Batman Dark Knight Slot game at Royal Vegas Casino


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Batman Dark Knight Slot game at Royal Vegas Casino

  1. 1. Microgaming has the rights to Batman thanks to agreement with DCEntertainment.With the soon to be released Dark Knight Rises movie creating a massive hype Microgaming hasreleased news of a future Batman Casino game.This is the most exciting online casino news we have heard all year, Microgaming have signed anagreement with DC Entertainment for the rights to super hero legend Batman aka The Dark Knight.Microgaming has long been the leader in online casino software development; they have set the bar foronline casino games and have released some of the most popular and remarkable slot games played today.If you are a fan of the Tomb Raider or Lord of the Rings games then you are going to appreciate the newBatman Slot game. Microgaming really upped the slot game levels when they released Tomb Raider andLOTR now it’s up to them again to release a new game of this high caliber and a Batman slot game couldbe just the solution.The Batman Slot machine game is expected to have sound effects and images from all three of ChristopherNolans latest Dark Knight movie trilogy. Players can expect this Batman Slot game to be dark, broodingand menacing just like the Dark Knight character.Microgaming always release slot games with exciting bonus feature games that help players get lost in thefeel and theme of the game, with a new Batman Slot this will be easy as there are so many optionsavailable from all the plots and twists in the Dark Knight movies, think of characters from the past likeJoker and Two face also future villains from the new movie like Bane and Cat Woman.With the Dark Knight Rises movie expected to be in cinemas this July, we don’t have too much longer towait. Hopefully this Batman slot game will be released hot on the heels of the movie maybe even acombined launch? If you want to stay up to date with the latest news on the Dark Knight Rises movie,future Batman games or any Batman updates make sure you keep we did.