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Health Insurance in Dubai – A Sneek Peak


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An international health insurance is a advisable thing to do when you need to buy a health insurance Dubai.

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Health Insurance in Dubai – A Sneek Peak

  1. 1. Health Insurance in Dubai
  2. 2.  An international health insurance is a advisable thing to do when you need to buy a health insurance Dubai. To the nationals of Dubai as well as the expatriates Dubai provides health facilities at a very minimal cost or even free of cost. The reason behind the same being that the population of Dubai is very scarce and as a result there is less pressure on the health care system of Dubai. The medical infrastructure of Dubai revolves around the American mission hospitals which operate on a public, private basis. There are hospitals that provide part free facilities also. Even though Dubai has good medical facilities a medical insurance is a highly recommended. International health insurance will help you to get the health insurance facility on the go. Though health insurance is not at all mandatory in Dubai , it is not fully free for outsiders. Outsiders have to get themselves a health insurance or they have to get a health card from the DOHMS. The reason behind getting the card being, the public hospitals would not treat outsiders without the health cards and only in case of emergencies, not otherwise. When buying an insurance, you have to know what would be the best insurance for you. There are companies in Dubai that provide individual insurance as well as group insurance.
  3. 3.  The individual insurance plans in Dubai include many different plans as follows: Repatriation Plans – The facility works well with the repatriates as it has the facility wherein you can manage the treatment which is not locally available can be taken at your home country. Dental care Plans – Dental problems are very likely to happen to everyone and hence it is advisable to have a dental health insurance done. Maternity plans – There are chances of complications during maternity, hence maternity plans are also another advisable health insurance.
  4. 4.  There are many other plans also provided by different insurance companies in Dubai. But, before buying any kind of health insurance you have to from any health insurance company or broker you need to keep a few points in mind. Never buy a policy without knowing all the details about any health insurance. The terms and conditions of the policy, the whole process of claim the policy, the benefits of the policy and the cover provided, definitions about the policy and the member services. All these points have to be studied thoroughly before finalizing on one. So, look before you leap so that you get value for your money and that too without much hassles and tensions.