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Company Presentation C E Li


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Company Presentation C E Li

  1. 1. Connecting-Expertise Get a grip on Contingent Workforce Value Proposal April 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Setting the scene Connecting-Expertise Contingent Workforce Our solution Partners Summary/next steps
  3. 3. Setting the sceneDefinitions: VMS: (Vendor Management System): Web-based application that acts as a mechanism for business to manage and procure Contingent Workforce. Typical features include sourcing, contract management, ordering, consolidated billing and significant enhancements in reporting capabilities outperforming manual systems and processes. MSP (Managed Service Provider): the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations. Marketplace: The Internet allowed marketplaces to thrive by connecting buyers and sellers allowing them to trade goods and/or services. The formation of online marketplaces often occurs quickly in response to social or economic trends. Contingent Workforce: Group of non-permanent workers known as freelancers, independent professionals, temporary contract workers, interim labor, contractors or consultants. CWM is the strategic approach managing an organizations CW in a way that it reduces the companys cost in the management of contingent employees and mitigates the companys risk in employing them.
  4. 4. Connecting-ExpertiseOur profile: Software company, with a focus on processes related to working with contingent labour Founded in 2007 (, independent, privately-held 3 partners Peter De Buck: Sales & Mktg at Service Providers; Procurement (sourcing) at Euroclear, Elia, … Ludo Wijgaerden: Sales Mgt at Software & Telco companies; Alliance Management Patrick Verrept: Functional design; interim labor front-office (Randstad & Tempo Team); VMS implementations (e.g. Fieldglass) Low overhead - maximum leverage
  5. 5. Connecting-ExpertiseOur customers & users: Software actively used in 10 European countries Profitable growth from the start > 900 suppliers, > 1750 users using the software > € 490 Million annual spend 100% client retention
  6. 6. Contingent WorkforceContingent workforce is important… 10% of a company’s workforce is contingent labour; in 2 years this will likely be 15% 59% of companies spend over € 35 million on contingent labour 100+ different suppliers on average to source contingent labour 55% of companies view contingent labour as high value to support business objectives 76% of companies do not have a contingent labour workforce strategy Sources: 2010 Contingent Buyer Survey by Staffing Industry Analysts; Aberdeen Group June 2010
  7. 7. Contingent Workforce…imposes various operational and tactical challenges… Spend Reduction and control Improve service to internal client find the right consultant, at the right moment, at the right price offer solutions for increasing talent shortages increase retention Improve the procurement & planning process reduce elapse time reduce (acquisition) cost increase transparency Supplier and Vendor Management Reduce ‘backdoor selling’ Compliancy, regulations and risk Focus on strategy/tactics (Vendor Management), less on operations Reporting
  8. 8. Contingent Workforce…and requires a long-term strategy Source: 2011 Contingent Buyer Survey by Staffing Industry Analysts
  9. 9. Our Core Solution VMS SaaS enabling: eSourcing Benchmarking Contract Management Timesheet Management Vendor Management SLA Management eInvoicing Reporting Benefits:Stakeholders: Flexible eSourcing (T&M, Interim, Project), workload reduction, throughputProcurement, HR, Finance, time reduction, transparant reporting &Operations, Key Suppliers… evaluation, realtime market prices, increased buying power, …
  10. 10. Our SolutionTechnology review: Development Connecting-Expertise owns the Intellectual Property and Development Rights Multilingual and international software application Third-party products and components for specific functionality (e.g. matching) Secured web-based platform with 24/7 access 80% out of the box implementation; best of breed software SaaS Solution, client data hosted in Europe Interfacing and integration: open architecture Based on HR-XML Standard Web services or file transfer Portal integration
  11. 11. Our SolutionBusiness benefits: Potential spend reduction of 7,5 – 17,5% Spend, supplier and contractor control via improved and automated reporting A fast, transparent and documented process: process cost reduction between 10-20% A Contingent Workforce strategy that keps track of your evolving business needs and requirements.
  12. 12. PartnersPartnering strategy: Provide a service layer to complement Connecting-Expertise’s software platform Partner services include: Software implementation o process analysis and documentation o application configuration and fine-tuning o training Daily operations o contract handling, o on/off-boarding, o invoicing o … Business intelligence o vendor management/negotiations o trend analysis & reporting o … Operational support International coverage
  13. 13. Wrap up Questions & Answers Next 9 390 83 50