The Hero's Journey in London


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The Hero's Journey in London

  1. 1. The Hero’s Journey Discover how to earn Your Money, doing what You Love inLONDON
  2. 2. Travel in a worldcity and meet your heroes and heroines who earn their money doing what they love. They will inspire you to create your own legend. From London with love Peter de Kuster Founder of The Hero’s Journey with Rachelle Wessels
  3. 3. Starting Your Journey; at The Royal London
  4. 4. Starting Your Journey; at The Royal LondonThere is no such thing as a Santa Claus – and there’s certainly no such thing as theperfect career. That’s what many people really think, and it’s sad, because thereare plenty of rewarding, challenging and fulfilling career opportunities that allowcreative people to use their gifts and be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.Those who settle for less than the best simply haven’t found the right job – yet. Youcan have it all when it comes to a creative career – if you know how.With the re opened The Royal on Regent Street David Chipperfield shows oncemore what creativity and courage can bring you in business. Awesome.The fact is that most people hate their jobs. They would rather be doing some-thing else – anything else. It doesn’t have to be that way. What if I told you thatyou would never have to work another day in your life? Would you be interested?When you find the right fit in a career, it no longer feels like work. You wake upevery day excited about how you earn your living. This perfect harmonizing ofyour talents, skills, personality and work style creates a passion and a desire as wellas a feeling of contentment that is worth more than gold.It can be yours, if you will read this travel guide of LondonYou can start your journey with the Royal.The challenge of this journey is that the creative business is very different from otherbusinesses. To get ahead, you sometimes have to zigzag to the top. Let the storiesof creative heroes and heroines of London show you when to zig and when to zagto make the most of the opportunities out there.Finding contentment in your career is a lot like looking for treasure. A golden egg.Using a map of London you embark on a journey, an adventure in search ofyourself. The thing is, there isn’t a golden (or orange) egg waiting for you whenyou get to the spot marked ‘X’ on the map. The buried treasure is within you. Thepursuit of the gold (or the goal) is the reward. Because, when it comes to a career,there is no ‘there’ there. It is all a quest. Enjoying the quest is what success is allabout.
  5. 5. David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Lou Reed on their quest in Café Royal The truth is, you can be your wonderful self and still get ahead in the business world. This travel guide of London will help you manage your career using a wholeThis is the age of opportunity for the creative person. Innovation and ideas are – brain approach that takes advantage of the way you are, without forgetting thegold. Ridicule and red tape are being replaced with respect and rewards for the way the world works.clever and creative person. The business environment is changing, and changing The Hero’s Journeyfor the better – for you. Are you ready for these exciting times ahead?This travel guide of London will put you in a position to prosper. What parents, tea-chers and bosses might see as problems (sloppiness, habitual tardiness, short atten- It’s time to move on, move up, and move out with a new mission. The Hero’s Jour-tion span, nonconformism) can actually be hidden assets in the search for work in ney is about taking charge of your destiny so that no idiot can controle your fate.a rewarding and interesting creative career. Most books are very thorough when it comes to identifying and informing youIntuition, emotion, divergent thinking, daydreaming, thriving on chaos, big – pic- about the problems and pitfalls of a creative career.ture thinking, cleverness, open – mindedness and an ability to play and have fun What they lack, however, is the what the hell am i supposed to do about it? part.are virtues in the right setting. I decided to make the Hero’s Journey travel guides about real life heroes land heroines of past and present who visited the Royal like Oscar Wilde, HC Wells andElisabeth Taylor frequented the Royal in her thriving days – shooting ‘Cleopatra’ Conan Doyle with heavy on concrete tips, anecdotes and lessons to be learnedand loving Richard Burton from them.Even so, it’s not exactly easy to build a career in the creative business world. You You already know the problems and pitfalls of a creative enterprise and career.have to be able to deal with rejection. It is a part of everyday life for the creative You deal with them every day. So let’s start our journey and tackle them. I’ll try toperson. ease up on the theoretical stuff and instead offer many stories of creative heroes and heroines with their practical real life strategies, applicable tips and techniques.There is also that funny feeling that you don’t quite fit in – and you don’t. Anunconventional person with unconventional ideas you are often seen as imma-ture, temperamental, moody, difficult, distracted, irresponsible, and irrational.
