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Turning Your Social Networks into Donations


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
  • we care earth the student of nepal and creating awareness on climate change.
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Turning Your Social Networks into Donations

  1. 1. Fundraising in Social Networks? (A.K.A. Integrated Nonprofit Marketing in the Wired Age)
  2. 2. Justin Perkins Heather Holdridge •We work for •Care2 is a social network full of 9 million do-gooders. •We help nonprofits political groups do List-growth, Advocacy, Branding, and YouTube Campaigns on Care2. •Care2 recruits millions of people for nonprofits annually •
  3. 3. Be Prepared Are you ready to quickly reach several hundred thousand people who trust your organization?
  4. 4. Be Prepared for Katrina-like Moments •Care2 had largest animal activist list •Recruited 5000 new donors •Raised $205,000 for American Humane in one week