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Gear up presentation hudson a


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Gear up presentation hudson a

  1. 1. Long Beach Unified School District“A Vision and Voice for the Future”
  2. 2. G Gaining E Early A Awareness and R Readiness for U Undergraduate P ProgramsGrant sponsored by the United States Department of Education
  3. 3. GEAR UP Schools 19 Middle/K-8 SchoolsBurcham LindseyButler LindberghDeMille MarshallFranklin MonroeHamilton MuirHill PowellHoover RobinsonStephens WashingtonHudson TincherJefferson
  4. 4. GEAR UP MissionTo significantly increase the number of low-incomestudents who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.
  5. 5. GEAR UP Objectives Increase students’ academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education. Increase the rate of high school graduation and percent of students’ prepared to enter college. Increase students’ and their families knowledge of post-secondary education options, preparation, and financing.
  6. 6.  College-Going Culture Awareness of Opportunities/Options for Students’ Futures Goal-Setting Academic Language Awareness Motivational Activities/Field Trips Parent/Community Involvement Staff Development for administrators, teachers, and counselors. Academic Success for All Students.
  7. 7. GEAR UP Partners CSULB: Administrative and fiscal oversight, tutor training, tours, materials, professional development, MESA, summer camps. LBCC: Mentoring, special events. AVID Center: Materials, training, site support. PIQE: Parent training, materials. The College Board: Training, consulting, data, and presentations. LA County Office of Education: Counselor training and materials.
  8. 8. GEAR UP Professional Development Math Language Arts Counselors Administrators Parents
  9. 9. Motivational Activities  Guest Speakers  Team Building  Internet Projects  Cultural Events  Career Awareness  Field Trips
  10. 10. MathMESA Engineering and Science Achievement
  11. 11. Individual Conferences Students meet one-on-one withtheir academic counselor to view and analyze their own data and set goals for their futures.
  12. 12. Parent Workshops Report Cards A-G Requirements High School Programs7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Goal Setting Career Awareness Communicating with your teen College Tests
  13. 13. PIQE ParentInstitute for Quality Education
  15. 15. Long Beach Unified School District“A Voice and Vision for the Future”