A Random Walk Down Entrepreneurship


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Startup experience sharing of Peter Choi. Internet entrepreneur. e-Marketing strategist. Founder of Snapshock @snapshock and Hiwave Dry Seafood @hiwavesg

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A Random Walk Down Entrepreneurship

  1. 1. A Random Walk Down Entrepreneurship Peter Choi @snapshock / @hiwavesg
  2. 2. Peter Choi• MSc MBCS PMP CISA CISSP• 7 jobs in 8 years (“strategic” hopper…)• Committee member, BCS (HK Section)• First startup: 2004 (newsy)• Taekwondo coach for 16 years
  3. 3. 2004 : newsy.com• Web based RSS reader• Cause of death: – Too young – Google Reader• Lessons learnt: – UX > functionalities – Domain name trading is something!
  4. 4. 2007 : iPhoto.org• Syndicate of photography blogs• Lessons learnt: – No automation for e-marketing – Do not rely on advertisement income
  5. 5. 2005-2006 : SayiLove & StarryGift• A place for love declaration• Cause of death: – Job security (team psychology) – QC on outsourcing – Too slow (morale issue)• Lessons learnt: – Train to manage your emotion – Ditch “perfection”
  6. 6. 2008 : Hiwave Dry Seafoodhttp://hiwave.starrygift.com• Family business for 3 gens• Physical store at Sai Kung• Chinese wedding betrothal gift• iPhone apps – soup recipes “ 日行一膳”• Featured in Google market report “The Connected Harbour” http://www.connectedharbour.hk
  7. 7. Video
  8. 8. 2008 : Hiwave Dry Seafood• Minimal setup cost: blog, open source, social media, SEO• Secured inventory and supply chainGoogle added:• Extensive network• Press and PR (a lot…)
  9. 9. Video
  10. 10. 2008 : Hiwave Dry Seafood• Lesson learnt ENDURANCE 不死才是硬道理 - 馬云 , 阿里巴巴
  11. 11. 2010 : Snapshock• http://www.snapshock.com• Sharing Event Photos Live• HKSTP Incubatee• Alpha launched at Beijing 36Kr ODay• Interviewed at Innovation Works• Echelon 2012 at Taiwan and Singapore• iOS, Android ready
  12. 12. 2010: Snapshock• Lesson learnt FAITH Maintain unwavering faith; Confront the reality - Stockdale Paradox
  13. 13. To Be Honest• Entrepreneurship is NOT for everyone• Do NOT expect “ Work Life Balance ”• Livelihood is NOT guaranteed• You will NOT succeed, for the first time• You will learn a lot more• You will live your life• You will be happy• You will succeed, eventually
  14. 14. To Conclude…• Leap of Faith, embrace it• Feel good, it’s a long journey• Tiny idea, best execution• Four perspectives : – Yourself (core belief) – Users (market acceptance) – Investors (cash flow) – Developers (feasibility)
  15. 15. And in Hong Kong…• Cash in King !!• Real estates and finance rules for a reason• Startup and investors ecosystems still need time to grow• HK is no Silicon Valley or Beijing• You are no Mark Zukerberg or Jack Ma! If you are smarter, prove it !!
  16. 16. Your First Step…• Join facebook group : Startup College• Website: www.startupcollege.hk• Twitter: @startupcollege
  17. 17. Peter ChoiCo-founder and CEO, Snapshock peter.choi@snapshock.com Twitter: @peterchoi @snapshock / @hiwavesg Weibo.com/peterchoicm