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Vice Seeks 24-Hour News Channel


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Peter Getty on the tremendous 20-year growth of Vice from a free magazine in Montreal to a media empire with (potentially) a 24-hour news station.

Published in: News & Politics
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Vice Seeks 24-Hour News Channel

  1. 1. 7/25/14 HBO’sVice Seeks 24-Hour News Channel By Peter Getty
  2. 2. HBO’s embedded journalism program Vice hasn’t become a cultural phenomenon…yet.
  3. 3. Vice sends journalists to some of the most dangerous places on the planet, from Sudanese rebel camps to escape parties fleeing North Korea.
  4. 4. The reporting stands out in stark contrast to most news media, cutting through mainstream news tropes. Vice makes a bee-line directly to the heart of major global issues.
  5. 5. Vice began in 1994 as a free magazine in Montreal. Now they have the HBO show, a film production company, a record label, and a publishing imprint.
  6. 6. Chief Executive Shane Smith is now being courted by 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, and Disney.
  7. 7. Smith is an outspoken critic of mainstream media, but he has reasons to consider teaming up with the enemy – he has big plans for Vice. Even though the television show has only 22 episodes under its belt, Smith wants Vice to have its own television network, as well as a movie deal arrangement.
  8. 8. Teaming up with Disney would be a bizarre move for Vice, which has cultivated a brand of being an outsider. Journalists lack the sheen of the mainstream press.
  9. 9. Remember when Dennis Rodman visited North Korea?! That was Vice.
  10. 10. Time Warner has reportedly offered Vice control of a cable channel, essentially giving them a 24-hour news channel.! The issue is that Time Warner value Vice at $1.5 billion.! Smith thinks it ought to be closer to $2.5 billion.
  11. 11. Will Vice be able to maintain their mission of delivering ‘News from the Edge?’ as a part of a major corporation?
  12. 12. “It’s not like we’re beggars coming cap in hand saying please give me a network. We’re bringing Gen Y, we’re bringing mobile, we’re bringing social, we’re bringing all of these things that they don’t have.” –Shane Smith, Vice