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Btyfc new fees (2)


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  • Although the single fee is attractive to most, there is an overwhelming need to be able to manage, track individual players appearances to ensure those who do not play an average number of games get a credit. We are going to stick with the current subs and match fee structure for another season ( with higher rack prices). In the meantime we need to understand how burton joyce manage their single fee as a whole but specifically on this player appearance issue.
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Btyfc new fees (2)

  1. 1. DRAFT FOR COMMENT<br />New Club Membership Fee Proposal 2010/11<br />What do I need to do?<br />Read this document and give feedback to Chris Branson by the 20th June for sign off on or before 21st July 2010. Help BTYFC communicate the new scheme prior to 31st August.<br />Why the need for change?<br />The current quarterly scheme works well for training subs collection but the burden of match fee collection still falls with the Manager.<br />There is a current terminal downward trend in the volume and depth of volunteer engagement – we need to recognise BTYFC volunteers.<br />There has been a terminal downward trend in fundraising, sponsorship and donations that have previously offset costs.<br />Our costs have increased by 35% over the last 5 years but our subs charges have not – we became smarter at collection, which helped stave off increases in previous years.<br />Unless BTYFC changes its approach it’s the players, volunteers and our community who will suffer.<br />Facts & Figures<br />Match fee collection is a match day administration headache for time pressed volunteers<br />New Butt Field facilities cost much more to run that the old “Pavilion”<br />Each year approx. £5000 of training and match fees remain unpaid – a lot of time is spent chasing this up and much remains as “Bad Debt”.<br />Last year we spent £8000 on kit and equipment in July and August putting serious pressure on cash flow.<br />Club Fees have not changed for six years – yet our costs have gone up significantly.<br />Club overheads in 2004/5 were £28,000 in 2009/10 they were £38,000 – a 35% increase.<br />Proposed New Scheme<br />Combine training and match fees into one Membership Fee<br />Old FeeNew Fee£ Increase% IncreaseEldest SiblingUnder 6s£88£87- £1- 0%U7-U18£124 *£141+ £17+ 14%Younger SiblingsUnder 6s£66£65.25- £0.75- 0%U7-U18£93 **£105.75+ £12.75+ 14%<br />* assumes 18 games @ £2 per game<br />** assumes 18 games @ £1.50 per game<br />Discounts5% Electronic Payment10% VolunteerU6s (Eldest sibling)£4.35£8.70U6s (Younger siblings)£3.27£6.51U7+ (Eldest sibling)£7.05£14.10U7+ (Younger sibling)£5.28£10.56<br />Why two different rates?<br />Under 6sU7 to U18No pitch feesNo kit costsNo official’s chargesPitch feesKit costsOfficial’s charges<br />Financial Incentives<br />Standing Order and upfront (annual) payment of fees attract a new 5% discount<br />Younger siblings continue to receive a 25% discount<br />All official BTYFC volunteers can apply for an additional 10% discount<br />How payments are made<br />One upfront payment in September or three equal instalments in September, January and April<br />Benefits of the new scheme<br /><ul><li>Releases match day volunteer time back into Football
  2. 2. Incentivise and reward official BTYFC volunteering
  3. 3. Make the full cost of membership more transparent
  4. 4. Recover increased running costs
  5. 5. Incentivise upfront/electronic payments reducing admin time and potential bad debt.
  6. 6. Removes confusing quarterly payment scheme
  7. 7. Improves cash flow – particularly at the start of a season</li></ul>Potential Issues<br /><ul><li>Requires a BTYFC Club Bursar on all match days to collect receipts and pay match day officials.
  8. 8. Any increase in fees is always met with resistance!
  9. 9. Will require effective communication and justification</li></ul>When<br />New scheme would come into force for 2010/11 season (1st September).<br />First payments due in September, subsequent instalments will be due in January and April (start of new school terms).<br />How<br />Notification sent to Managers and Parents 22nd July and message re-enforced during registration<br />New Standing Order mandate forms available from website<br />Existing standing orders need cancelling AFTER 1st July (last instalment of current scheme still needs collecting).<br />FAQs<br />Q.I have two children with the club, one in Under 9s and one in Under 12s – what will my new charges be and how does this compare to last year?<br />A.Your previous fees would have typically been £217 for both children including match subs (£88 + £66 + £36 + £27). Your new fees will be £246.75 – if you were to pay up-front or by standing order your new fees would be reduced to £234.42.<br />Q.Same as above, but I’m also a dedicated BTYFC official volunteer – what will I pay now?<br />A.If you paid by standing order your new fees would be reduced by a further 10% which means you would pay £209.76.<br />Q.Why are you putting up fees – the Club has plenty of money!<br />A.Fees have not changed for over 6 years and our costs have increased significantly over that time, particularly now we have our fantastic new facility. The Club’s previous savings have been invested in the establishment and enhancement of our new facility and any remaining reserves are needed for day-to-day club financing.<br />Q.Why are the youngest players paying a lower fee?<br />A.The youngest players do not play in matches and as such we do not have to pay for playing kit or pitch fees.<br />Q.If my child is not selected to play in a match or misses a training session will I get a discount or reduction?<br />A.No – the number of training sessions and matches in a season are not related to the fees charged.<br />Q.My child is injured or unable to take part in training or matches for an extended period of time, will I get a discount or reduction?<br />A.Most likely, yes – it will depend on the circumstances and length of time away from football. Your Squad Manager and/or the Club Treasurer will be able to advise at the time.<br />Q.What is “an Official BTYFC Volunteer”?<br />A.A Manager, Assistant Manager, Club Coach, Officer or RSR holder.<br />Q.Why are facilities costs higher – surely Butt Field is making loads of money?<br />A.A £1m facility is not cheap to run – over the last 12 months a massive fund raising effort by Butt Field Sports Club bridged the gap. We must put our facilities we worked so hard to get on a sound financial footing to ensure it’s continued good state.<br />Q.Why are you favouring standing order payments?<br />A.Handling cheques or cash payments is extremely time consuming, most community organisations now insist on standing order payments because of this. Standing order payments reduce the potential for bad debt and make the club finances much easier to manage because payments are made regularly on predictable dates.<br />Q.How do I setup a standing order?<br />A.If you have access to electronic banking this is very simple to do, alternatively use the standing order mandate form on the club website and send this to your bank. Please always remember to include your family reference number with any payments – otherwise we won’t know who its from!<br />Q.I don’t have a bank account, how should I pay my Club Fees?<br />A.Payments should be made to the Treasurer (address on the website) or to the Club Bursar on match days.<br />Q.I cannot afford to pay my fees.<br />A.Please raise this with your Squad Manager or other Club Official (whichever you prefer) who will discuss other options with you. No child will be excluded from taking part due to financial hardship.<br />