  6. 6. New creative careers and enterprises are popping up all the time. There has neverbeen a better time to strike out on your own. This is your time to shine as a crea-tive person. The future looks bright. Many of the current trends favor your preferredmode of operation – self – realiance, zigzagging to the top, rapid change, multi-tasking, chaos, adaptability, intuition, training and retraining.This travel guide will show you how to find your career niche, and then how to earna living doing what you love. You will learn how to overcome the challenges thecreative right brainer faces, and how to make your nature and your creativity workfor you. You’ll learn how to market yourself even in a crowded marketplace, sur-vive and thrive in the battlefield that is entrepreneurship. How to be your own bossand work for others, take the ‘free” out of “freelance”, rise to the top without step-ping on too many toes, and use your natural abilities to find a perfect pitch andharmony in your work world.The Hero’s Journey is in reality about your life. There is a direct, undeniable cor-relation between your career and your life. It’s less about what you do for a livingthan what you can live with doing. Finding fun and fulfillment at work spills over intothe rest of your life. Without it, your health will suffer, your creativity will suffer, yourperformance will suffer – and so will everybody around you. You don’t need to livethat way.If you are thinking of giving up on a creative career and getting a “real” job, stopright there. When you settle for less than what’s best for you, you instantly get lessthan you settled for. Don’t sell yourself short. The regret will eat you up inside. Don’tmiss your chance; it may be right around the corner. Instead, get going and gofor it – be bold. Use the strategies of heroes and heroines in London to give you anadvantage.Don’t let others push boulders in your path and fill your head with facts like “mostbusinesses fail in the first year,” “It’s too competitive out there,” “there are no(dancing) jobs” “you don’t have enough experience or talent, “ “ you have noagent,”. It’s bad enough that these insecure and misinformed people are tellingyou why you can’t succeed. It’s worse if you believe them. Don’t let anyone talkyour dreams down.One of places full of the hero’s journey stories in London is the Royal.A place larger than life.This travel guide through London is for creative people in all walks of life – carpen-ter or composer, dancer or painter, poet or musician, philosopher or travel guide,magician or designer, architect or writer, actor or account manager. It isn’t meantto apply to just the glamour jobs; whatever form your creativity takes, you can ap-ply these stories.
  7. 7. For everyone who tells you “you can’t make a living doing that” there are hund-reds and thousands of examples of creative heroes and heroines in all the citiesof the world who found a way to turn something they thought was fun and wouldeven do for free into a fulfilling life and career.I will help you as your travel guide to take your powerful creative energy and har-ness it, and you will beat the odds, making a living doing what you love to do.Your life will become a hero’s journey story.Your StoryFew people know what they want when they grow up, and even fewer creativepeople want to grow up. Maybe you won’t discover your true calling until you test-drive several dream jobs and work with some rolemodels. Isn’t it better to testdrivethem, using that incredible imagination of yours than waste years on a dead-end-job? One of the key things you’ll work on here is defining what you want to do (notfor the rest of your life, but what you want to do now) and eliminating the careersthat aren’t a fit.The choices that lead to a life of creative expression and financial security are herefor the making. The catch is that creative careers are often unconventional and insome cases completely unchartered. The challenge is that there are a million dif-ferent things you could do.The key to success in any career is clarity. Becoming clear about who you are andwhat you love is the first part of this travel guide through London. Then how to getwhat you want is covered in great detail. It’s hard work, but this is your chance toreinvent yourself. Don’t let it pass you by.
  8. 8. From London with love Peter de KusterFounder of The Hero’s Journey with Rachelle Wessels