPTS The first installations came 7 years ago. Screens streaming conversation starters were installed in 9 of the 18 elevators. Color screens linked to the big sign video feed were set up around the building. Designers began to put together flash slide shows of their latest influences to play on the scattered screens. The IDCNY decided to put in a seventh staircase. A proposal for fiberglass dinosaur stairs was presented, passed, and fabricated on site.
  13. 13. SUBURBAN BLISS On the 6th floor 3 houses stand in a row piercing the ceiling into the 7th floor. Fences and astroturf complete the arrangement. The designer who did the installation declined to comment for this publication. He gave a presentation entitled ‘Territorialism Inoculation’ last fall to accompany the opening of the houses. We have seen members hold meetings in the living rooms, make models in the kitchen, sleep in the dining room, pump CAD in the attic, and even throw an old fashioned house party.
  14. 14. CENTER DESK A certain member was granted space to build his proposal of a centrally located assembly space with alcoves and more permanent desks. When IDCNY deemed the finishes to be too expensive, he financed the project with his own firm. Feeling justified by his spending, he tried to privatize the space soon after completion. This broke the IDCNY contract and he opted to leave the center. Now his desk is open to be used by whomever gets there first in the morning.
  15. 15. READ ON THE TRAIN A pair of gradually sloped stairs separated by double sided bookshelves link the 4th and 5th floors. The paths are bounded by seating boxes and clad with brushed aluminum. The design came after an outside consultant determined that IDCNY members did not read enough and should be more sociable. The library was made as an effigy to the familiar symbol of both social anonymity and print media; the train.
  16. 16. Behind our jumbo-tron sign is a fully equipped office suite hotel. Guests enjoy spectacular views of the skyline through the slats of LEDs. An interface is provided to allow guests to take turns manipulating the video feed.
  17. 17. SUN DECK OPEN BAR Latest in the works is a proposal for multi-level balconies on the south facade. The decks will act as sun shades, house water filtration equipment, and maybe have a PV cell or two. The proposal is especially popular among members who smoke. One of our more popular installations is the open bar. Depending on which entrance you choose, you could be the tender or the tenderized.
  18. 18. SCREENING ROOMS On the fifth and sixth floors we have a room with a big screen. Smaller multi-media equipped rooms hang off the sides. Members prefer any of the various big screen configurations over the conventional crowd-around-the-laptop scheme.
  19. 19. LASER 3-D SHOPPE One of our more practical firms took on this one. The problem came with a set of physical requirements; hvac, machines, display cases, etc. According to the designers: “The first priority was the practical function of the space. Only after we finished did we realize that putting the entrance in the display case made a poetic statement equating the product designer with the designed product. Also, after everything was done, we were amazed that a form generated purely from functional concerns could turn out so damn sexy.”
  20. 20. VOID OF THE UNBORN PROJECT At the south end of our high roof garden is an exact replica of some old Greek temple in Turkey. Inside we have dedicated a void in the floor in the name of the ideas that we haven’t had yet.