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Quantr migration tool introduction


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Basic introduction to our tool

Published in: Technology
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Quantr migration tool introduction

  1. 1. SharePoint Migration Tool
  2. 2. Who Peter Cheung A Programmer & System Architect
  3. 3. What is Quantr A SharePoint Development Company
  4. 4. What we do Installation Planning Building apps Others SharePoint
  5. 5. Why find us to work for your SharePoint  We see so many failure cases  >30 projects, heard >N project  Across Hong Kong, china and Macau  We got experience, >30 projects  Gov, Enterprise, NGO, SME
  6. 6. What we do for the community  Free advice  Just ask me any question about SharePoint, it is free  Make friendship first
  7. 7. SharePoint Migration Tools  “Integrator” is a migration tools for SharePoint data transfer from on-premises staging to Office 365 or Azure platform.  SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010 migrate to SharePoint 2013  The insight of that experience has culminated in tools that plan and prepare your environment for a successful migration  Site collections, lists, libraries, workflows, permissions, documents, metadata, version history...  Migrate every aspect.  Migrate Everything  Migrate anywhere
  8. 8. SharePoint Migration Tools
  9. 9. Why we create the tool • Enterprise usually do complex data massage before move the real data to SharePoint • Current tool is not so flexible
  10. 10. Why we create the tool (II) Only for Flexible
  11. 11. Migration is not just copy  Enterprise need more flexible to select real time data  By regular expression  By lookup to other source  Etc.
  12. 12. Live migration  Keep migrating the delta change to SharePoint  Maintains old system running, parallel with the new SharePoint